Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona Tells Obama Voters to Get Lost

Obama Voters Not Welcome
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona Tells Obama Voter to Get Lost
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona

Pinetop, AZ –-( To Whom it May Concern: I thought you all might be interested in this.

We will try to demonstrate once again that the bottom line for our business is principle, not money.

Yes, it has been damaging at times but our values are intact.

Effective immediately, if you voted for Obama, your money is no good here. You have proven beyond a doubt that you are not responsible enough to own a firearm. We have just put a sign up on the front door to save you the trouble of walking all the way in here….

I took this ad out in our local paper. It will come out in the White Mountain Independent tomorrow, 9 November

Cope Reynolds

Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona
Mail: POB 3797
Shipping: 674A E. White Mountain Blvd.
Pinetop, AZ 85935
Phone: (928) 367-AK47 (2547)
Toll-Free (866)886-8753

Open 9am to 6pm Arizona time

Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona
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All those in favor of losing their rights, please do NOTHING!

Obama Voters Not Welcome Ad
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona Tells Obama Voter to Get Lost
  • 322 thoughts on “Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona Tells Obama Voters to Get Lost

    1. I just saw that you had posted the sign turning away Obama voters. I’m visiting my elderly parents in AZ and was appalled by the election. I couldn’t agree with you more, that those people voting for Barry O. don’t have a clue and are in no way responsible enough to own a firearm of any kind. They want personal protection, they can rely on the government that they kept in office to protect them. Me, I’ll stick with my firearms and my 4 legged buddy for my personal protection.

    2. More businesses need to do this. I don’t own a firearm, but will in the near future. When I do I will make a trek from Chandler to your store.

    3. I live in Tennessee ,a little to far to come and visit your store,but I am with you brother all the way in spirit.I wish more people would do this.You have my undying support.

    4. I Am f***in stupid……. (this comment has been edited by administrator due to the homonian attack, vuglar language, violation of website terms of use…… and its obvious this person is just plain stupid.) all of you are racist ***************!!!! You would rather a women who is sick while pregnant die giving birth then to have the option of abortion. That’s what wouldve happened if romney was elected, or how about your child will die anyways at birth and instead of letting that baby suffer you get an abortion if you wouldve voted for romney it wouldn’t happen!!! ******************************************************************************************************************************** ignorant you all are.

    5. The price of liberty is measured in lives. Disarmament is the first step toward slavery. ANYONE who puts life before freedom is filth that should be removed from society. Life is WORTHLESS without freedom.

    6. Everything is racist now according to the libtards. Well, if I’m going to be called a “racist” constantly for opposing socialism and communisim then I’m going to be the best god damned racist I can be.

      Obama can take his floppy eared, KFC munching, watermelon gobbling, nappy haired, purple lipped face and plant a big kiss on my lily white cracker ass.

      Anyone who voted for Mocha Jesus can do the same. I don’t want your money. SHOP ELSEWHERE DICK BEATERS!

      I’m not giving up my guns, or my freedom. I’m fed up, I’m tired of this sh*t, and I’m not going to fight it anymore.

      So come on Chris you pinko piece of sh*t. Come pry my guns from my cold dead hands. Tolerate the hell out of me while calling me a racist, hateful, war monger. I’ll simply aspire to being the best racist, hateful, war monger I can be!

    7. “If you put it in a nice package, promoted it and advertised it properly, you could sell the average American a bag of Sh**.” This was proved without a shadow of a doubt on November 6th 2012.

    8. Wow, 3 peoole on here that just dont get it and 2 of which coukdnt come up with anything better then the 2nd grade arguments that the left has been speeing for 4 years. Race? You think this is about race? please, give me a break. Do you think you Hypocrats could use a lazier excuse than that. Seriously get the hell out of here. Please if you think that because we disagree with his SOCIALIST AND COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY then we are racist than yiu are lazy and stupid. As for your idiotic supposition and moronic “reproductive rights” argument, if ou believe Romeny had anymore power to get rid of abortion than anyone else, who have not been able to fo so far, than you need to have your voting rights stripped from you because you are obviously too stupid to be trusted to vote.

      SwSA, God bless ya for standing with conviction to your morals and we can only hope that more businesses make a stand like yours. It is about 4 years past due to get rid of this socialist idealouge out of office. Keep up the good work.

    9. I was at the gun store. What a joke the salesmen are. They were pitching fear to some dumb ass first time buyer. Sold him a ar-15 that was way over his head. My guess is that he will go home and blow his dumb ass head off. Stop blaming Obama for all the bullshit you all can think of. Do you dumbasses all look in the same mirror at once?????

    10. So your all about freedom but you dislike the fact that President Obama was elected in a free election. The people voted and spoke in this democracy and you are upset with that.

