Free Americans Buy 10,800,000+ Guns in 2011 ~ Message Don’t F-with USA

Law abiding Americans now easily qualify as the most heavily armed population in the world.
By Fred Riehl

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Free Americans Buy 10,800,000+ Guns in 2011 ~ Message Don't ‘F' with USA
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Recent statistics released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) report that for nineteen straight months, and that includes all of 2011, American men & women bought over 10,800,000 plus firearms.

This number based on the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System, better know as NICS, and is the adjusted NICS data derived by the NSSF research division subtracting out NICS purpose code permit checks used by several states such as Kentucky, Iowa and Utah for carrying concealed weapon (CCW) permit application checks as well as checks on active CCW permit databases.

The final number, of 10,800,000, is considered conservative by experts because the this number does not account for the multiple purchase of guns at the same time or the guns bought and sold legally, person to person by US residents, which rightly so, do not require a back ground check.

Ten Million new gun owners, in just 2011, should be a wake up call to our current President who continues to play dumb that his hate of bible clinging, gun toting American Values, like hunting & owning guns will not be tolerated. His and Eric Holder's “under the radar” plan to sell guns to evil Mexican Gun Cartels in an effort to set up the Second Amendment as the fall guy now has ten million people angry at him.

If just one current Presidential candidate (Ron Paul aside..) could prove his sworn support for the Second Amendment, and the constitution for that matter, and rally our forces behind him he would be swept into the white house on a massive wave of support. Can you, lol.. say Ted Nugent?

So what does 10,800,000 look like?
The guns purchased by American men & women in 2011 is more than one gun for every active duty military member in the worlds fourteen largest armies combined.

  • Russia     Russian Federation    1,027,000
  • North Korea 1,106,000
  • South Korea 687,000
  • Vietnam 455,000
  • India 1,325,000
  • China 2,285,000
  • Iran 523,000
  • United States 1,468,364
  • Republic of China 290,000
  • Brazil 327,710
  • Pakistan 617,000
  • Egypt 468,500
  • Cuba 49,000
  • Ukraine    129,925
  • Above Total = 10,758,499
  • *Source Wikipedia:

If you assume an average length of each gun as two feet that would be 4090 miles of guns.  That is fourteen times the length of the Grand Canyon and all most twice as long as the Mississippi River and 17,280 times higher than the Empire State Building.

I could not find a picture of 10,800,000 guns but here is what 10,800,000 firecrackers look like:

Hello, I am an Ammo Horder?
So let assume each new gun owner buys 2000 rounds of Ammo (a single brick of 22lr is 500 rounds and my kids can burn that up in an afternoon) , times that by our conservative estimate of 10,800,000 firearms your get 21,600,000,000…that is Billion with a “B”.

That is a lot of lead and other raw materials and you wonder why we are paying so much for Ammo these days? And I see no let up in sight because if you are like me you think to yourself that when the liberal news media reports that some guy is stopped at the airport with “1000 Rounds on him”.. that dude was almost out of ammo?

Ammunition retailer Frank Brownell of, predicts [2012] will most assuredly be another year for the growth of ammunition sales. An astronomical year of ammunition sales” .

This is the one sector of our national economy that I would agree to a Federal Stimulus package, maybe each US family can get a tax credit to purchase 10,000 rounds of ammo as a part of emergency preparedness program.

Speaking of America Industry
American gun manufacturing is one of the first and last great US industries.

It was Eli Whitney, yeah the guy who made the cotton gin, who was one of the first manufacturers in the world to carry out standardization of manufactured parts.

As early as 1798, Eli Whitney had turned his talents to the manufacture of firearms. He had established his machine shops at Whitneyville, near New Haven, CT and it was there that he worked out the principle of standardization or interchangeable parts.

Standardization is the foundation of all large-scale production. Manufacturers produce separately many copies of every part of a complicated machine like firearms on an assembly line. Standardization also allowed current owners of guns to order and replace any broken or lost part, taking it for granted that the new part would fit easily and precisely into the place of the old.

In effect the manufacture of firearms is the spark that brought to life American Manufacturing and it is that same industry today that still makes almost all its products in the USA, using raw materials, machinist and labor to turn out some of the best made products on earth, namely Guns. Guns made by American workers in American factories for American consumers.

