Bill O’Reilly – A New & Powerful Anti-Gun Advocate

USA –-( Moderate (never a conservative) Bill O’Reilly has as demonstrated through his comments over years, and those of the last couple of weeks, especially those on-air this last Tuesday, August 14, 2012, now easily established himself as the strongest and most powerful anti-gun, anti-NRA and anti-Second Amendment (which he claims to support) advocate in the Country.

His all-knowing, arrogant, impossible to correct, and flat-out lying (he knows the facts) in the face of facts, given to him by those who can contact him, are typical of the anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment comments we have heard for decades.

Statements such as “AK-47s and AR-15s are heavy-weapons” and “assault weapons and bazookas should not be available to people”, “AR-15/AK firearms can be easily be converted to machine guns”, “anyone can get a machinegun”,people should not be allowed to have such guns” and so much more.

It all displays his left-leaning arrogant anti-gun advocacy. BUT it is not ignorance—in his position he knows the facts from well-informed people, he knows the truth and yet he continues on his own personal propaganda war against firearms and the Second Amendment.

We can ask why, but then again why ask?

The pompous arrogant nature of this buffoon and his lies cannot be corrected, even by his on and off-air friends. So why support his show and his advertisers any longer? If you do—don’t, (I never did because of all of the above on-air character issues).

Tell your friends too, because while he may blow off in his blowhard way efforts of this type –the FOX network does not.

He needs to get a new job at MSNBC. Pass it along.

About Jim Shults

Jim Shults: A proven supporter of our Constitution and Bill of Rights–while we still have one (how about you?)


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I wonder what would happen if someone proposed legislation mandating the same requirements to exercise any other rights as are required to exercise you right to arms? Fingerprints, passport photos and background check to be free from search and seizure? Serial numbers and registration of all bibles? Application approval by chief law enforcement officer with non-refundable fee and minimum 30 day wait before putting a dead-bolt on your front door (they're so dangerous, "DEAD" is even part of it's NAME!)


Kudos and a big salute to Gov Jan Brewer AZ!!!!! What a gal! Standing up to the commie obama…she has more cajones than most men in politics. You go gal!


Well I wish you good luck Chairman however you being in "the belly of the beast" so to speak you're really up against long odds heh? All the best and hang tough.

Robert Reynolds

In New York State, the police have no duty to provide police protection to any particular individual. The Courts in New York have held that "generally, a municipality may not be held liable for the failure to provide police protection because the duty to provide such protection is owed to the public at large, rather than to any particular individual" (Conde v. City of New York, 24 AD3d 595, 596 [2005]; see Cuffy v. City of New York, 69 NY2d 255, 260 [1987]). As the Chair of the Public Safety Committee of Manhattan Community Board 12. I will be holding… Read more »


Oh, yeah, and I've watched my last episode of O'Reilly.


I've been listening to Rush since almost the beginning of his show (1990) and never heard much about guns at all.

The NRA did bend and give in on flash suppressors, bayonet lugs, folding stocks and new manufacture 10+ round mags in '94. They lost my money and support for a long time afterwards, But the landscape has changed a lot since then and there is a large number of "assault weapon" owners now.


True. O'reilly has drifted from the early days over to a more centrist attitude (left on some things right others) and most probably he is playing for ratings trying to please everybody. I'm beginning to believe he really doesn't know what he's talking about ref 2nd Admendment and weapons types. He's probably too stuck on himself to learn. Its his show, therefore his rules. The only one he seems to listen to is the body lanquage brawd. Hmmm.


Don't worry, I remember when such luminaries as Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and Charlton Heston believe in "gun control". All three thought, at one time, that nobody needed an 'Assault Weapon".

They changed their stripes like any good politician will, so will Mr. O'Reilly, if enough economic pressure is brought to bear.


When I served in the U.S Army (27 years) we always called howitzers "heavy weapons" and everything up to an M60 machine gun "light weapons". Oreilly sensationalizes the 2nd Admendment discussion when he refers to basic infantry weapons (m16 ak47 m14 etc) as "heavy". I can't tell if he really knows the difference or not but I do know he is not as intelligent as he thinks he is. A buffoon for sure. And remember, o'reilly already has an out if chaos comes…big house in Ireland. And a bodyguard or two. Not since the Sharon Tate LaBianca murders have the… Read more »

Joe Eckerman

I will give up my 2nd amendment rights if Bill O'Reilly will give up his 1st Amendment and SHUT UP.