Utah Disorderly Conduct Firearms Reform Bill Needs Your Help

Utah State Capital
Utah State Capital

UTAH –-(Ammoland.com)- HB-49-SUBSTITUTE-1 “FIREARMS REVISION” will be voted on Tuesday February 21st in the Utah House of Representatives.

This bill will reform the state’s “disorderly conduct” statute in order to prevent the police from harassing you or citing you for the mere act of carrying a firearm in a legal and peaceable manner, either openly or concealed. If passed in its current form this bill will greatly advance gun rights in Utah. If it is amended by the anti-gunners (see below) it could turn out to be an anti-gun bill that would make things worse than they are now.

This is why it is imperative that you call your individual Representative NOW and ask that they vote HB49-SUBSTITUTE-1 WITHOUT AMENDMENTS. Please contact them on Monday. DO NOT DELAY.

We have included a link where you can find the contact information for your individual Representative.

When contacting your Representative either via e-mail or phone (preferably both) politely ask them to VOTE FOR HB49-SUBSTITUTE-1 WITHOUT ANY AMENDMENTS.

The Danger we face: Unfortunately, our sources have told us that at least two major lobbying groups representing police chiefs and city governments have managed to sway enough legislators to oppose this bill, so that it might not currently have the votes to pass in the House, or it could be amended into an anti-gun bill. These groups represent local government entities and bureaucrats. They don’t represent you.

Whether your legislator listens to a bunch of anti-gun city government bureaucrats or to gun owners is up to you. Unless gun owners make their voice heard on this matter it is highly likely that this bill will be amended and end up hurting gun owners.

Utah Shooting Sports Council has worked hard for this bill but now we need you to step up. After all you are Utah’s Gun Lobby.

Get everyone you know to call and e-mail now. It is important to contact the REPRESENTATIVES IMMEDIATELY!

Many Thanks to Rep. Paul Ray for sponsoring this Bill and working with USSC Lobbyist. This is a great bill for Utah Gun Owners.


USSC Members may be called again to reach out to the Senate to support this un-amended Bill.

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