      Also. What law has President Obama passed that has taken away gun rights??? None. Romney passed an assault weapons ban. It just shows that you are rather ignorant and choose not to look at the facts. I’m a full time police officer. I own guns and am pro 2nd amendment. The President was elected free and fair. It’s you who are in American. Why don’t you leave this great country since you clearly hate democracy so much.

    11. This is in response to chris baez…

      I think you are making everyone’s point here. Apparently you are not aware that a president cannot arbitrarily make or change laws on a whim, as in the example you gave that you think Romney would reverse abortion laws. That is beyond the power of the president. The left used that nonsensical scare tactic to their advantage to sway the votes of the ignorant and clearly it worked. The supreme court has final say on that matter and it has spoken.

      Clearly, you shouldn’t own a gun…

    12. That said, there are clearly more relevant reasons for not liking Obama and his ideology than race. I can’t stand him for a whole host of reasons.

    13. Explain to me how gun control is more important than birth control? Romney planned on removing all federal money giving to planned parenthood. Call me what you will, but i would rather see more gun control than have to pay for your daughters and their illigitimate that cant afford to take care of.children. I also refuse to vote for a candidate who thinks there is an “acceptable” form of rape.

    14. Right or wron in your stand (and I thnk you are right) I find it refreshing that you take a clear open stand rather than simply whoring for a buck. You are what this nation really needs, folks who will stand in action for what they believe. To often today PC and the $ are the rule. BRAVO, SALUTE.

    15. what stupid bucnch of rednecks.. ( Administrator removed email address at request of Yahoo. Even yahoo does not want to be associated with someone with such a small penis.)

    16. And this dumb ignorant racist inbred redneck will blame Obama when his buisness fails and he is forced into bankrupcy…what a joke…..i cant wait to see the out of buisnees signs on his store and the forclosure signs on his home!!!
      ( Administrator removed email address at request of Yahoo. Even yahoo does not want to be associated with someone with such a small penis.)

    17. I find it funny how all the libs that have commented here all wish for this gun dealers business to fail. I guess Obama was wrong and the owner DID build it, or else you libs wouldn’t want an Obama built business to fail…right? Plus, since gun sales are going through the roof at the moment, I don’t believe this guy has a thing to worry about. I commend you for your stance SWSA.

    18. I think you should sell Obama supporters guns. It should be easy to sell them a crappy gun at a super-inflated price, and the gun won’t even have to work! I do agree with then mot being responsible enough though…keep on following your beliefs and stand firm!

    19. still going to be quite funny when he is out of biusnees from turning away customers… meanwhile the guys down the street will reap the benefits of the owners stupidity !!!

    20. I’d be willing to bet all the one’s here defending ovomit have never done a bit of research into him or his life. They ether voted for him just because he’s black or they were bailed out in some way by him. The truth is they have no idea what’s coming or they just don’t care as long as their getting their so called free crap from him.But when their locked up in a fema camp somewhere because ovomit declared marshal law they can be happy they were so lax with their freedoms

    21. Whether you voted for Romney because you didn’t want Obama to have a second term or you voted for Obama because you didn’t want Romney in the White House, you did nothing to try to un**** this country. There is no difference between democrats or republicans beyond the color of their ties! The same scare tactics are used by both sides every election cycle. One side is going to take away your guns and the other side is going to outlaw abortion. Neither will happen. But both will use divisiveness to keep you distracted from real issues because they know you sheep just want someone to follow. Until people start voting for someone they believe in instead of against someone they don’t, the cycle will repeat itself ad infinitum. Until a third party is included in Presidential debates and given a ballot spot in all 50 states we’ll never have real choice. Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.

    22. Good stand.I hope to visit your shop.God is the only Being that can save this country now.The Obama voters are either stupid or just plain naive.Or both.Obama voters to expect any help from me during the next 3 years yuo again were short sighted enough to put keep this Moronic crew in office.I hope you suffer.

    23. As a privately owned company, SWSA has the right to advertise almost any way they wish – per the 1st Amendment.
      With that being said, you liberals need to go back to junior high school and take some remedial classes on US Gov’t and how it is supposed to work.
      You see, Romney would not have been able to ban abortion single-handedly because he believes in the Constitution and plays by the rules. (and incidentally, I happen to support a woman’s right to choose – for purely practical reasons. I don’t want to see my tax dollars being spent to support a bunch of illegitimate children on welfare – but Planned Parenthood gets enough donations – they don’t need to get tax dollars, too. Just like PBS doesn’t need our tax dollars. And many of those girls getting pregnant, whether voluntarily or accidentally, need to accept responsibility for their own bodies.)
      Obama, on the other hand, has already shown he is willing to go around the Constitution and Congress by using “Executive Orders” to make new rules and by appointing “Czars” to key positions that do not require Congressional approval and who will do his bidding. In effect, that does away with the “Checks & Balances” principle of our government and its 3 branches. If he manages to appoint just 1 more Supreme Court Justice, he will have complete control over 2 branches and he has already by-passed the 3rd branch successfully. AND he was caught, on tape with an open mic, telling a foreign official that he will have more “flexibility” after his re-election.
      Can you say “Autocrat” and “Dictator?” I knew you could.
      And you don’t think he will start to push through gun control measures without bothering to go through the legislature?
      This has nothing to do with race – he is just as white as he is black. The problem is that he is more Socialist than he is Democrat and more interested in playing to the “Middle Class” than he is in promoting excellence in ALL of the people of America and in the United States as a nation. He doesn’t recognize the exceptionalism of America because he believes everyone should be equally mediocre.
      Well, this Anglo, Yankee, middle-class female agrees that anyone who can’t see Obama for what he is shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun because, since it is obvious they can’t tell one end of a horse from the other, it is highly probable they can’t tell which is the business end of a gun, either . And that’s okay. It means I will have the advantage when the Big O’s minions decide they deserve more of what I have – they can try to take it, but they’ll get the lead first.
      In the meantime, we are stocking up and stowing away. Molon Labe.

