GLOCK Arms Company Fact Sheet

Glock Pistols
GLOCK Arms Company Fact Sheet

SMYRNA, Ga. –-( COMPANY DESCRIPTION: GLOCK revolutionized the firearms industry by redefining the modern pistol.

Today, GLOCK is a leading global manufacturer of firearms, precisely engineered to meet the needs of Military and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.

GLOCK recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary in the United States. Over the past quarter century, GLOCK has become the preferred pistol for both Law Enforcement and consumers who choose GLOCK SAFE ACTION pistols because of their durability and reliability. GLOCK is the ultimate defensive armament for individuals at all skill sets because it is simple to operate and maintain, which delivers confidence.

The first GLOCK handgun model introduced in the United States was the GLOCK 17, a 9X19 Parabellum semi-automatic pistol with a magazine capacity of 17 rounds. The GLOCK pistol has since become the standard by which most modern handguns are compared.

GLOCK’s SAFE ACTION® gives users the confidence to know that when they draw their firearm it is ready to be fired. The SAFE ACTION® features three automatic safeties; the trigger, firing pin and drop safety mechanisms – making the pistol safe if dropped or impacted.

Austrian-engineered, the company has manufacturing facilities in Austria and the United States.


  • Polymer: GLOCK’s frame, magazine body and other components are made from a high-strength nylon-based polymer innovated by Gaston Glock to create the GLOCK pistol. The material is resistant to shock, caustic liquids and extreme environmental conditions where traditional steel/alloy frames would warp and become brittle. This polymer provides increased durability, while being more lightweight and resilient than carbon steel and most steel alloys.
  • 34 parts: While other manufacturers’ pistols have more than 65 parts, the GLOCK pistol has only 34 parts. This simplifies spare parts logistics, reduces error susceptibility and maintenance costs, and creates a modular system of interchangeable parts, which results in unsurpassed parts compatibility among various GLOCK pistol models.

Pistols: GLOCK’s superior engineering has designed firearms with only 34 parts and a rugged polymer frame, providing industry-leading reliability shot after shot. GLOCK is renowned for pistols which are safe, featuring three safeties; simple, offering a low number of components to provide ease of use; and fast, for superior reliability. GLOCK is the longest-performing polymer pistol in the United States with a more than 25-year track record of unparalleled reliability and durability.

GLOCK produces a variety of handguns renowned for their dependability, being able to function under extreme conditions and to fire a wide range of ammunition types due to their rugged construction. The pistols are designed to meet the defensive needs of law enforcement and consumers. The manufacturing of most metal components and the majority of frames are completed at the Austrian headquarters.

Tools and Accessories: GLOCK sells other products and accessories that include:

  • Holsters Duty and Sport/Combat Holsters
  • Field Knives Made of special hardened steel with polymer handles and black anti-corrosive coated blades for maximum durability and ruggedness. The knives come with or without a sawtooth spine.
  • Entrenching Tools This versatile tool comes with a surface-treated blade that can be locked in three positions for multiple uses, an extendable handle for more leverage and a saw that can be detached and stored in the handle when not in use.
  • Magazine Pouches and Loaders The pouch has an integral detent that provides retention without the need for straps or flaps. The magazine loader is essential for easy loading and is made of a durable, lightweight polymer.
  • Tactical Lights and Laser Sights GLOCK has different levels of tactical lights; including light, light/ visible red laser and infrared illuminator that may include a laser. By adding an infrared
  • Illuminator with the GLOCK Tactical Light/visible red laser module. The GLOCK Tactical Light provides operators a full range of options, from stealth illumination to Xenon white light identification.

The semi-automatic GLOCK 17 pistol revolutionized the Law Enforcement industry. For the first time, an officer’s firearm could hold a high-capacity magazine of ammunition. This helped to catapult GLOCK pistols to become the first choice among U.S. Law Enforcement – in 2011, approximately 65% of all Law Enforcement agencies in the United States carry GLOCK.

Dozens of Federal and State agencies have selected GLOCK pistol as their firearm of choice, including the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, New York State Police Department and Louisiana State Police Department.

Team GLOCK Shooting Squad: The Company’s shooting squad features World Champion Randi Rogers, and Junior Shooter Tori Nonaka. Team members participate in national and world competitions each year, as well as travel to the GSSF-sanctioned matches to provide shooting tips for GSSF members.

GSSF: The GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) is an organization of GLOCK that stages indoor and outdoor competitions for GLOCK owners. At these events, competitors have an opportunity to win GLOCK pistols, cash prizes and merchandise.

GLOCK, Inc. donated $2.5 Million in 2011 to a variety of non-profit organizations. GLOCK’s charitable-giving focus is to assist those who go in harm’s way to defend the freedoms that all Americans currently enjoy. Among the organizations GLOCK supports include: Special Operation Warrior Fund (SOWF), Young Marines and Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.), as well as several organizations associated with the National Rifle Association (NRA).

6000 Highlands Parkway
Smyrna, GA 30082
United States
(770) 432-1202

About GLOCK:

GLOCK has become the preferred pistol for both Law Enforcement and consumers who choose GLOCK SAFE ACTION pistols because of their durability and reliability. GLOCK is the ultimate defensive armament for individuals at all skill sets because it is simple to operate and maintain, which delivers confidence.


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Clarification: Are Glock pistols manufactured in the USA also Tenifer coated? These are the only ones available here in the Philippines.