Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona Tells Obama Voters to Get Lost

Obama Voters Not Welcome
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona Tells Obama Voter to Get Lost
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona

Pinetop, AZ –-( To Whom it May Concern: I thought you all might be interested in this.

We will try to demonstrate once again that the bottom line for our business is principle, not money.

Yes, it has been damaging at times but our values are intact.

Effective immediately, if you voted for Obama, your money is no good here. You have proven beyond a doubt that you are not responsible enough to own a firearm. We have just put a sign up on the front door to save you the trouble of walking all the way in here….

I took this ad out in our local paper. It will come out in the White Mountain Independent tomorrow, 9 November

Cope Reynolds

Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona
Mail: POB 3797
Shipping: 674A E. White Mountain Blvd.
Pinetop, AZ 85935
Phone: (928) 367-AK47 (2547)
Toll-Free (866)886-8753

Open 9am to 6pm Arizona time

Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona
The most comprehensive full-time professional firearms training facility in all of eastern AZ and western NM!
“The Shooting Bench” radio show
6 to 8pm ET / 3 to 5pm PT – Monday thru Friday
The most radical gun-rights show on talk radio.
Listen to the “The Shooting Bench PM Edition” on
Thursdays from 8 to 10pm. 100% gun talk!

“The Shooting Bench” blog!
Keep up with The Shooting Bench and SWSA classes and activities

All those in favor of losing their rights, please do NOTHING!

Obama Voters Not Welcome Ad
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona Tells Obama Voter to Get Lost
  • 319 thoughts on “Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona Tells Obama Voters to Get Lost

    1. How do you get racist? Did all of the black Americans vote for O’bama, and all of the whites vote for Romney?? Seems to me the first person described as a racist is the one who makes this a racist “THING”. I’m pretty sure a lot of none blacks voted for the current administration. Otherwise he wouldn’t be in office. And then anyone assuming the owner of the business is white would automatically be a self described racist. Every one who voted for the current administration are cattle being led to slaughter. But as long as the feed is good, and the water is clean, they’ll keep their head in the “trough”(say it like this, “tr-off”), right up to the minute the slug(not bullet), gets shot into their head and their on the hook for real! Just because you went to college, doesn’t mean you’re smart. Just because you think your good looking, doesn’t mean you are. Poor stupid, YES, I said STUPID, people. You don’t have a clue. And NO, I didn’t like Romney either. But I’m sure the current administration is crooked. And to me, Romney would have been O’bama part 2. Time to wake up,,,, wake up,,,, wake up. You hear it as if it is a dream. But wait til reality hits you square in the face. It’ll be too late then.

    2. As a gun owner it sound great except that the alternative to Obama was Romney who is a Mormon (don’t care about his magic believes) who for those who do not know have a LIVING PROPHET which means if the prophet tells him this, he has to do it or he is going against God him self (I do care about this part) which means we would have had a President that was under a head of church. In other words to me that would have been us sudo Theocracy.

      Religion should not matter in a President, but this time it did.
      I do see the problem and frustration that the President is causing for no other reason that to pander to those who think Government is always right and a Utopia will happen because of more gun control. Tell that to those country with gun control who are still have crime, even violent ones but its population is terrified of dealing with criminals.

    3. And Cope, Stay the course and stick by y’r guns. Old (unofficial) squadron motto of ours, “Illegitimus non Carborundum.” (Don’t let the bastards grind you down.)

    4. And-uh by the way, while I was reading up to Nov. 11, I kept seeing posts by one calling himself “Smee”. Wasn’t that captain Hook’s first mate in Peter Pan things? It seems to me, these Never – Never Land guys never had to worry about what to do when they grow up. Didn’t happen, just like the half butts in the District of Criminals.
      A magazine publisher I’m familiar with asked a question and published a little book, “Can America be Saved From Stupid People?” He’s like me, a serious non druggie Libertarian. The answer appears to me to be “Not as long as stupid people keep voting stupider people int public office and forgetting to supervise them.”
      One more little point: Some poster seemed to think that because he was a U.S. Navy submarine veteran, he knew about arms. Wha…? I don’t know any sub sailors that got anywhere near guns and ammo after boot camp. Certainly not while underway at sea.
      Well, let’s see what happens to my posts. Whether they get saluted or shot at. Have fun and Have a happy and safe 4th. Keep your powder dry, don’t go driving if you don’t need to, and if you do need to, do it sober.There are enough crazies out there, don’t add to the melee.