    24. The really funny part is that these people will blame Obama for them having less customers after Obama won reelection and not see the irony in their decision whatsoever.

      You can’t beat this kind of stupidity. I’d like to send thanks from New York City. This was a good laugh.

    25. another shining example of redneck STUPIDITY.. going online and threatening to shoot government officials…i think i will be visiting this site more often..

    26. so what this fuckin idiot sabel is saying is that mit romney would not have been able to single handedly change law but somehow obama can… fucking moron

    27. Right, call me when Obama actually comes to take your guns and I will be right there by your side to stop them. Until then I prefer reality to right wing conspiracy nutbars.

    28. If that is you answer…to Rush Limbaugh’s question of “what are we are going to do with people who voted for Barack Obama” — I’am happy to say — That I will take my {ammo and gun buying} business elsewhwere; other than your business.

    29. Thanx to this store and all it’s “normal” patrons. If I lived within a few hundred miles of this store, I’d be there monday morning to buy a gun, any gun, and lots more ammo. Congrats to the owners, I applaud your position. Bravo.

    30. Smee, you have demonstrated your inability to comprehend the point. We have serious lack of congressmen, …no, politicians, …that have enough balls to stand up to those that have excluded the constitution from our government. Jefferson has warned us all of our fate. When those who depend on the government for their freeloading existence realize they have become slaves their master in Washington, no amount of taxes will make the system work. Those of us that work for a living see a precarious time ahead.

    31. My husband and I are proud President Obama supporters. My husband is a Persian Gulf War Veteran and he taught me everything I know about guns, how to work them and how to shoot! My husband just bought me a SR9 mm and I love it! First of all, STOP LYING….OUR POTUS IS NOT TAKING YOUR GUNS AWAY!!! Their are millions upon millions of democrats who believe in the right to bear arms. Many of us have a carry and conceal permit too! Do you really believe you are hurting us for voting for Obama? That is hilarious!!! Every where I turn their are plenty of places who are happy to make money and sell guns to Democrats. But Hey..good luck with that!! RED STATES ARE DONE FOR…FROM YOUR FRIEND IN THE NORTH!!

    32. Darrell Wayne Higgins, you sir are a liar. Since I despise AR-15’s almost as much as liberals, we have only had 1 AR-15 in here since we moved to AZ. The guy that bought was NOT a first-time buyer. He came in looking for an AR-15 to start with, liked that one and we sold it to him. Either you have never been in this store or you are just making stuff like your president does. If you are local and actually ever came in here, please feel free to step back in here and we’ll discuss this.
      Thanks for your comment.

    33. I will be very interested to see if these gun toting obama supporters continue to support obama when he does come after guns. He’s already said he would BEFORE the election. Who is obama to decide whether or not I should own a military style gun? Obama is nobody. He certainly is not qualified to tell this 27 year U.S. Army Combat Vet Retiree what I can cannot own/operate. Wake up people and use your heads. Where are the men that use to inhabit this land? When are you all going to stand up as men and tell the mealy mouth wimps of the world that you and you alone control your destiny and demeanor. Where are you?

    34. Sir’s

      From Australia , Cheers! to you folks!!!
      bloody well done! Folks like you will be the ones who stop the USA ending up like Australia , where after 116 years of protest action we are getting our guns back , within limits… grrrr , but still working at it

      dont let them change one damn thing of your constitution , protect it with all your might , its the one document that allows free men to stay free without it , you just like the rest of the planet


      Stay True !
      May the Good Lord Bless you and Keep you

    35. Honestly, I think owning guns is fine, but voting for someone like ROMNEY for that would have been tantamount to assisted suicide for our country. If you don’t like obama, vote for anyone else, but don’t vote for romney. On top of that, no one seems to know what socialism or communism is. Socialized medicine ISN’T socialism. It’s a step towards fixing our capitalist economy by making healthcare available to people who can’t afford it, allowing them to get jobs and put back into the economy so we can be the good example of how capitalism can succeed like we were during the clinton years.

