The End of COBIS in New York!

Brass Casings
Since its inception in March 2001, a total of 311,859, and counting, shell casings have been cataloged and NOT ONE single crime has been solved at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars.

NEWTOWN, Conn –-( On Friday evening, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the state budget into law immediately eliminating the Combined Ballistics Identification System (CoBIS), the state’s ineffective ballistic identification database.

Just as important, the budget did not contain a microstamping provision sought by anti-gun legislators.

This is a major victory for manufacturers, retailers, and law-abiding firearms owners throughout New York.

NSSF thanks the governor and Senate Republicans for protecting New Yorkers’ Second Amendment rights. The CoBIS was put in place in 2000 by then Gov. George Pataki.

In the words of the New York Post today: “Trouble is, the Pataki program NEVER worked. Despite the hundreds of thousands of spent shells submitted, not one criminal was ever captured using the extensive and costly-to-maintain database, state officials concede.”

This wasteful and ineffective program doesn’t work any better in Maryland, the only state that still requires ballistics imaging.

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