Meet Your NRA Board Member Candidates: Scott L. Bach

Meet Your NRA Board Member Candidates is a yearly series by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News to introduce our readers to the folks stumping for the 2012 NRA Board. Scott Bach is a candidate up for re-election for the 2012 NRA Board of Directors.

Scott Bach
Scott L. Bach | Good NRA Leadership

Manasquan, NJ –-( Freedom rest on our shoulders — let’s stand proud and defend it together”‘ says three term NRA Board member Scott Bach. “If all we have left to muster is sheer force of will and bold intention, we will always find a way to defend freedom – always.”

These words embody the spirit of a tenacious Second Amendment activist, who has devoted more than a decade to defending gun rights both nationally and on the “front lines” of the Northeast – where politicians who control government are hostile to firearms freedoms.

As president of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs for the past six years, and more recently as its first executive director, Bach has defeated numerous gun bans against near-impossible odds in a State House controlled by anti-gunners.

Bach has used the courts to advance Second Amendment rights, suing the State of New Jersey twice to overturn unconstitutional handgun laws, and held various agencies and municipalities accountable for infringing our freedoms.

Bach has championed Right to Carry and is credited with improving carry laws in several states. He also became a bear hunt advocate after a confrontation with a black bear near his home and he helped to reinstate New Jersey’s hunt after a 30-year ban.

An attorney licensed in four states, Bach served more than 12 years in law enforcement, archiving the rank of axillary captain in a large municipal police department. He also served as a U.S. congressional staff member and in special programs for a U.S. Court of Appeals judge and the U.S. Attorney’s office.

At NRA, Bach serves on the Executive Committee as vice chair of the Public Affairs Committee and on the Legislative Policy Committee. He is and avid shooter and makes regular media appearances.

NRA Election Profiles are compiled yearly by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News to help educate and introduce Board Member Candidates to AmmoLand readers and influence the NRA Board make up.

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JoAnn Muir

I have all kinds of guns, use guns for hunting and trap shoot. I taught my kids to shoot with a family heirloom Steven 410 over and under. I am a lawyer and understand the 2nd amendment. Your article comparing matches to arson and guns to murder is quite amusing and amateurish, but it certainly is pandering to the dimwits the NRA has following them. You are going to end up abolishing the 2nd amendment because of your ignorance. The NRA comes across as angry Racist, sexist Confederates who are still pissed off about losing the civil war. Get some… Read more »