Gun Owners Victorious in New York

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Gun Owners Victorious in New York

Charlotte, NC –-( Last week, the New York Legislature wrapped up its 2012 regular legislative session with the microstamping mandate being blocked for the fifth consecutive year. Despite a last-minute attempt by anti-gunners to push Assembly Bill 1157B through the Assembly by an 85 to 60 vote on June 19, the Senate rightfully refused to move this ill-conceived gun control scheme.

This session, New York finally eliminated its costly and ineffective CoBis system – the state ballistic imaging database. That expensive and wasteful program tapped taxpayers $4 million annually for roughly a decade without solving a single crime.

Rest assured, the anti-gun forces will be back next year in Albany. The NRA thanks you for your telephone calls and e-mails to lawmakers, as they continue to make a difference. Also, we hope to increase support for our Second Amendment rights in the New York Legislature after the 2012 elections.

Your NRA-ILA will continue to fight against these unproven technologies that do nothing to solve gun crimes, while only escalating the price of guns and ammunition. Rather than drive employers and jobs out of the state, legislative efforts should focus on enforcing the scores of gun laws already on the books.


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Larry Ray

Microstamping is the stupidest idea to ever core down the pike! It would be so easy to circumvent it! All one would have to do is remove the firing pin and file the microstamping off and reinstall, or pitch it and buy one from an aftermarket source who supplies generic parts made by generic factories.