California’s Dangerous Plan To Outlaw All Firearms With Detachable Magazines

Editors Update: AmmoLand has learned through the NSSF that SB 249 has been pulled from the Assembly Appropriations Committee hearing calendar for Thursday. This means the bill is dead for the year. NSSF cannot overstate what a significant victory this is for our industry and the Second Amendment We were told by the committee staff that the grassroots had an impact. The staffer said, “You guys really unleashed the dogs on this one”

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No rest for the wicked: California Lawmakers are back to their old, anti-gun tricks again.

California –-( Not happy with the existing ten-round restriction detachable magazine law passed years ago for firearms (including .22s) California’s legislature committee on Appropriations is looking over their Senate Bill 249 authored by freedom-hating Anti-Gun Senator Yee and principally co-authored by Senator Steinberg.

This bill will outlaw the sale and possession of all semi-automatic firearms that have detachable magazines.

Currently, as amended the bill states: … a detachable magazine is any ammunition feeding device that can be removed from the firearm without disassembly of the firearm action to include a magazine that may be detached by pressing a button on the firearm. …and applies without public notice of the law if passed.

It also appears this would affect handguns that fall under an earlier law that may extend magazines beyond the firearm grip except certain types of free pistol (Olympic type competition handguns) certified as such by the Olympic or USA Shooting Association.

This means if you are in California or live there you will be criminally prosecuted if you have in your possession any firearm that has a detachable magazine.

There will be certain exemptions (we assume a few models of semi-auto 3-5 round hunting rifles) but to be determined later–but that too will be up to the same California Legislature so take your chances if this Bill becomes law.

This will affect millions of California gun owners and more millions of firearms (still think elections don’t matter?).

The danger to the rest of the U.S. is that if passed this can lead to other out-of-control state legislatures [IE: New Jersey & New York] considering this type of thing. This is really serious–and even if not passed (because they feel comfortable enough to try).

California Senate meets this THURSDAY, August 16, 2012. California Citizens are urged to contact their own state legislator and voice opposition to SB 249

ACTION: Call the Committee. Chaired by: Mike Gatto–Com. Chair 916-319-2043 and Diane L. Harkey–Vice Chair 916-319-2073

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