TV Gun Shows Go Mainstream in 2011

T.V. Gun Shows Go Mainstream
By Marina Salsbury

AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( For too long gun enthusiasts have been an under-served television audience.

Whether it was due to political sensitivity, a lack of interest in shooting sports, or because producers couldn’t figure out how to make shows about guns appeal to a broad audience, things have changed.

At one time the only shows that covered any shooting sports were typically hunting-focused and only available on select networks. Today, firearm-focused television shows are becoming more popular and are now featured on networks like the Discovery Channel.

Here is a breakdown of three of the better gun-related shows currently on major television networks:

Sons of Guns
Sons of Guns, airing on the Discovery Channel, follows the exploits of Red Jacket Firearms, a Louisiana-based business owned by Will Hayden and managed by his daughter Stephanie. According to an interview with the Air Force Times, Will made his first rifle when he was 12. Nowadays, Red Jacket specializes in professional custom firearms, and each episode typically follows the Red Jacket crew tackling a challenging project. Some of their custom projects include a silenced shotgun inspired by the movie No Country for Old Men, flamethrowers, cannons, and a functional replica of a World War 2 bazooka for a historical reenactment group.

Top Shot
Top Shot is not your typical shooting show. For this series, the History Channel brings together shooters from all walks of life. The show features two teams who compete in various marksmanship competitions. Each team gets practice time before a contest under the guidance of an expert of the particular weapon being used. The losing team must nominate two of their players who compete in a separate competition. The loser of this competition is eliminated from the show. The show features modern and historical firearms as well as other weapons including bows, blowguns, tomahawks, and even rocks.

American Guns
American Guns is another Discovery Channel series that follows the Wyatt family. Located just outside Denver Colorado, Rich and Renee Wyatt own Gunsmoke, a business that buys, trades, and builds guns. The show is similar to Sons of Guns but features many more traditional firearms outside the realm of complete custom builds. According to Guns & Ammo, viewers of Sons of Guns should check out American Guns. Gunsmoke is well-known for their accurate reproductions of historical weapons including knuckle duster guns, medieval hand cannons, and Old West style guns.

These are three of the most entertaining gun-related shows on television right now. They appeal to both gun enthusiasts and the slightly interested.

Not only do these shows showcase some amazing firearms, they also place an emphasis on education and safety. Interested viewers should check their local listings to see what time they air.

Marina Salsbury planned on becoming a teacher since high school, but found her way instead into online writing after college. She currently writes on a variety of topics, but always seems to veer back to education-related articles. She currently writes for a masters degree website.

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