Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona Tells Obama Voters to Get Lost

Obama Voters Not Welcome
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona Tells Obama Voter to Get Lost
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona

Pinetop, AZ –-( To Whom it May Concern: I thought you all might be interested in this.

We will try to demonstrate once again that the bottom line for our business is principle, not money.

Yes, it has been damaging at times but our values are intact.

Effective immediately, if you voted for Obama, your money is no good here. You have proven beyond a doubt that you are not responsible enough to own a firearm. We have just put a sign up on the front door to save you the trouble of walking all the way in here….

I took this ad out in our local paper. It will come out in the White Mountain Independent tomorrow, 9 November

Cope Reynolds

Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona
Mail: POB 3797
Shipping: 674A E. White Mountain Blvd.
Pinetop, AZ 85935
Phone: (928) 367-AK47 (2547)
Toll-Free (866)886-8753

Open 9am to 6pm Arizona time

Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona
The most comprehensive full-time professional firearms training facility in all of eastern AZ and western NM!
“The Shooting Bench” radio show
6 to 8pm ET / 3 to 5pm PT – Monday thru Friday
The most radical gun-rights show on talk radio.
Listen to the “The Shooting Bench PM Edition” on
Thursdays from 8 to 10pm. 100% gun talk!

“The Shooting Bench” blog!
Keep up with The Shooting Bench and SWSA classes and activities

All those in favor of losing their rights, please do NOTHING!

Obama Voters Not Welcome Ad
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona Tells Obama Voter to Get Lost
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OLD NEWS!! almost 2yr ago.

Joe Greer

How do you get racist? Did all of the black Americans vote for O’bama, and all of the whites vote for Romney?? Seems to me the first person described as a racist is the one who makes this a racist “THING”. I’m pretty sure a lot of none blacks voted for the current administration. Otherwise he wouldn’t be in office. And then anyone assuming the owner of the business is white would automatically be a self described racist. Every one who voted for the current administration are cattle being led to slaughter. But as long as the feed is good,… Read more »


As a gun owner it sound great except that the alternative to Obama was Romney who is a Mormon (don’t care about his magic believes) who for those who do not know have a LIVING PROPHET which means if the prophet tells him this, he has to do it or he is going against God him self (I do care about this part) which means we would have had a President that was under a head of church. In other words to me that would have been us sudo Theocracy. Religion should not matter in a President, but this time… Read more »

Bill Edward

And Cope, Stay the course and stick by y’r guns. Old (unofficial) squadron motto of ours, “Illegitimus non Carborundum.” (Don’t let the bastards grind you down.)

Bill Edward

And-uh by the way, while I was reading up to Nov. 11, I kept seeing posts by one calling himself “Smee”. Wasn’t that captain Hook’s first mate in Peter Pan things? It seems to me, these Never – Never Land guys never had to worry about what to do when they grow up. Didn’t happen, just like the half butts in the District of Criminals. A magazine publisher I’m familiar with asked a question and published a little book, “Can America be Saved From Stupid People?” He’s like me, a serious non druggie Libertarian. The answer appears to me to… Read more »

Bill Edward

Aw shucks! I don’t see anything on either side of the above that sounds really reasonable. (Only read through Nov.11) Everyone seems to be pretty emotional, but as long as we’re being emotional, let me add my unreasonable nickel: Obummer hasn’t done anything to take anyone’s guns. Too crafty. He delegated that to Biden. UN Agenda 21 has been agreed to by B.O. (He should shower more 🙂 ) Another thing that irks me is everyone calling my “Arms” firearms. I have a right to arms, but not to firearms (explosive devices). Also, said right isn’t affected in the least… Read more »


And conservatives wonder why they got their @sses handed to them in the election. Not only are you hypocrites but you’re deaf, dumb and blind. You said nothing and you did nothing when Bushy bankrupted this country with two wars and caused the economic collapse. You said nothing and did nothing when he created the Patriot Act & Homeland Security to allow the NSA to spy on its citizens, now you’re outraged that Obama is doing it? You spew hatred and ignorance and when Obama kicks Romney’s butt in the election you cry about it and claim voter fraud. This… Read more »