    5. Aw shucks! I don’t see anything on either side of the above that sounds really reasonable. (Only read through Nov.11) Everyone seems to be pretty emotional, but as long as we’re being emotional, let me add my unreasonable nickel: Obummer hasn’t done anything to take anyone’s guns. Too crafty. He delegated that to Biden.
      UN Agenda 21 has been agreed to by B.O. (He should shower more 🙂 )
      Another thing that irks me is everyone calling my “Arms” firearms. I have a right to arms, but not to firearms (explosive devices).
      Also, said right isn’t affected in the least by the second amendment. That right is long antecedent to any constitution or bill of rights.
      No need to take anybody’s guns, just make ammo unavailable (at taxpayer expense). No thanks. I’ll keep reloading. It does cut into my practice though. I seem to have some trouble getting certain primers, so I have to limit consumption.
      And, before anyone puts his bank account on the 2nd Amendment, look very carefully at the whole constitution, then just as carefully at the supremacy clause. There are no frivolous phrases therein. I’m one of those that really is against the bill of rights which was included for those too lazy to read and understand. Guess I’m what one would call a strict constructionist when it comes to the constitution for the United States.
      Yada, yada, yada!

    6. And conservatives wonder why they got their @sses handed to them in the election. Not only are you hypocrites but you’re deaf, dumb and blind. You said nothing and you did nothing when Bushy bankrupted this country with two wars and caused the economic collapse. You said nothing and did nothing when he created the Patriot Act & Homeland Security to allow the NSA to spy on its citizens, now you’re outraged that Obama is doing it? You spew hatred and ignorance and when Obama kicks Romney’s butt in the election you cry about it and claim voter fraud. This is why the GOP will continue to lose. Now go crawl back under the rock from which you came

    7. well said monica, and I absolutely agree about the IQ test! I am half black and half white and am going to say everything that whites won’t say because despite it being the truth, they know the weak, deluded, pathetic, unoriginal, cowardly, muslim commie loving libtard sheep will be doing the only thing they know how to do- scream “RACIST”! anyways, i am embarrassed by blacks who are so blinded by color (which is exactly what Obama planned on) that they will do ANYTHING to see a black man in power, despite the fact that black unemployment has gone through the roof under his reign of terror! that is just pure stupidity and anyone that is so blinded by color that they will support someone that hurts them instead of helps them obviously doesn’t have the intelligence to vote. period. also, it absolutely boggles my mind how many people have gotten on here and said “i’m a PROUD Obama supporter”! really? proud of the man who did NOTHING (except campaign and play golf) while 4 americans were killed in Benghazi, gave guns to Mexican drug cartels, passed on the keystone pipeline, is trying desperately to take away our second amendment right to bear arms ( isn’t it odd that he has a problem with gun violence, but he sure doesn’t seem to have that same problem with drone violence/ attacks) apologizes to other nations for our soviergnty, has created ZERO jobs, has TRIPLED our deficit, has tried to cut our military strength, bows to foreign arab kings, is a compulsive and habitual liar,is hellbent on giving PRIVLEGES to ILLEGAL Hispanics, supports abortion and is determined to turn America into a third world country? okay now libtards, instead of doing the only thing you seem to be able to know how to do-pull the race card and scream racist, which you can’t do with me anyways since i am the same EXACT race as the Kenyan muslim socialist Anti-Christ in the white house, why don’t you actually try to dispute what I said OR better yet, name some of the good things that you think he’s done. since your a supporter, there should be lots of good things that you think he’s done, correct? I (and i’m sure everyone else here) would LOVE to hear what they are! and one more thing-I’ve seen some people here say that it was god’s destiny to have obama be elected both times (funny how you weren’t saying that about bush) and that god obviously single-handedly picked Obama, which is why he’s had the good luck he’s had and if we go against him, wer’e going against god. (yep, god will punish us for going against a man that supports everything he hates, like homosexuality and abortion! IDIOTS!) anyways, anyone that knows anything about the bible knows that satan is the god of this world (only because god allows it, of course) satan offered jesus all the governments and kingdoms of the world if he bowed down to him. how could he have offered these things if they weren’t his? anyways, saying that anything and everything that happens is god’s will is just….laughable. was it god’s will for all those little children at sandy hook to die? is it god’s will when a woman gets raped? most certainly not. see, god gave us a brain (you know that thing that most libs don’t have) and the FREE WILL to choose between right and wrong. there are always consequences to your actions and the choices you make though, and we are seeing the consequences right now of libtards and government moochers re-electing a worthless Kenyan cockroach-a disastrously depressed economy that just keep getting worse….and worse….and worse, despite democrats REFUSING to accept this fact and living with the falsehood that things have gotten better when they haven’t. do liberals forget that there are records that keep track of employment, economic growth ect, or what? when are they going to realize that no matter how much they try desperately to deny something, that it can all be verified easily? face it libs-your “messiah” ain’t done sh*t, except try to destroy everything this great nation was founded on!

