Introducing the Upgraded Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact PRO

All the stopping power and reliability of the Bersa Thunder Pistol in a compact, lightweight, service-grade pistol now with added improvements.

Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact PRO Pistol
Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact PRO Pistol
Eagle Imports
Eagle Imports

Wanamassa, NJ –-( Eagle Imports, Inc., importers of the popular Bersa line of firearms unveil the Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact PRO pistol series with upgraded features.

This lightweight compact, service-grade handgun, available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP is built to perform just like its popular big brother but as a comfortable concealed carry version.Bersa UC PRO

Like the full-frame Thunder PRO, the Ultra Compact now also features an improved Browning Petter barrel locking system ensuring smooth reliable feeding and ejection. Ideal for right or left hand shooters the Thunder PRO UC Series has ambidextrous features such as the safety, slide and magazine release. Additional features such as anatomically designed polymer grips and an extended slide release all make this compact pistol one comfortable carry.

The frame is machined from a lightweight alloy with an integral Picatinny rail for the addition of tactical lights and lasers.

The Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact PRO is the perfect carry for personal protection or as a professional back-up handgun. For more information visit

Bersa Thunder UC PRO Specifications:

  • Model: TPUC9 TPUC40 TPUC45
  • Caliber: 9mm .40 S&W .45 ACP
  • Action: DA/SA DA/SA DA/SA
  • Capacity: 10+1 or 13+1 10+1 7+1
  • Barrel Length: 3.25” 3.25” 3.6”
  • Weight: 23 oz. 23 oz. 27 oz.
  • Length: 6.5” 6.5” 6.8”
  • Height: 4.75” 4.75” 5.1”
  • Width: 1.45” 1.45” 1.45”
  • Frame Material: Alloy
  • Slide Material: Stainless Steel
  • Sights: Interchangeable SIG SAUER Type
  • Finish: Matte Black or Duotone

Like all of Bersa’s exceptional products, a Lifetime Service Contract comes with every Bersa BP UC Pro. See it to believe it at Bersa. Visit Eagle Imports, Inc. and Bersa at SHOT Show, January 17 – 20, 2012 at the Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. Booth 2610.

  • 15 thoughts on “Introducing the Upgraded Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact PRO

    1. I’ve always loved the PPK look and bought a Bersa Thunder .380 combat for $279 recently. Fell in love! So much that I also just bought a Thunder .40 UC matte black. Love this one too. I’ve had so many 9mm and .40SW over the years, finally going with .40S&W as my defensive caliber of choice. And now, the Bersa UC as my pistol of choice. A stunning piece my friends. It’s 2017 and the choices are staggering. Too many superb features on this gun to pass up. A REAL gun right here..

    2. Bought a Bersa Thunder Ultra Pro. Matte black, chambered in 9mm. I also bought a Glock 19. I shoot both guns alternatively and like them both. The Bersa was an economical purchase, is shorter than the Glock, and is much simpler to breakdown for cleaning. It will also eat anything. The Glock is a little more particular. Both guns scream quality! The Bersa has a strange attraction for me. Not sure what it is exactly. Maybe build quality. Not sure, but I highly recommend it. For it to share shooting time equally with the Glock, I think says a lot. I don’t like saying “for the money” because that unfairly cheapens it. So let’s just say it’s an $800 pistol for half that. Incredible. The only significant negative compared to the G19 are the sights. I can’t seem to sight in as well. But it takes Sig sights so easy fix. By the way, the designer used to design Sigs, and it shows. Great gun. Don’t hesitate.

    3. I got to say that I always thought Bersa was junk,cheap crap firearms. But after reading the posts here I realize I was wrong. All you men can’t be wrong !

    4. I have owned a Bersa UC .45 since the mid-90s and am extremely happy with the performance of the pistol. I agree that the only addition would be a laser from Crimson Trace which I will purchase shortly.

    5. I have had them all. Still have most but the two guns my life depends on are Bersa UC. Very reliable and super accurate for the price. Comparable to guns costing 3 times the price. I’d probably consider Bersa for any gun purchase.

    6. I have owned a Bersa Thunder UC since the mid-’90s and have enjoyed firing it on the range and have found it to be extremely reliable, easy to use and maintain. The only add-on I can think of would be a laser for better accuracy.
      If you go to the Bersa site, you can find the gun in .380, 9mm, .40 & .45 calibers.
      The only thing between you and enjoying your Bersa is the requirement that you have it shipped to a friend with an FFL or buying it at a store.

      1. Just got mine last week, great gun. Came home and sold my smith & wesson jamomatic. First 100 rounds no jams sights are spot on OTB. Only concern is one mag is only holding 9 instead of 10.