Tom Carvelli

This country desperately needs a third party.


well said monica, and I absolutely agree about the IQ test! I am half black and half white and am going to say everything that whites won’t say because despite it being the truth, they know the weak, deluded, pathetic, unoriginal, cowardly, muslim commie loving libtard sheep will be doing the only thing they know how to do- scream “RACIST”! anyways, i am embarrassed by blacks who are so blinded by color (which is exactly what Obama planned on) that they will do ANYTHING to see a black man in power, despite the fact that black unemployment has gone through… Read more »

Monica Dennison

Yes this is a democracy, and yes Obama got re-elected, but not because this represents a fair and balnced election, he got re-elected by lying through his teeth! And because the majority of his voters are just plain too stupid to see what was coming. Now we have Obama care, and being in the health care field, I can tell you it is a mess. And all those supporters those inner city, welfare receipents who bragged about their FREE Obama phones, and voted for the man because they think they are going to get more govt handouts… aren’t smart enough… Read more »


I can’t believe how over the top you anti gun peoe are! This about a gun store and Obama voters !! You Sons a Bitches gotta vent anywhere you can about every topic Obama had screwed up! Abortion? Name calling? You people trashing this Gun Shop do manage to show just how ignorant you really are, voting for obama isn’t enough, you go on and on about everything! For the record @ the person who said fair election? Obama ran his election with lies and fraudulent documents! Nothing “fair” about it! Obama is a lying Muslim Terrorist! And to the… Read more »


Just came across this,couldn’t agree with you more,next thing we need to do is break away from the states that Obama carried in the election.If I was out your way , believe me I would drop by and buy a rifle or shotgun,because I live in Mississippi,and I believe the law reads that I can’t buy a Handgun.It is a shame though,because I can use my c c w there.Hang in there and more power to ya.Keep your powder dry.

Cope @ SWSA

We appreciate the overwhelming support folks. For the few detractors…go piss up a rope.

TSN I’m sorry you have not had good luck with gun shops and their service. I can assure you that we are not like that.


Gun shop employees are the WORST at customer service.


Hey we as gun owners need to stick together period. This is what they want is to do. Fight among each other. Don’t give in to intolerance of anyone that supports gun rights. Personally I believe Romney was to the best that the GOP had to offer. They didn’t even try to find a palatable opponent to this whole shameful situation. It is our fault for not rescuing ourselves from this tyranny by demanding a viable alternative, lots of conservatives felt disenchanted with the Romney ticket and didn’t even vote they stayed home and prayed. Let’s get real divide and… Read more »


Really do not believe how much left wing hatred there is displayed here. It is a shame that a business owner has the right to turn away potential customers, but this is America and if they choose to turn someone they may consider too mentally incapable of operating a firearm, then that is their choice. If you have an argument about the issue, you can do many things, like go someplace else, spend money to sue, or stand outside and protest. But either way you look at it it is his choice, he has that right, and i am in… Read more »


This year will go down in history for the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.

Adolph Hitler (1935 Weapons Act of Nazi Germany)


M. Wayne…You are one of the Communist sympathizers that we are talking about. Glad you got the message. Take your ass to China and “survive” with like minded scum.
China: Trial on Monday, Execution on Friday and your family gets the Bill for the bullet on Saturday. “Ten cents please!”

M. Wayne

I would not buy a gun from this place based simply on the fact that he figuratively shot himself in the foot with that sign.
Not a sign of a smart businessman to openly shoo away good money. Chump don’t want my cash? chump don’t get my cash.


KY didnt vote vote for him and I’m proud of my state. I copied your sign and put it on my house for all to see. I pray the sequester takes all the liberal and democratic jobs then they can ask me for $50 to get a cup of coffee and I can say, “he’s your man …go ask him”

Roy Rogers

jules lazzaro – WHY don’t you read all you can about the Aurora Cinema, and Sandy Hook.
You will come to the SAME conclusion I have – Obama AND DHS are the responsible CRIMINALS behind both incidences.
What is common – Both shooters’ fathers were to testify against the bankers in the LIBOR scandal.
You remember the elite bankers that control the fed, Barry’s friends.
Would someone please IMPEACH this criminal in chief ALREADY????

