Virginia Currents Interviews Virginia Citizens Defense League President on Gun Carry

Virginia Current Video Interviews VCDL
Virginia Currents Video Interviews Virginia Citizens Defense League President on Gun Carry

Covington VA –-( Lori Haas and I were interviewed for a story on Public Television’s “Virginia Currents” that aired last week.

While waiting to be interviewed, Lori told me that she hates being referred to as anti-gun, since her husband is a gun owner and her boys target shoot. That statement was repeated during the interview as you will see.

To me, that means that Lori’s husband and her boys are probably pro-gun, but SHE doesn’t get to be considered pro-gun by simply living in the same house as them. After all, Lori supported every gun control scheme in the General Assembly this year and opposed every pro-gun bill. How can she possibly see herself as anything other than anti-gun?

Anyhow, it leaves me in a quandary – how do I refer to her? Well here, goes:

One of the things that Lori Haas, the, er, pro-gun representative of the rabidly anti-gun Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, says in the video is that people who carry guns in public endanger the police. The implication is that while police are PAID to protect the general public and have no duty to protect any individual, individuals should disarm themselves and put their own lives in danger FOR FREE to protect the police!

Ouch!!! That type of reasoning makes my head hurt!

There is one mistake in the story – the gun dealer says that employees of private companies can now have a firearm stored in their vehicle while at work and cannot be fired for doing so. THAT IS FLAT-OUT WRONG! Only employees of localities (cities, towns, counties), STARTING JULY 1, have that immunity.

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