    36. Remember this: The only power someone has over you is the power you give them. A free people know what is right for them and what is just. If someone does not feel the need, passion, like dislike or whatever for some thing then they are free to choose. Here’s a thought: If some maniac decides to kill some one with a gun what in the world does that have to do with me? Or you? Ted Kennedy’s Oldsmobile killed more people than my gun. Should we outlaw cars? Free men have free will. We are not a collective.

    37. Live in a place where there is socialised medicine mate .. see how fast the rest follows

      what came next? oh PC ness , then rights for everyone but Australians then , gun control ,

      learn your facts

      same thing in the UK

      in it comes and it goes the same way
      now in the UK and Australia they are pushing mass islamic immigration , i hear they want the same for you …

      hahhaha dhimmi wits

      obama is a socialist , he was when he was working the UN , he was as a community acivist , you think he stopped when he became president

      hahahahahaha sorry folks …

    38. No one is trying to take your guns away and no hill-billy gun store owner is going to tell a Navy Submarine veteran that I am not responsible enough to own my side-arms. Id like to see Cope Reynolds try to take mine from me.

    39. Haters are not responsible to sell guns and should not be allowed to do so because both are dangerous in the wrong hands (hate and guns).

    40. What the hell is wrong with you BO voters??? Did you have your heads up your collective asses the last four years? Or did he buy you off with promises to keep your welfare checks coming? Well shit, you poor people have been voting for Demoncrats for 50 years and guess what ~ you are still poor! Wake up, the bastard is destroying this country. Romney (buy the way learn proper use of capitalization)is EXACTLY what we need at this time in our economic disaster. I don’t mean to be condescending (you know what that means ~ right?)but the economy that BO is going for is modeled after Greece.

      If I could I buy my next few guns from SWSA just to show my support for their decision NOT to do business with morons!

    41. Thank you Jack, and I hope the Aussie govt sees the light. Govt control is not free enterprise, it IS socialism, and more importantly, it runs directly against the constitution . I highly suggest you Obama fans, liberals and progressives take a few minutes to look it up and read through it and give it sober and serious thought. It was written by brilliant men that risked their necks to give us the country. We have wander so far off course that I don’t recognize this country anymore. We are incremently giving, or having taken away our rights and our sovereignty. Some of us see it. Some of us don’t yet. When the promises and the welfare checks don’t clear the federal bank, some us will be glad we have arms when the chaos starts. Who’s motto is Latin for “ever vigilant ” ?

    42. Thanks you for standing up for what’s right!!! I wish EVERY place would put a sign like this!!! My next gun will be from you!!! Before Obama takes our rights!!

    43. “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

      Thomas Jefferson

    44. It is true that the President can’t reverse abortion laws and the power rests in the hands of the Supreme Court. However, with two Supreme Court Justices likely retiring within the next four years, guess who gets to appoint the new Justices? That’s right, the President does. Sometimes it hurts to connect the dots but it is a good idea to do so before making comments.

    45. meez and Heidi: completely agree.

      Barack Obama has not taken away guns. He wants the existing laws to be enforced. So do I, so do you if you don’t want more mentally unstable people getting guns. All the businesses above did was show that they a. are making plenty of money (so I guess Obama’s economic plan IS working!), b. don’t need our business and c. value emotion over truth- NOT a good characteristic in anyone handling firearms.

    46. Neil, you bring up an excellent point. Yes the president cannot unilaterally overturn something like Roe v Wade though he can place Supreme court justices. This knife cuts both ways. Just as you cite it as Obama can put in Justices (two are likely to retire within the next 4 years) who would uphold abortion, whereas Romney may have put in those who would be against it, the same logic applies to gun control and laws. For instance check out “District of Columbia v. Heller” ( . This decision was 5 to 4 in favor of Heller (right to possess handguns in DC as opposed to the ban that was in place for many years). Banning handguns in DC was that close. 5 to 4. If Obama puts in a Justice or two like Sotomayer or Ginsburg, those numbers will be reversed at best. Feinstein has already begun her campaign and the Brady Coalition has as well. Remember the last Assault weapons ban? ( It was discovered it had little if any affect on crime by the CDC and United States Department of Justice National Institute of Justice. The magazine capacity limitation to 10 rounds was equally ridiculous. Do criminals worry that on top of the crimes they are committing they may get in trouble for having too many rounds in their gun? Meanwhile most of the politicians in support of the bill did not even understand the terminology which would result in a particular weapon being banned.

      Now, it is important to note that the only way there can be a total ban on civilian firearm ownership would be a constitutional amendment reversing the 2nd. BUT that will not stop anti gun politicians, to which Obama is especially sensitive, from introducing laws that will make civilian ownership impractical or even impossible. For instance, allow cities to resume their lawsuits against gun companies effectively bankrupting them, OR redifining “militia” and somehow wrangling it into meaning something other than the original intent of the 2nd Amendment.

