Maryland Handgun Permit Adjudication Update

Maryland Wear & Carry Gun Permit Applications
Maryland Wear & Carry Gun Permit Applications

Maryland ––( Some of you are currently in permit “limbo” – your application was accepted and the interviews may have begun. Your application was not turned back, but neither has it been acted upon.

Maryland law says that you can demand a hearing from the review board if your application has not been acted upon within 90 days. Some of you are now at the 90-day mark and asking, “What do I do now?”

The MSI answer: hold action and do not request the hearing.

If you push for a hearing, you are pushing for a decision. Current state law makes it clear you will be denied. Until the stay is lifted, MSP must deny you if you push.

As long as MSP is willing to keep everything on hold, we strongly suggest you wait until the Federal Court rules on the stay.

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Maryland Shall Issue is an all volunteer, non-partisan effort dedicated to the preservation and advancement of all gunowners’ rights in Maryland, with a primary goal of CCW reform to allow all law-abiding citizens the right to carry a concealed weapon; and to the education of the community to the awareness that ‘shall issue’ laws have, in all cases, resulted in decreased rates of violent crime.

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