Wyoming’s Preemption Defense Bill Needs Your Action


Wyoming –-(Ammoland.com)- As I have reported, the gun-grabbers within local governments intend to use their authority to implement gun control schemes.

The truth is they don’t like the fact that constitutional carry was passed into law allowing law-abiding citizens (like you and I) to carry a firearm to defend ourselves without asking: “big brother – may I.”

And now inserting themselves into the fight against your gun rights are the Natrona County Commissioners.

A statement made just yesterday is so telling about their real agenda –“This is asinine to have these guys telling Casper they can’t pass a gun ordinance,” Commissioner Rob Hendry said about HB-60 during a county business meeting.

Two other fellow Commissioners vowed to lobby the legislature against HB-60 as well. As it seems, now more and more of the “local level” anti-gun politicians are showing their true colors. Of course this reveals what we already knew — It’s all about power and control.

Because of this and the fact that HB-60 bill sponsors are literally sticking their necks out to defend your right to carry — Please contact your house representative immediately!

I suspect that more county and city politicians will soon join in the lobbying efforts claiming “home rule” over your right to keep and bear arms — despite that Wyoming has a state preemption.

This is exactly what has happened in so many other states, the gun-grabbers planned and executed a systematic assault on the state preemption by implementing “local level” gun control.

Here’s the light in the tunnel–

Just last year Florida legislators passed a “preemption defense” measure similar to Wyoming’s HB-60 — To put an end to the misguided actions of local politicians carrying the water for the anti-gun organizations like “mayors against guns” formed by billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

HB-60 will give the current state preemption the “teeth” needed to fend off the gun-control crowd within local governments here in Wyoming.

But it won’t happen unless you act.

Please email your House Representative by this morning and ask them to support “HB-60 Preemption Defense” legislation being introduced by Representative Kendell Kroeker. Tell them that we need to stop the local governments from infringing on our gun rights.

  • Click here to find your House Representative.
  • Or here listed alphabetically.
To Liberty,
Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners
  • P.S. Please contact your state representative immediately and ask them to support HB-60 “Preemption Defense” legislation.
  • P.S.S. Similar legislation was passed in the retirement capital of the nation. Florida passed an almost identical “preemption defense” law.

About Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming Gun Owners is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens’ organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as guaranteed by Article 1 Section 24 of the Wyoming Constitution and the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Wyoming Gun Owners is the only organization taking action at this level–with an aggressive program designed to mobilize public support for pro-gun legislation as well as opposition to gun control. www.wyominggunowners.org

Wyoming Gun Owners

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I am not from Wyoming but we see a lot of these 11th hour neo-fascist tactics by cities in states that have already reformed and replaced their old worthless gun control laws with concealed carry provisions. Florida was a good example of a few rouge municipalities who chose to violate state law until they were humbled by massive law suits and action from Tallahassee. Gun control, as it was known in the post-World War II era and prior to the concealed carry reforms started sweeping the country in the late 80s/early 90s, is all but dead. In Wyoming and a… Read more »

JR Bailey


Thanks for the head's up!!! I'll email right away and hopefully, we can slam the lid down on the fascist anti-gunners all over the state, but especially on the tyrants in the City Council and County Commissioners!!!!!