Glock 20 Pistol Review

By Bob Shell

Glock 20 Pistol
Glock Model 20 Pistol

Apache Junction, AZ –-( The saga of the Glock started in 1963 it’s founder Gaston Glock started making various products, many out of plastic.

In 1980 Austria wanted a new handgun for the military. Glock who never made a handgun before designed his unique product made from a combination of plastic and metal. The design is both simple and controversial.

When it first came out many anti-gun activists claimed that it could escape a metal detector. Like all of their arguments this one was not based on any facts.

There is plenty of metal in a Glock including the barrel and springs to set off a metal detector. The Glock also doesn’t have a conventional safety, though with its trigger design it doesn’t need one. That also bothered the clueless anti-gun crowd.

It has been a few years since I fired a Glock of any model. The trigger system with the safety included is a unique system and takes some getting used to.

The first couple of times I shot the Glock Model 20 there were a couple of fliers but upon more shooting, my groups tightened up considerably. The sights are easy to pick up, at least in my view. Other shooters, more used to the Glock, shot well right off. While the grips are large I didn’t have any discomfort shooting it in spite of my fairly small hands but the newer Gen 4 has a slimmer grip for those who need it.

In spite of the 10 mm ammo‘s power, recoil was entirely manageable. After quite a bit of shooting no problems surfaced in regards to feeding or any other function. It seems that if the ammo is correctly made that gun will function.

10 Mm Ammo
10 Mm Ammo


  • 6 X Tite Group – 155 grain berry – 1051 – nice
  • 8.5 X HS-6 – 155 grain Berry – 967 – mild
  • 11 X HS-6 – 155 grain Rem HP – 1276 – nice load
  • 7 X Tite Group – 155 grain Rem HP – 1185 – mild
  • 9.4 X HS-6 – 180 grain Berry – 1120 – consistent
  • 9 X Blue Dot – 180 grain Berry – 915 – very consistent
  • 10 X Blue Dot – 180 grain Berry – 1147 – super nice

Notice how 1 grain of powder increased the velocity so much. That is something to keep in mind when developing loads for any handgun. The 10 mm is a powerful round and with some loads it can be used for big game hunting at short ranges.

With a 200 grain FMJ type of bullet it would be superior to the 45 ACP in black bear country as penetration would be greater.

The Glock Model 20 Handgun was fairly versatile being suitable with lighter loads in the 40 S & W range. Cast bullets can be used but make sure you keep the barrel is kept clean. I have shot the 10 in other semi-autos and a revolver and have always been pleased with its accuracy and performance.

The Glock has a proven track record as it is used by many police departments around the world. For someone looking for a reasonably priced service pistol the Glock deserves serious consideration. It comes in various calibers and models so there should be something for everyone.

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A Custom Reloader of Obsolete and Antique Ammo, Bob Shell, writes about the subject of Guns, Ammo, Shooting and Related Subjects. Visit:

Bob Shell Shooting the Colt Single Action 45 Army Revolver

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syed mohmmad taha

my name is syed mohammad taha
i need this gaston glock gray gun
please send early in the morning

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

sorry we can only send it early in the

Big will

I've been researching about d 10mm. I'm very interested in d GLOCK 20. I have a GLOCK 21 wich is d same size so i dont mind that. I just want 2 know personal opinions on how it compares 2 d .45 acp n d .357 sig. Like i said i have a g21 also a g27,g30 ,g31 n a g32 i dont care about concealment as a former LEO from PUERTO RICO u can only carry what ever they issue, so u get used 2 concealing full size firearms. Just want 2 know how they compare to 1 another,… Read more »

Shades of Gray Tacti

Heard a lot of really good things about the "Perfect Ten". It sounds like this is a really good platform to use the 10mm ammo in, just like any other caliber.

Might have to go shopping after seeing another review of the G20. 😎