      I have a degree in constitutional law and while an outright ban would be difficult to achieve, I can tell you with certainty, that finding ways around this by making ownership “technically” legal but realistically untenable is highly likely.

    47. Additionally, while President Obama has claimed many times his focus is on existing laws, rather than the introduction of new laws, he has during the exact same speech, called for 2 new measures to be enacted.

      The first is to reinstate the above referenced Assault weapons ban “I believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms,” Obama said. “But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not on the streets of our cities.”. Remember this includes the provision limiting magazine capacity back to 10 rounds.

      The second item on his agenda is the backing mandatory inclusion of so-called “Smart gun” technology. The main issue being, no such technology exists.

      This sounds like adding new laws as far as I can tell.

      What needs to happen rather than arbitrary bans and knee-jerk responses to guns, is basic safety education. I am NOT saying bring a gun into every classroom and teach kids how to work them (though this was done for me by my uncle many years ago and it worked out just fine), BUT you can teach them the very basic rules that any of us as responsible firearm owners abide by: a) Handle every gun as if it were loaded, b) never point a gun at something you do not want to kill or destroy, c) NEVER rely on a safety etc.

      In addition to this holding people accountable for irresponsible and dangerous behavior. Sadly, in this country, we have become lax in this last area. People look for excuses like “he had a rough childhood” or “he was raised in the inner city” as reasonable for committing crimes. This is hogwash. If you are a parent you KNOW your children WILL go in your bedroom and have a look around. Kids are curious and more than likely we all did this during our childhood. If you are not in the home and leave loaded guns in easily accessible places for your kids it is a recipe for disaster. You wouldn’t leave a sharp knife out on the kitchen table and leave the house would you? You would not let your kids wander around a workshop with power saws and other items without supervision would you?

      Personal accountability is key. And if you are an adult, you have accountability for your child.

    48. Racist is what the libtards scream when someone slams obumer. He won by election fraud. Here is racist for you. How can one nig run the country when four can’t run the drive thru at McDonald’s. I

    49. You gave up more rights and freedoms under Bush. Actuallu read the patriot act. You right wing nutjobs are so quick to scare. All it takes is a Limbaugh rant and your brains start to swell. I personally own all the same guns and my friends havent had any of theirs taken away. Whoever posted this has their own agend of bigotry and racism. It is fairly obvious.

    50. All of you who claim Obama is a socialist really need an education. It isapparent 99% of you don’t know what s socialist or socialism is. Im glad Obama’ economic policies work well enough for you to turn away business. However you are too emotional to own a gun rather a whole store. Definitely shows your lack of responsibility or good judgement.

    51. The owner has a right to sell to whom he wants and the Obama voters have a right to shop elsewhere. Period. If I have to show my Republican Voter Card to purchase something, then that’s the place that will get my money. Obama supporters can do the same.


    53. smee, Not surprised that you don’t know how to spell PATRIOT. I’m sure thats a foreign word to you. Now why not go back to moms basement, learn how to spell (not smell, you know that already). And just go on drinking your particular flavor of kool-aid, the one that smells (no you idiot, not spells) like your hero’s excrement. And when the shtf, don’t look to any of the patriots of this formerly great land to come and dig your sorry a$$ out of moms basement. Rot there with the rats.

    54. Yes Josh I have read the Patriot Act. All of it in fact. Have you? Do you have a career where you are required to understand law terminology? I will guess not.

      If you think the patriot act is bad, I am surprised you aren’t screaming about the NDAA which was signed in under Obama and is far worse. For example, you can now be arrested if you are an American citizen and sent to Guantanamo bay without trial and for an indefinite period of time. When Bush helped enact the Patriot act, all liberals could do was scream about their lost freedom and “big brother”, but when something far worse passes they all seem to ignore it. I don’t listen to Limbaugh, but it sounds like you need to stop watching MSNC and listening to folks like Bill Maher and Michael Moore.

      So I think there are going to be widespread arrests and detainments under the NDAA? Not really know. But COULD there be? You bet your ass there could. Even if we assume Obama is fantastic and trustworthy and will not abuse his power with said law, a future president COULD. That is why it is such a dangerous piece of legislation.

      As to your ranting comments on Socialism, it appears you are actually the one in need of an education as it seems that you are actually the one who does not know what Socialism is. if you did, you would know there are a variety of forms of Socialism, not just the Marxist ideal you may have covered in a paragraph in a textbook.

