Discovery Channel’s ‘Militia Rising’ Profiles America’s Top Militia Forces

– America’s Top Militia Forces Prepped For Society’s Worst-Case-Scenarios One-Hour Discovery Channel Special Airs on Wednesday, October 24 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Militia Rising
Discovery Channel’s ‘Militia Rising' Profiles America’s Top Militia Forces
Militia Rising
Militia Rising

NEW YORK –If the world as you know it falls apart, will you rise up to fight? Discovery Channel’s new one-hour documentary follows citizen militia, survival and prepper groups in Arizona, Florida and Indiana who are preparing for the worst.

After what they consider to be inadequate government responses to tragedies like Hurricane Katrina, these groups believe that disaster will strike – and they must be ready to protect themselves and restore order.

Natural disasters, government collapse and civil war may not be the first thing on the average American’s mind, but members of the “Watchmen of America” militia group are ready to fight back. MILITIA RISING will show viewers how local militias prepare to survive difficult circumstances including massive power outages and civil unrest, and follow them as they learn self-defense tactics to protect their families.

Militia Rising
Discovery Channel’s ‘Militia Rising' Profiles America’s Top Militia Forces

The featured groups include:

  • Watchmen of Florida – Living under the constant threat of hurricanes, members are aware that the government may not be able to assist in an emergency. Leaders train new recruits and practice home rescues to bring family members to safety. Watchmen of Indiana – Anticipating a nuclear disaster, members of this militia prepare for a nuclear meltdown.
  • Watchmen of America, Arizona Guard –This group will not wait for chaos and proactively aim to help the government protect the U.S./Mexican border – especially from the drug cartels.

MILITIA RISING is produced for Discovery Channel by Magilla Entertainment. For Magilla Entertainment, Executive Producers are Matthew Ostrom, Brian Flanagan, Laura Palumbo Johnson and Eric Leemon. For Discovery Channel, Executive Producer is French Horwitz and Associate Producer is Paige McKenzie.

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  • 17 thoughts on “Discovery Channel’s ‘Militia Rising’ Profiles America’s Top Militia Forces

    1. Even thou they have not got the best skills:) atleaste they sum what realize that somethin is goin on and they r tryin to get ready

    2. By the way

      The whole watchmen of America is just to sell

      Cheap Asian gear and make money for freebur

      The other clown in charge of this sham.

    3. Jeff tindal is a fruken clown. Not one day in the military, never even a Boy Scout,

      And he wants to be in charge. Like sending a chicken to a dog fight.

      The family security group is something that he stole from the Alaska watchmen group in Alaska.

      All this clown does is puff up his chest and scream a lot. He needs to

      Be butt stroked and brought back to reality. The Indiana dude is a joke.

      Really??? He can't walk, but he calls himself a leader. Gimme a break!!

    4. Do the rest of us Real Patriot Militia Men/Woman a favor. Sell your shit and find another hobby. We don't need UN-reliable obstacles in our way who don't want to fight for freedom and restore their nation.

    5. For those of you who are like any of these Dum @@@@ on the Militia Rising Discovery channel. Who favor the Government and believe Militia are for disaster scenarios. You’re Government loving @@@@ who are Traitors to the Republic and the America.

    6. For those of you making assumptions about people. You have no clue what these people did in their lives. I know some of these men personally and they served this country for our freedom. Before you go calling people fat and disgusting think about how you would feel. That man served for your freedom and was hurt serving this country. You have no clue what these people did with their lives. Things happen to people that is beyond their control. These men love their country and want to help their fellow man. These tools as you call them offer assistance to their neighbors and surrounding towns in time of need. When tornadoes hit they offer their help ito those who need it. Before you go making assumptions I want you to ask yourself Do you love being an American? And how do you help your fellow American? I personally am proud to have the freedoms that I have and I appreciate those out there trying to protect those they love and feel safer knowing there is those who are willing to stand up. These people are not tools or douchbags they are people who care about more than just themselves. They love God and their country and I am proud to know them.