    7. I just started paying on one of these. Well I should say my wife decided she wanted to buy herself a handgun, I mean she decided she wanted to buy me a new handgun for Christmas but wanted it to be something she could use for home protection. I was iffy about this piece and bersa in general. Being an avid shooter, I own some nice sidearms. A few 1911s. 1 para, 1 Wilson combat, and a sig sauer tactical like looking 1911. I also own an H&K ucp and p2000 SK. Also a sig sauer p250, and finally a FN FNP I know good pistols and going in I had a short list in mind with my knowledge of quality and a price range of less than $550 but the close to $450 as I could talk. My List in no specific order consisted of a CZ 75(new) their price($489), a FN FNX(slightly used but mint($519), a sig sauer sp2022(new) ($469), a glock 17 I believe($529) a Christmas deal price, a kahr(not sure the model now) but was ($549), a magnum research baby desert eagle($549), and a ruger sr40($489). I’ve shot each and every one of these models. While I was narrowing down my list to the FNX, SP40, and sp2022 my wife was more less being talked into the bersa thunder ultra compact pro 40. The salesman owned one himself and purchased for his wife. Best thing on earth speach.. We’ve all heard this from owners of certain firearms in the gun world lol. I love the CZ but the finger to trigger was a bit long for my wife and even myself when talking perfect feel. So it was dropped from list. the glock was dropped due to the fact I just don’t like the way it felt and she thought it was ugly lol. The Magnum research desert eagle middle brother was dropped due to the fact it was the only brand of pistol they couldn’t work with on the price(remember trying to get as close to $450 as possible, so the baby eagle was a last resort here. The kahr felt good, but in the model We were looking at was 2 tone with a stainless slide. I know it can be changed but It didnt Stand out enough while holding it to seek those measures. I want to sit this pistol in my locked drawer and leave it until needed. Now to “‘my finalists’, first off: the sp2022 was a dream. A freak of a handgun with loads of class in my hand. It just felt good and she liked it to. But remember we have a guy still talking to my wife about this bersa lol. 2nd finalist: the FNX is a pistol I’ve always wanted and would have put aside it was used and also put aside it being a 9mm when I went in settling for nothing but a .40. I own an FNP-40 and it’s the pistol I carry and shoot most. I’ve always wanted an FNX since I first laid eyes on one and 9mm or not would have snatched it up. 3rd finalist: the ruger SR40 was on the table in all black and 2 tone. I know of about 10 people who own one and swear by them and when i picked it up I realized this sidearm could in no way be a waste of money. You just know it’ll perform with the way it sits in the hands. My wife was still holding the bersa and listening to this guys gospel on bersa semi autos and in no way shape or form was looking at any of my finalists. So to make it easier I dropped the FNX simply bc it was used not that I care but she did. I stayed, “the sr40 in all black, the sp2022 or the thunder uc pro”, “I’m taking out son to the car, so you make the decision”. Im thinking the entire was, “isn’t this my Christmas present?” while stopping to turn around and scream drop the bersa from the list. But no this guy sold my wife a self defense pistol based on the simple fact it had a key locking safety… Who cares what your husband wants for a gift. I dropped 4 or 5 pistols I wanted to best suit not only me but her shooting as well. But she still bought the thunder uc pro. I hope this was a good decision on her and this salesman’s part bc I don’t want to have to trade something when there were at least 4 handguns that would have been a part of my home for the rest of it’s years. I was satisfied we got it for $399 but I have lost sleep living with the grief that one of these other piste cod have been getting paid on. Let’s hope this thing lives up to the others or I’ll chew roofing nails. It’s a good looking gun, and seems pretty well but, but time will tell when it’s home and fired a few times. I just pray this was money well spent and not a mistake given the other options that were equal price range and pieces i know. I hope I’m wrong and pray this was an excellent buy. I’m just thinking who sales or buys a gun for self protection and is worried about a key locking safety? If anyone can bring my hope up on this sidearm please feel free to email me at [email protected] . I would like a bit of reassurance the best month or so whIle paying payments on this. I can always change my mind before that final payment is made lol.

      1. Well, Brad . . . sales hype not withstanding, you got the very BEST 40 S&W made, nest to the Sig Sauer. I know since I have TWO of the Bersa Thunder 40 UC. I did extensive research on semi-autos because I couldn’t even afford to make a mistake with $400. I looked at, NOT lame reviews by Gun Reviewers, but Gun Owners . . . about 300 of them over a month & a half period. The TOP rated semi was the Sig Sauer with an acceptance rating of about 98%. Pretty damn good and at ONLY $980 [at the time about 6 years ago]. However, second runner up, at an acceptance rating of about 94-95% was the Bersa Thunder 40 UC . . . and at the unheard price of less than $400- LESS THAN HALF THE SIG! So, I bought one. What did I get that I wouldn’t have gotten with 95% of other brands? A barrel with the lands & groves FORGED into it rather than ‘cut’ [called ‘Polygonal Rifling’]. Same as the Sig & 5 other brands, ONLY! Makes the barrel last longer, and higher accuracy [a good thing since it only had a 3.25 in. barrel]. There were other features, like TWO mags in the price, and, OH, Yeah . . . a LIFETIME service guarantee!
        But, how about performance? Well, when I qualified the 2nd time for my CCW [1st time was with a Beretta 92FS and a 351 out of 360 poss], I qualified with a 349 . . . 5 years older [75 compared to 70], a bouncing target [their wire suspension had a lot of slack, and when those .40 cal. slugs hit the paper, IT BOUNCED. I have since fired a fair amount of “Range” ammo thru the Bersa with only one failure to feed [could be caused by the gun, the ammo, or me]. Now range ammo has only an ‘Energy’ rating of 288 ft. lbs. Great for constant recoil of shot after shot. But, I load my Bersa wit Glaser PowerBall +P+ ammo. It’s a hollow point, 135 Grn slug with a Polymer ‘ball’ inserted in the hollow point for initial penetration. It has an energy rating of “527” ft. lbs. That’s nearly the equivalent of a standard load 44 Magnum! And at a cost of a tad over $1.50 per round. But, how would this little, cheap [relatively], Bersa do with such power? Well, the ‘Range’ wouldn’t let me come near it with that ammo. But, I live in Las Vegas and that’s in the desert., so, I took it out to the desert, found me a 30 ft. high dirt embankment, and ‘pumped’ 5 rounds of the monster ammo thru my Bersa as fast as I could pull the trigger. Results? A gaping hole in the embankment, 5 spent casings on the ground, and a great little pistol in my hand . . . OH, Yeah, and a smile on my face! Hope this helps.

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