      Obama’s policies are fairly clearly Democratic Socialism which as defined is “Modern democratic socialism is a broad political movement that seeks to propagate the ideals of socialism within the context of a democratic system. Many democratic socialists support social democracy as a temporary measure to reform the current system, but others support more revolutionary tactics to establish socialism. Conversely, modern social democracy emphasises a program of gradual legislative reform of capitalism in order to make it more equitable and humane, while the theoretical end goal of building a socialist society is either completely forgotten or redefined in a pro-capitalist way. The two movements are widely similar both in terminology and in ideology, although there are a few key differences.
      The major difference between social democracy and democratic socialism is the object of their politics: contemporary social democrats support a welfare state and unemployment insurance as a means to “humanize” capitalism, whereas democratic socialists seek to replace capitalism with a socialist economic system, arguing that any attempt to “humanize” capitalism through regulations and welfare policies would distort the market and create economic contradictions”

      Special attention should be paid to this section “modern social democracy emphasises a program of gradual legislative reform of capitalism in order to make it more equitable and humane, while the theoretical end goal of building a socialist society is either completely forgotten or redefined in a pro-capitalist way” which is pretty much, the liberal methodology to a tee. Whether or not this is a “bad” system is not really for me to say, but clearly there is a democratic socialist ideal there, and if you can’t see that or refuse to believe it, you really cannot be helped.

    55. And Josh, since when does a discourse on differing points of view on governmental systems equate to racism or bigotry? Are African americans who feel this way ALSO bigots and racists?

      you accuse folks of being brainwashed by Fox news, and surely, in some cases that is accurate. It is also accurate then to say there are many who are brainwashed by MSNBC, and most major media outlets who are rather selective in what they choose to cover. In other words, it works both ways. There is ignorance and extremism on BOTH sides. The moment you take the same brush to paint everyone that disagrees with you as a “brainwashed racist” (to use your words)you make yourself look more ignorant than anyone else.

    56. This is one thing that is great about the USA – freedom of speech! It doesn’t matter if you are smart or a dumbass, you are still entitled to your opinion.

      God bless the Constitution and our Bill of Rights!!

    57. Whats pretty much a sure thing is that ya’ll are going to get to settle it all fairly soon. Last one standing gets to claim victory. Three men in a room and one has a gun. Who do you think is going to be giving the orders?

    58. It’s people like you who don’t know the meaning of Patriotism.
      Many of my ancestors have been in American since the early 1600s, three were Jamestowne settlers, others in the Carolinas, Maryland and even the Massachusetts Bay colony. A direct ancestor was a revolutionary war hero and died in 1789 in Kentucky before it became a state, killed by Indians. Every generation of my family has members who have served in every war since then. And I served my country and anyone who writes (or speaks) with disrespect about the President is despicable and degraded. It is fine to disagree with his policies but any TRUE AMERICAN should respect the OFFICE because he was ELECTED by a clear MAJORITY of voters. He did not have the office handed to him by a BIASED SUPREME COURT who have really sold the CITIZENS of America down the river.
      You may think it is great to have a plutocracy, a bunch of rich men ruling the country with Fascist ideals, but TRUE PATRIOTS know this is the way America will die. Democratic principals that KEEP THE POWER in the hands of the PEOPLE brought this country out from under the rule of the Robber Barons of the “Gilded age” and again after the moneyed elites had nearly destroyed it in the late 1920s.
      HISTORY is clear. The country has prospered most when Presidents have been Democrats, or have had Democratic principles, such as President Eisenhower, a True Republican, not one of the fake ones of today. I’m in my mid ’70s and I know the difference. Guns don’t solve anything but they give men with poor self confidence, or those who lack real manhood, a sense of importance, but it is a false sense. Little men need big guns to pretend they are something but truly they are nothing. Pathetic…

    59. First off, I am sickened by the fact that Obama was re-elected. I am just now getting over it. With that said, although I will never have the opportunity to patronize this establishment or could care less about their future business, this store can die as far as I’m concerned. You are deciding whom you will sale to based on how they exercised their God given right?
      My 24 year old son and I almost came to blows over this election. Not literally, but we had some heated discussions. I couldn’t believe he would vote for Obama. He was raised on conservative values. He did however vote the opposite. Even though I didn’t agree, I respected it. Now it gets interesting. My awesome “obama voter” son is a Sgt. currently serving in the US Army. He will in January move to Ft. Benning, GA to begin his new position as a marksmanship instructor. In 2011 he spent 13 months in Khandahar, Afghanistan where he on more than one occasion had to show insurgents that he IS responsible enough to operate a firearm. He was over there protecting our right to cast a vote for any candidate we wanted, as well as the right to post any ignorant sign any business owner wanted to.
      I’m sure the sign that was displayed will not have much an effect on business, but I hope the owner will think about who he has alienated.