    7. Where do I even begin? Well I was watching this show in the other room and my wife had to keep telling me to be quiet because I was laughing very loudly. As a Vet, these guys were a bunch of hillbilly TOOLS! So a few thought, the Arizona watchmen, you chase mules all day long and claim there are bounties on your heads from cartel leaders? I would probably say that’s a false statement, I assure you, they care less about a bunch of fat gringos playing army man. Can we say DOUCHEBAGS !!!

      Now for the Indiana militia TOOLS! Your leader is an overweight idiot that is loud disgusting overweight hillbilly. I wish it was a crime for you to wear that Colonel insignia. I would bet at some point in your fat miserable life, a military recruiter rejected you from service, so now you play GI Joe with all your hillbilly friends.

      I laughed when you tried that sneak attack, and tried some sort of Hillbilly Ninja move, and ended up rolling your fat ass down the hill. As a real public safety official, if the world does come to an end, I surly don’t want to be around if your hillbilly militia group survives, and you are all responsible for reproducing the population. The world would be far worse with your DNA running rampant.

      Okay as for the Florida watchmen, you guys are also TOOLS! I didn’t expect much from you guys being from Florida and all. The gene pool is fairly low in your neck of the woods. As for your family extraction group, I dare you too barge into my home with weapons, friendly or not. You had better pray your CQB skills are more proficient than mine, and mine are highly proficient.

    8. Could Obama use NDAA To Arrest Militias on the Premise members are Militants and Belligerents that pose a threat to National Security?

      Recently the Obama administration stated to Federal Judge Katherine Forest that under (NDAA) The National Defense Act of 2012 the President had authorization to lock up belligerents indefinitely. That they (were justified) to lock belligerents up indefinitely—because cases involving belligerents directly-aligned with militants against the good of America—warrants such punishment.) Pres. Obama could use NDAA provisions to order U.S. Military Forces to round up without evidence, millions of Americans including militias by alleging they are belligerents or a threat to National Security. Many observers believe Obama intends to extend NDAA to imprison U.S. Citizens in Indefinite Detention not involved with or associated with enemy forces.

      Hitler included similar provisions in his fascist (Discriminatory Decrees signed February 28, 1933). Almost Immediately after the German Parliament passed Hitler’s laws, the Reich Government ordered the arrest of German Citizens and confiscated their guns without probable cause or evidence; delegated powers to German Police and other authorities to arrest anyone Nazi authorities claimed attempted or incited public unrest: arrested among others were outspoken Germans, writers, journalists, peaceful protestors and artists. After World War II the East German Secret Police (Stasi) used the threat of Indefinite Detention to forcibly recruit thousands of informants.

      The U.S. 2012 NDAA legislation Obama signed 12-31-11 is similar to Hitler’s 1933 fascist laws the SS and Gestapo used to target persons in Germany for arrest, imprisonment and execution without probable cause; and confiscate millions of dollars of property. Hitler used his laws to suspend Parliament and the Supreme Court insuring his laws could not be rescinded.

      During the Obama Administration’s recent request for a (stay) to stop U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest blocking enforcement of vague NDAA provisions, the Obama Administration—never clarified what constitutes a (belligerent); or militant; or what belligerent activities (directly aligned with a militant) to order a belligerent’s arrest or indefinite detention; or what is against the good of America. Under vague provisions of NDAA, the President could accuse anyone of being (directly aligned with militants by way of any political or other association; activity, statement, writing or communication with an individual or group government deemed (militant) to arrest and indefinitely detain Americans. Writers, journalists, Americans that disagree with or question U.S. Government or its allies—may under NDAA be subject to arrest and indefinite detention.