Guns and Freedom
Guns and gun ownership represent the core of elements of freedom and of the constitution. Without the Second Amendment there would be no protection for all the other god given rights we are reminded of in our Bill of Rights. Just as we teach our children the value of voting or free speech we should also be teaching them.. get ready, aim and fire, repeat.

I am glad to see so many of my fellow Americans decided to exercise their right to keep and bear arms over the last year and I hope we continue to see record growth in gun ownership in the year to come. America, Hell Yeah!

  • 19 thoughts on “Free Americans Buy 10,800,000+ Guns in 2011 ~ Message Don’t F-with USA

    1. I'm not a gun owner. Maybe I will be someday. But for the gun owners and enthusiasts on this website, in light of the recent tragedy, PLEASE take a look at your neighbors that are gun owners and evaluate their capacities to safely use and store their firearms. Get the conversation going about safety and make improvements. Gun control wouldn't be a hot topic if gun use was limited to hunting & good guys vs. bad guys… when innocents get caught up, the firearm community has to step up and show what/who a responsible gun owner is. Role models, self analysis, identify areas of improvement… shit, if there is a family with mental illness history… how do YOU (a neighboring gun owner) handle it?

    2. the biggest booster of firearms and ammo sales is obama himself, and if he's re-elected, say goodby our individual freedoms as he'll attempt to pass the most anti-gun legislation in history.

    3. The only way that our current President could get guns banned, is to claim that he wanted to provide unlimited purchases for any and all americans to all firearms from single shot models to completely automatic weapons. Congress would repeal the second amendment by Valentines Day.

    4. 'Killing Freaks'? I'll let all those who aspire to 'Love one another' regardless, to keep telling the rag-heads that as they runs the blades of their knives across your throats. Curtis LeMay had the right idea in 'Nam when he said, "I'll bomb 'em back into the stone age". That's where all those terrorist types, their supporters, and those who cling to that 'Mad Comic' (sorry Mad Comics) they call their 'Book', belong. If you're not against them, you're damn sure against us.

    5. Yeah, I thought it was a dig at Ron Paul too. He is the only one that fits the writer's criteria so I didn't get what "Ron Paul aside" meant.

      Surprised some one didn't bring up the "what can you do against scary awesome u.s. military with the tanks, drones, etc. They usually do.

      Someone did bring up the suitcase nuke and bio weapon scare. Thanks we had no idea.

    6. A lot of people bought guns for the reasons stated by the author of the article. Obama will take your guns! Even though he hasn't. And has done just the opposite. Nevermind the facts when there is crazy talk to be had.

      I bought a gun to protect myself from people like the author.

    7. "If just one current Presidential candidate (Ron Paul aside..) "

      Is that a dig at Paul, or what? He's the most constitutional guy running, and the most pro-Second Amendment guy running.

    8. Nearly 50% of my sales this year have been to first time buyers, or people that had guns at some point, but feel they need to get 'em while they still can.

    9. Ammo keeps rising in price more so because our government doesn't allow us to use lead any more in most of the States, so the manufactures of Ammo have to use more of an expensive materials in producing the Ammo.

    10. Hey, this is great news. I'm impressed that so many people have seen the light given the current political mess that we are in. If you get a few miniutes when you are on the web checkout the YouTube channel for "NUTnFANCY", this guy is great fun to watch and very instructive.

    11. @Gary there is a bg check with a cpl, its a nics call…. No waiting period. They call it in when you fill out the nics form on purchase.

    12. and 10,700,000 will go out, shoot it for a while, come home, put 'em away forever. with no more training considered – ever!

      To simply own a gun is not a marksman made.

    13. That is the number of background checks. Since I have a CPL there is no background when you buy a gun. So you can add at least one more gun sold in December.

    14. I've just got a little HiPointe 9mm made in Mansfield, Ohio, but heck, it's a gun. It's encouraging to hear there are so very many gun enthusiasts out there. The number of guns sold just last year is more than I imagined. Keep 'em locked n loaded, guys n gals. This country is quickly turning into a police state just in case no one has noticed yet. The America that I once knew and loved is no more, and we have to get that back, come hell or high water in my opinion. If anyone but Dr. Paul isn't our next president, they're gonna try real hard to take our guns away from us, more than ever before. We cannot let that happen, ever.

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