    60. The issue of choice suggests that one is choosing between or among options. The pregnant person chooses the fate of an unborn. Where is the choice. Had she chosen to have a norplant imbedded just under her skin… say, in an armpit or whatever, she could screw indiscriminantly for about 5 years without getting pregnant. But to say choice is better than abstenance or birthcontrol is so inane.
      55 million and counting.. we have allowed the murder of 55 million HUMAN BABIES under some false consideration that we are inhibiting a woman’s rights… Judas priest, none so blind as they who will not see. As to planned parenthood, the amount of health care they promote weighed against the amount of murder they promote is not even worth discussing. Minorities and muslims are breeding like rabbits and some go for abortion, but none of the muslims go for abortion. Within 40 years we will have a majority in the USA that is Muslim. Put that in your pipe. We allow them in our country and they advocate Sheria Law which is so very much against our constitution it is not fathomable.
      Some guy is sick of Obama and his socialist and muslim agenda that he tells would be customers that their business is not welcome in his place of business…. And your problem is … WHAT?? Obama is stealing all of our rights and you are ticked off at a patriot and call him a racist, goober, etc. We are losing our nation and the socialists and abortionists are distracting us from the reality that our nation is destined to disintegrate due to Obama’s evil plans. Get it… EVIL. Take a cold shower and get some sleep. Your opinions are not really worth our reading. However unlike YOU, we shall continue to defend your right to be so stupid. I just wish all of the unpatriotic people would just leave. Peace, bob

    61. @Lee Davis
      While I support your service and you opinion, I do, as do others respect the office but not the man’s ideas. A patriots duty is to defend the Constitution, something I doubt your ancestors would scarcely recognize in today’s administration. The system will work if it adheres to the design of the founding fathers. Past administrations were lacking, no doubt, but this one may well dig us all a hole we can’t climb out of. I don’t think democracy would approve of ” Pass the health care bill if you want to know what’s in it…” approach. Obamas repeated attempts to circumvent the process to further his agenda defeats the checks and balances.
      If you add all the taxes that the half of us that are actually paying, fed, state, sales, excise, property, and the “fees” at the bottom of your phone bill, and a dozen others like it, I expect it is over 35% and then some, for most. What do think it an acceptable amount? It will be hard to pay the national debt with Obama continuing to overspend by trillions expecting me to give him more and more of my paycheck to pay for his programs and freebies for the ever growing govt dependent masses. He has no choice but to attempt to take control of more industries to raise more revenue. I’ll remind you of Peloski’s remark about taking control of the oil companies in a senate hearing no less. It’s a disgrace to those who actually need govt help. It has become more advantageous to get on the govt dole than work for a paycheck. It’s just too attractive and the stigma about being on welfare is now a bragging right. How many voted for Obama to keep their benefit check? The numbers just don’t work and we are on borrowed time. Ask the citizens Greece, my friend, for we are not far behind.
      It is only reasonable that disarming the citizens to avoid opposition would be smart move.
      The fact is that one of groups have the ability to lead us out of this mess before a complete collapse. The small and large business’ that given the opportunity will the free market, with minimal govt oversight, decide how to prosper ; or allow the federal govt the ability to social engineer and control major sections of the national economy by decree with little or no restraints. The latter seems a whole like socialism to me.
      Unless you think the working folks are going to accept a 70% tax burden.

    62. I can’t believe that, after all the lies that have been exposed, that people still want Hussein in office. Yes, I said Hussein. Think about it. The “man” wants nothing less than to be king. Pay attention to the news. All of it, not just the msm. A little common sense is called for.

    63. It’s really sad when people that pretend to be patriots are this disrespectful of the democratic process. Perhaps you’d care to move to a country where the authorities make sure that the votes always come out the right way, like Russia.

    64. The people of America have spoken.
      If you don’t like America due to the election results, you are free to move away. Yes.. go away if you hate America and its Democracy so much. The American Revolution and WW2 were fought exactly to free ourselves against totalitarian fascists like yourselves.

    65. Been reading the posts. Obamunists like Robert S.,smee, Kevin, the whole lot of you commies are the real problem with america. This business owner has a right to serve/or not serve as he chooses. You see commies it started when Obama and the DOJ shipped 10’s of thousands of automatic weapons and 50 cal Barrets, grenades and plastic explosives across the border to the mexican drug cartels and violent gangs in the US, to FRAME and BLAME gun dealers, and owners, (like the one who made the sign) Obamunists setting up gun dealers in Arizona and elsewhere so they could crush the 2nd amendment! “Fast and Furious” ring a bell commies? You all are outraged over a sign? But not the Obama admin arming drug cartels? You outraged over Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murder? Obamunists pissed off over a sign? You think the gun dealers are pissed of about Obama and Holder trying to set them up? You Obamnoids are the enemy. Obamunists mouthing off that Obama doesn’t want to take the guns. He said it during the last debate. Said it as a senator, Said he would support the UN Small Arms ban. Now you see why this gun store doesn’t want to serve you traitors? Because you support a gun runner to the mexican drug cartels and violent gangs here in the USA. We Will Never forget “Fast and Furious” or “Benghazie” you f’n Obamazombies. It lights you up like a night vision scope for the traitors you are !!!!