      NDAA 2012, like Hitler’s 1933 Discriminatory Decrees enforces censorship; refers to the Patriot Act e.g. warrant-less searches of private property and forfeiture of property from persons not charged with crime. Provisions in NDAA 2012 keep the door open for corrupt U.S. police; government agents and provocateurs which there are many, to falsify reports and statements to target any American, group or organization for arrest, indefinite detention, complete disappearance; civil asset forfeiture of their property.

      You may have noted NDAA referred to the USA Patriot Act. The Patriot Act lends itself to Government / police corruption; the Federal Government may use secret witnesses and informants to cause arrests and civil asset forfeiture of Americans’ property. Witness(s) and informants may be paid up to 50% of assets forfeited. Federal Government under 18USC may use a mere preponderance of civil evidence, little more than hearsay to Civilly Forfeit Private Property. Under the Patriot Act innocent property owners may be barred by government knowing the evidence federal government uses to forfeit their property.

      Sections of NDAA 2012 are so broad, it appears U.S. Government or the President could (retroactively) deem an American’s past 1st Amendment activities prior to passage of 2012 NDAA—supported hostilities, terrorism or (Belligerents) to order the arrest and Indefinite Detention of any U.S. Citizen, writer, group or organization.

      Under NDAA 2012 it should be expected that indefinitely detained U.S. Citizens not involved in terrorism or hostile activities, not given Miranda Warnings when interrogated, not allowed legal counsel or habeas corpus may be prosecuted for non-terrorist (ordinary crimes) because of their (alleged admissions) while held in Indefinite Detention.

    9. Yes there are alot of diffrent militia groups out ther not just watch men. every state has groups and most countys have groups in my state we have groups in most of the counties. and in my county alone we have 5 militia groups including mine.

    10. its easy to talk crap about peaple while you sit on your butt and watch the world fall apart. Now I do not have tv or i would have loved to watch it being in a milita my self with very higly trained men. I can not say if these guys did good or not but at least they are doing something and training. thats how you get better. I would trust any of my men to get any of my family out of any conditions.

    11. At least they are trying to do something. Which is more than likely, more than you can say. Instead of beating them down for their efforts , why don't you try to do something better . I mean after all you seem to know oh so much more about it . Nothing is perfect , including you. We almost never get it right the first time. America has'nt needed a militia for decades ,but now we do . I would say it's probley a learning experiance. Trial and error. And what does it matter if they are old ? Something is better yhan nothing. And we don't see you out there trying to do anything to help save this country. All we got from you is "Lip Service".

    12. MM Is a fraud and iireevanlt why would anyone want to take his word on apparently he is trying to for his last hooray… the community a favor and go away..iam sure there a rock big enough for you to climb under

    13. This is a farce,, the Watchmen are not the top trained or even the majority of the Militia movement!! To say so means that Discovery has been mislead by the Watchmen to this conclusion or is being misleading in its content!! There are many more better trained Militias than the Watchmen at best!! What about the Modern Militia Movement, SECOM, ARM and the biggest out there WRAM (Well Regulated American Militias) Seems to me the truth is not being told here! So we after truth or fiction?

      To think the Watchmen are the only real militia's is very misleading and not factual and anyone that studies this will come to that conclution real fast!! Dont get me wrong,, the Watchmen play their role in the Militia Movement but that is a very small part! I know,, im one of their leading voices in the Militia Movement at large, nation wide!! Sincerly,, Minuteman!

    14. def a good idea but,,,the indiana leader is an overweight loud mouth who obviously got made fun of his whole life and is in charge of a bunch of hillbillys..and wtf with the "border patrol"?? what can they do but yell at people?? If they were actually making an impact on the cartel they would have them killed with little to no effort..And the florida boys can stay away from my house my family would be much safer with a half dozen baboons comin in my house droppin guns…These people obviously have a longing to belong to somthing…they should stick to dart nights or chicken wing eating contests….Like i said good idea with all of it…to hell with illegals and looters but these guys are a poor excuse for a "last resort"….overweight,old,hick and just plain stupid guys with sticks up their rears!!

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