Canada’s Recent Public Shootings Are Repugnant, but Not Sports Shooter’s Fault

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Canada’s Recent Public Shootings Are Repugnant, but Not Sports Shooter’s Fault

Canada –-( The double homicide in Burnaby last week and the Eaton Centre shootings this weekend is having a “piling on” effect in the media.

Separate media coverage of these terrible and isolated events makes mention of the recently scrapped gun registry. Most Canadians have finally learned that linking the gun registry to public safety and crime is a non-sequitur but are prepared for the left-wingers to suggest the police are left at a disadvantage without their precious data.

And the self-righteous bellow for outright gun bans isn’t usually far behind. It’s time for sport shooters to counter that move with a call for an all-inclusive “crime ban.”

That’s it, we’ve had it, we want crime banned once and for all. Even the most steadfast liberals would see the folly in advocating a crime ban. It couldn’t be achieved because the bad guys would never buy-in. How is that any different than a gun ban, we ask?

Many anti-firearms fans continue to blame sport shooters for keeping the pressure on governments to green-light the tools of responsible gun owners. They say we should forfeit our right to own firearms to take one for the public safety team. Oddly, they tend not to blame the Blue Jays when a victim is killed with a bat. And, celebrity chefs are not taken to the woodshed every time someone is stabbed. But they don’t hesitate to wag their collective finger at us.

No one abhors the shooting of an innocent as much as a sport shooter. And, it’s not fair that we should feel the heat. Nor is it logical. Even when these heinous crimes are perpetrated by gangs seeking some kind of stupid jungle justice, the blame is often laid at the sport shooter’s doorstep.

We should head them off at the pass, and ourselves advocate a full and immediate crime ban. It makes just as much sense as the demands for a gun ban. Of course, if they succeeded in taking guns away from law-abiding folk, crime would skyrocket to an unprecedented rate as criminals realize the citizenry is pink, naked, and defenceless.

Careful what you wish for, anti-gunners.

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Oh sure.. Gun bans will work… This Guy just got out of prison, on parole under house arrest, and he STILL managed to get a handgun in pretty short notice.. I guess the store he bought it at, didn't check his PAL to see if he was allowed restricted firearms, and of course, he only had to wait a short time for the OPP to email him a .pdf of his ATT and a copy of the very illusory 'carry permit' available for folks like him.. Yup gun control works…