    8. Yes this is a democracy, and yes Obama got re-elected, but not because this represents a fair and balnced election, he got re-elected by lying through his teeth! And because the majority of his voters are just plain too stupid to see what was coming. Now we have Obama care, and being in the health care field, I can tell you it is a mess.
      And all those supporters those inner city, welfare receipents who bragged about their FREE Obama phones, and voted for the man because they think they are going to get more govt handouts… aren’t smart enough to realize that the country is going bankrupt because of Obama’s socialist idealogy. and soon they are going to have FAR LESS than they had before Obama took office!! So the joke is on them. Those who voted for the left wing socialist, Islam loving, terrorist supporting, Anti American Obama are going to be crying before this his all over.

      I do believe that the right to vote should only be bestowed upon those with an IQ of 100 or more. Anything less and one is prone to believe the political bullshit and the lies that get thrown around during an election campaign! I mean think about it, do you want your mentally retarded nephew running your household finances let alone deciding who will run the county’s finances? No you don’t. There really should be an IQ test to vote!

    9. I can’t believe how over the top you anti gun peoe are! This about a gun store and Obama voters !! You Sons a Bitches gotta vent anywhere you can about every topic Obama had screwed up! Abortion? Name calling? You people trashing this Gun Shop do manage to show just how ignorant you really are, voting for obama isn’t enough, you go on and on about everything! For the record @ the person who said fair election? Obama ran his election with lies and fraudulent documents! Nothing “fair” about it! Obama is a lying Muslim Terrorist! And to the other commenters who stated there are 1000’s of other gun shops and this gun shop will go out if business ….. Your wrong, its me and people like me who will make sure it won’t!! My hat off to SSA for standing by your second amendment rights and smart enough to do your part to keep firearms out if the hands of ignorant ass people!!!

    10. Just came across this,couldn’t agree with you more,next thing we need to do is break away from the states that Obama carried in the election.If I was out your way , believe me I would drop by and buy a rifle or shotgun,because I live in Mississippi,and I believe the law reads that I can’t buy a Handgun.It is a shame though,because I can use my c c w there.Hang in there and more power to ya.Keep your powder dry.

    11. We appreciate the overwhelming support folks. For the few detractors…go piss up a rope.

      TSN I’m sorry you have not had good luck with gun shops and their service. I can assure you that we are not like that.

    12. Hey we as gun owners need to stick together period. This is what they want is to do. Fight among each other. Don’t give in to intolerance of anyone that supports gun rights. Personally I believe Romney was to the best that the GOP had to offer. They didn’t even try to find a palatable opponent to this whole shameful situation. It is our fault for not rescuing ourselves from this tyranny by demanding a viable alternative, lots of conservatives felt disenchanted with the Romney ticket and didn’t even vote they stayed home and prayed. Let’s get real divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book of war. And this is what we’re facing.
      We need to stand strong WHITE BLACK DEMOCRAT REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE LIBERAL WE ARE ALL FREE AND WE NEED TO RECOGNIZE AND RESPECT OURSELVES AND OTHERS BY NOT FALLING PRAY TO A TEMPORARY CONDITION! Three years we can hold out that long I’m sure. keep voting and please we should not settle for the lesser of two evils.

    13. Really do not believe how much left wing hatred there is displayed here. It is a shame that a business owner has the right to turn away potential customers, but this is America and if they choose to turn someone they may consider too mentally incapable of operating a firearm, then that is their choice. If you have an argument about the issue, you can do many things, like go someplace else, spend money to sue, or stand outside and protest. But either way you look at it it is his choice, he has that right, and i am in total agreement with SwSA in turning you all away. And ohh, by the way, if it wasn’t for voter fraud Obama would not be president…

    14. This year will go down in history for the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.

      Adolph Hitler (1935 Weapons Act of Nazi Germany)

    15. M. Wayne…You are one of the Communist sympathizers that we are talking about. Glad you got the message. Take your ass to China and “survive” with like minded scum.
      China: Trial on Monday, Execution on Friday and your family gets the Bill for the bullet on Saturday. “Ten cents please!”

    16. I would not buy a gun from this place based simply on the fact that he figuratively shot himself in the foot with that sign.
      Not a sign of a smart businessman to openly shoo away good money. Chump don’t want my cash? chump don’t get my cash.

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