Gene major

Smee, this is for you. You are either a DUMD *** OR DUMB *** LOVER What a troll

Disabled vet

You re res still don’t get the fact it has 0% to do with the fact that the *** **** thief is stupid or stripping you blind of your rights. It’s because as a American it’s the shop owners choice and none of your***king business .

jules Lazzaro

Well Its Februaruy and the sky hasn’t fallen even with Obama as President.Republicans are not the only ones who own firearms but they seem to be the only ones blocking any meaningfull legislation to curb the gun violenc in the USA. I have one thing to say Sandy Hook.Dont your the children deserve better? Well don’t they???

LT John E Ritenour, US Navy(ret)

I applaud this store owner for taking a principled stand. He does indeed have a 1st Amendment Right to say what he wishes and to run his business as he sees fit. I realize that comprehending this might be difficult for those of you who (are/were) “victims” oops err aah students of hour publik educashun system because they don’t teach civics anymore. To those of you who respond that the owner is risking loosing business because he might offend some folks, I offer this anecdote. Once upon a time, a man, who was rather inebriated approached a woman and made… Read more »


Way to go,these communist liberals are just crapping in their pants over the decision of this store owner to exercise their constitutional rights! This shows just what a communist liberal is,they wanted to boycott chick-fil-a for that owners personal constitutional opinion but when it goes the other way they cry,piss and moan like the hateful,spiteful children that they are! Anything adverse to their gods will(obama)and they show their true colors! Show the communist liberal that their existence is unimportant!


I see this store has a lot of libs bitching about his stance…As I understand them, they don't like his politics ( guess what lib's, he certainly does not like yours) because they cannot secretly go there to buy guns…Heaven forbid, a lib owning a gun!!

We do know that they do but do not want anyone knowing about it..they do want you, the Christian conservative not to own weapons because in their weak minds they hope to control this country…Until they destroy it that is!

So, lib's aka communist, democrats, socialist, Marxist and the latest,,, progressives. go to hell!


I applaud you for your stand and wish more people had the brass ones you have. History has shown how the populace in many countries have been disarmed before they realized what happened. Vigilance is golden.


All those posts from people back in November defending that POS Obama. Now who is laughing??? We tried to tell you he was a Commie gun grabber and serial LIAR/THIEF/MURDERER!!!

Now that you have some guns, buy some SILVER so you can have some REAL MONEY instead of this worthless dogsh*t fake money known as Federal Reserve Notes, which are just IOUs backed by nothing and will be created ENDLESSLY!!!!

Never Again!

What kind of dolt would EVER comply with rules that: A) put their lives [and the lives of their dependents] in jeopardy; or B) directly infringes the ONLY right that expressly demands it SHALL NOT be infringed? NEVER AGAIN!!!

When the government outlaws guns, only smart, freedom-defending outlaws will have them.


funny how on novemeber 10 all of these people are saying Obama is not agaist guns. now look he wants all of the legal gun owners in a data base and want to take away our weapons. go after the gang bangers not legal gun owning citizens. By the way it ok for Obamas kids to be protected with guards with guns but its not ok for me to protect my own family. that is BS

Never Again!


Glenn Johnson

Gee, exercise your first amendment right and suddenly you are a racist and a baby killer… my how the main stream media have brain washed the majority of the American population… sad days

Rich D'Auria

Here is an excellent article from a liberal on Gun Bans.

Arizona,I love ya and I will someday join you in becoming a resident!


I Have a gun shop that i sell all firearms at cost to any LEO or Service person, So i hope you all would i agree I"m not Money Hungry , retired Army 22 Years (Col.) EOD I do my best to stay out of politics but in Obbama owns words he said he will ban most or all semi auto weapons ? He has no regards for the 2nd Amendment, I can not say I'm Rep Or Dem I vote for whom i think is the best for the job, in this case Ron Paul would have been the… Read more »


I like your sign. Good for you to take a stand for what is right. There is something wrong with the people who re-elected him. He wants to destroy the USA and it is clear to see by the actions/legislation he has supported. I will learn to shoot at a local range and make a purchase before they attempt to restrict the 2nd amendment.If he can't do it through Congress, he will do some type of executive order. He is the ememy of the country in the White House.




