New Hampshire Republicans Conspiring to Kill Constitutional Carry Bill

New Hampshire Live Free or Die
New Hampshire Live Free or Die

Milford, NH –-( The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on Constitutional Carry (HB 536) this Wednesday, April 25th!

I wish this meant the Senate intended to pass the bill.

Unfortunately, my sources are telling me the Senate is already planning to kill this bill without a recorded vote.

You read that right.

Despite the fact that a majority of the Senate has pledged to support Constitutional Carry — Republican Senator Peter Bragdon is still leading the fight to make sure this bill doesn’t pass.

What’s worse, in a sickening display of politics at its worst, anti-gun Senators are trying to use the recent heart-wrenching tragedies as cover for their anti-gun votes.

Criminals don’t seek to get a concealed carry license in the first place.

While I hope to never again see a tragedy like the one that happened only a few weeks ago, you and I both know that eliminating the requirement to obtain a license before carrying concealed is not going to increase the likelihood of these types of incidents in the future.

Our neighboring state to the west has not had a requirement to obtain a license for a hundred years, without any increase in these horrors.

To punish law-abiding gun owners like you and me for these, by continuing to require us to obtain a permission slip before we can exercise our right to bear arms, is unacceptable.

There is absolutely NO excuse for politicizing such a tragedy the way flaming anti-gun liberals such as Mayor Michael Bloomberg do on a regular basis.

This is just the latest in a long list of actions by supposedly “pro-gun” New Hampshire politicians treating gun owners like criminals.

Just a few months ago, these same RINO Senators voted to kill HB-194, which would have repealed the ban on loaded weapons in vehicles, and HB-334, which would have strengthened firearm preemption laws.

Despite A STRONG, PRO-GUN MAJORITY of the State Senate publicly committing to support the bill, they are prepared to put the last nail in the coffin of your gun rights.

Unless you and I crank up the pressure right now, the anti-gunners in the Senate are going to make you and I the scapegoats for the horrendous acts of criminals, and kill Constitutional Carry.

Not only are they planning on killing the bill, but my sources are telling me that, before the bill has even been voted on in committee, they are planning on killing the bill on the Senate Floor, WITHOUT A RECORDED VOTE!

On top of conspiring with anti-gunners to kill one of the most important firearms rights bills in year, Senator Bragdon is attempting to give them political cover by preventing a recorded vote.


Call Senator Bragdon at 603-271-2111. Demand that he quit conspiring against gun owners to kill Constitutional Carry.

Then when you are done, call the Senate Judiciary Committee members:

  • Matthew Houde (603) 271-2118 – The committee Chairman
  • Sharon Carson (603) 271-1403- The committee Vice Chair
  • Fenton Groen (603) 271-2609 – Pledged to support it
  • Jim Luther (603) 271-4151 – Pledged to support it
  • James Forsythe (603) 271-3067 – Pledged to support it

Tell them under no circumstances will you tolerate politicians breaking their promises or treating gun owners like criminals.

Tell them to PASS Constitutional Carry in Committee and on the floor without amendments immediately!

In Liberty,
Jonathan R Evans
Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President – NHFC

P.S. The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is working tirelessly to keep gun owners like you up-to-date on as many gun issues as possible — please consider contributing to the effort.

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