Long-time Arms Trade Treaty Threat Takes Step Closer

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Long-time Arms Trade Treaty Threat Takes Step Closer

Houston, Tx –-(Ammoland.com)- A UN Conference to limit gun ownership has been scheduled for July 2, 2012. The long-touted boogy-man for gun owners, the UN Arms Trade Agreement is moving closer.

The Obama Administration voted as early as October of 2009 to abandon the position taken by the Bush Administration and SUPPORT a United Nations-sponsored treaty to regulate the $55 billion a year trade in conventional weapons.

This was also the position of the Clinton Administration. The Bush position held such decisions were within the jurisdiction of a sovereign nation.

Not only has the Obama Administration agreed to enter into the negotiations but are reported as agreeing to the “heavy-lifting” which means, among other things, pressuring its allies.

After the Fast and Furious Debacle?
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton steps to the forefront and if you were pleased with how Eric Holder handled the Fast and Furious Debacle, Gun-owners, be prepared!

The July conference will include discussions on small arms sales and possibly regulating the sale of ammunition. Every gun owner’s worst nightmare.

NRA-ILA, NSSF, and associations of competitive shooters from around the world have worked tirelessly to successfully oppose this treaty for over 20 years.

Bush opposed it, Obama embraces it. We have a history with the Clintons and with Eric Holder.

If you’re not registered to vote, get registered. Believe that your U.S. Senators and Congress are well aware of how a negotiation such as this could be viewed this Fall by voters.

We don’t take kindly to threats.

Keep the Faith
Alice Tripp
Legislative Director

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Great article! Too bad you end it with the voting nonsense. We do not have elections in this country any more…we have SELECTIONS!

Furthermore, the NRA has not only donated nearly as much money to anti gun politicians over the years, they have actually assisted in writing anti gun legislation.

Do 5 minutes of research with a search engine, if you doubt my words. You will find the truth!



Ken Crawford


The UN,Obama, and the Clintons are really pushing for this treaty to be adopted, so that they can rule the world !