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Buffalo-( While the White House and general media may believe the DoJ Inspector General’s report on ATF’s Fast and Furious fiasco puts an end to further questions, congressional investigators are far from satisfied.

Dave Workman’s report in the Second Amendment Foundation’s monthly magazine,, November 2012 issue, explains that the IG’s report did not answer all the questions. In fact, the 512-page report revealed that Attorney General Holder should have known what was happening, but didn’t. TGM says congressional probing will continue.

In the same issue, Joe Tartaro’s Hindsight column that Spanish-language Univision TV recently breathed new life into the international scandal by reporting how drug cartel hitmen used Fast and Furious guns to slaughter Mexican teenagers.

Traditional focus of is on legislative, legal and judicial news of importance to gunowners. So it’s not surprising that along with its monthly Grassroots Alert on federal and state legislation, the magazine reports that the threat from frivolous lawsuits is far from over, despite the federal PLCAA. November TGM reports on a recent New York State Appellate Court ruling, the first of its kind in the nation, that allows a shooting victim’s suit against a manufacturer, wholesaler and FFL to proceed.

Along with a report that public demand for defensive gun rights is spreading worldwide, November TGMs traditionally include a Holiday Gift Guide. In this issue, John Krull reports on a wide variety of field gear and shooting accessories and John Markwell discusses practical gifts of special interest to AR shooters. In product reviews, J.B. Wood reports on look-alike Beretta and HK air pistols from Umarex, and Scott Smith reviews the many variants of S&W’s M&P pistol.

There’s a lot of interesting information in the November issue of TGM, including a detailed report from the 27th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference and new Training Tips from professional trainer-competitor Chris Cerino.

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Fast & Furious was an Obama and Clinton agenda to push the UN small arms treaty. They created deaths to ban guns because of what they did. It is criminal and makes Watergate look like a walk in the park. You can't blame the guns. The blame goes to the person or persons who let the guns go after dealers called the ATF. The law was followed by dealers so we can't blame them or guns. Someone needs to be prosecuted for this. Allowing the murder of people just to get a treaty passed is a very serious crime. Sorry… Read more »

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