I think it's great that these liberal pansy pussies that hate guns don't own any. They are too stupid and too blind to realize that the country is on a rocket ride to Hell and when all Hell breaks loose they can just use each other for shields until there aren't any of them left. The buzzards will have a field day.

American Patriot

Because you fools (I voted for Gary Johnson=Patriot) do nothing about the real problem with gun violence which is leaving your fatherless children to the devices of public schools, give your child Ritalin and other psych meds, and when they get older (if they don't commit suicide or commit a school shooting first) you keep them on Prozac, Paxil, etc……what the hell did you expect? You let your children play bloody violent video games, let them watch bloody violent movies. You teach your children nothing of value. Guns are not the problem, they have been around for a thousand years….and… Read more »

CiviCull Enterprises

The strong will ALWAYS dominate the weak. If not with a badge then certainly with a gun.

Your Leftist paradigm of "tolerance" will [soon] fall and leave your kind as food for the dogs of war.

It's the price that must be paid for allowing America to fall into communist hands.


You people really need help.

And you are lost enough to think this kind of Middle Age mentality is Patriotism… It's amazing how low human beings can be.


The libs who are gleefully predicting that this gun store owner will soon be bankrupt and go out of business because he insulted Obama voters show their ignorance. The store owner, by putting up his sign, has gotten himself a million dollars of FREE PUBLICITY via the news media (and websites such as this) reporting on this without spending a single extra dollar on advertising. Suddenly, everyone is aware of his store – and RKBA supporters in that part of AZ who may not have heard of this store may well now go out of their way to patronize it… Read more »


I agree hole hartedly with all. I praise the maker of the sign, and he should sell them or give them away. I have a few things to say, first Airzona's votes don't count for the office of Prisetent and something should be done to change that. I have a hard time beleiving that the election was not fixed. I can not say his name and the office in the same sentence. All the ideots who want gun control need the think if they can. The one thing that kept this country from invasion during WWII is the fact that… Read more »

true illinoisan

First off, what are liberals doing on Ammoland forums other than trolling? Being from Illinois (any county south of cook county), I have the perspective that Obama is trying to do to the United States what Chicago has done to Illinois. His philosophy has worked out great here.


Hood rat??? Where I’m from a hood rat is a teenaged white girl that rebels from their rich a**hole parents and all my friends and I f**k em. Hood rat girls were fun to play with back in the day. Anyway to my point, The only reason Obama even was on the ticket was because 4 years ago people were so petrified to see a woman president (Hillary Clinton) that they voted for the black guy instead. I was thinking WTF? A women or a black guy? Even McCain’s got this one in the bag! Who would have thought the… Read more »

Double Dutch

The worlds largest army is the American hunter. Civil war will be a catastrophe as it was in the past . Although it may be time to take up arms to defend your rights, your family, and your possessions. I'll keep my liberty, my guns, and my money! You can keep the change!


heathen, you have some serious issues.

Heathen Exterminatio

"What kind of a rediculous society would we have if we all played this game out of bitterness and hate."

THIS kind of ridiculous society!

You see, EVERYONE who voted for 0bama did so SOLELY out of bitterness and hate. The Gentiles hatred toward white society and white society' hatred toward themselves.

Turkey neck, if you call hood rats "target practice," YOU must be a horrible shot. I mean, just look at how they thrive and flourish.


its his store. if he can afford to be so selective of who he sells to then let him have at it. lets say i own a gas station. i refuse to sell gas to those bluegums that pull in here with them monte carlos with 24" rims and thier britches down around thier knees. its my store right? i should be able to sell to whoever i want to, right? WRONG!!!!! let that bluegum burrhead run to the NAACP and see what happens. its gonna be hard to convince the naacp that you wont sell them brothas a gun… Read more »


This man claims to be defending his values. I guess in a democracy he feels there should be severe penalties for freedom of choice. The best thing that could happen is that every supplier, customer and business he deals with in any way should make sure that if they voted for Obama, they will refuse to do business with him. Fair is fair. After all, they will only be standing behind THEIR values. What kind of a rediculous society would we have if we all played this game out of bitterness and hate. Shame on him!