    66. lol hack titwad.. oops i mean wacked on valium.. errr whatever your name is you are making the assumption that i am an obama suporter well you know what the first letters of ASSumtion are right???? one thing i am a supporter of is democracy, and the democatic process resulted in obama winning a second term…. now maybe in his second term he can do a little more to fix the amreican economy which got royaly fucked by 8 yrs of G.W.

    67. Funny, hoo-ha. Businesses are already laying off people because of the healthcare fiasco. Hiring MORE people at lower hours because it doesn’t affect part timers. Economy tanked when? Democrats were in control of House and Senate WAY before Bush’s term was over. Wasn’t that when the junk bonds and housing bubble started; when Barney(not the purple one) was in charge?

      Who would place someone in charge of the Treasury without checking to see if they were even up to date on their personal taxes? Who would hire David Chu, Energy Secretary, who’s agenda is to raise fuel prices “till it hurts..”? Why would someone make a comment to Russian President Medvedev concerning missile defense from ABC News website, the exchange:

      President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

      President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…

      President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

      President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

      OOooo, promises, promises without State Department or Congress…really smo o o th. By the way, 2 Akula class Russian attack subs were cruising off the East Coast; just one teeny-tiny article about it in the national news.

      Fast and Furious…still waiting on this one.
      There are tons more, boys and girls; last but not least, B-E-N-G-H-A-Z-I. 7(?) hrs of fighting till the last SEAL member died? My uneducated assessment? Rapid Response Team could have been there in less than 2 hours; air support, with targets already laser painted could have stopped attackers in 1 hour. This is not your standard fubar.
      Something I’ve read about is bugging the be-jesus out of me; this link, please read, a DEPARTMENT OF STATE PUBLICATION 7277.

      Thanks for providing a venue to vent.

    68. The president is trying right now to take away our guns by working with the UN on an outright ban on guns on a global scale. He is turning over our rights to a third world organization that has consistently displayed an antagonistic attitude to the US.

    69. So I guess you are just contributing to the fact that we are universally laughed at around the world because of our American ignorance. I find it interesting that the far right wing nuts have never traveled much. They seem to be stuck here in the US and in a lot of instances their own little community. CLosed minded and refuse to think outside the box and see things from others perspective.

      SO, the people who put up this sign and those who support it clearly HATE this great country. The people voted in this democracy and Obama won. God also seems to favor Obama other wise hed not have all the luck he has had. So why dont you all leave this country since you want FEAR and anger to control you and control our elections and where we go to patronize businesses. Ignorant people. Oh well as you read this right winger im smiling because OBAMA WON B***! and I cant wait until he get 2 maybe 3 more supreme court justices! You lose!

    70. To those who think hes trying to take our guns through the UN thats a false rumor and has been debunked several times. It started on some presidential paperwork discussing disarmament of the eastern block AFTER the cold war and somehow was re surfaced and someone claimed it was Obamas idea and of course all you dumbasses believed it. Hilarious how easily people are fooled….sheep.

    71. @dsvtheworl; what you are saying is a complete lie, it is painfully clear for anyone with bit of common sense to see that the Obama administration is back again this week at the UN promoting arms control, so WTF are you talking about. The people who put this sign up have every right to sell to who they want, and if they don’t want obama loving gun owners in their business, then that is there right on America.

    72. I did not vote for Obama, ever, I say screw him lets do everything to bring him down and make his next four years another failure.

    73. Talk about racist people.. what the hell does voting for Obama have to do with being responsible with firearms.. not a damn thing that’s what.. correct me if I’m wrong but Obama has kept us “the people” safe frm another 911 terrorist attack.. unlike former president George Bush… and yes I am responsible with a firearm and yes I voted for Obama.. I can’t stand racism.. people are so ignorant…

    74. I think it’s funny when you look at the most educated states vs. the least educated states and then you match that up with which states were won by which party. Republicans love the fight for freedom, yet here they are discriminating. I own a glock 22 and I voted for Obama, but I’m from a state in the northeast, a little more progressive part of the country apparently. Enjoy the 1950’s and your pending backruptcy.

    75. The most educated states…you, like your educated states, are a joke Mr. Chris. Nobody discriminates when talking ill about the Communist Obama. Discrimination…the final card (race card that is) in any liberal’s rebuttal. I’ll put my education up against yours any time you like Mr. Chris…and you know what you can do with your Glock.

    76. OK, I’ll try to explain it in a way that even really stupid people can understand, Ready?: The only gun legislation passed under this President in the past four years was to expand 2nd amendment rights (allowing firearms into national parks and on Amtrak) Romney, on the other hand, passed an assault weapons ban as Governor.. Given these facts, which guy believes more in the 2nd? if the facts don’t matter then what could the reason possibly be for this kind of blatantly Anti-American Bullshit? Hmmm…. Signed: Heavily Armed Liberal

    77. For Mr. David: “Part of it is seeing if we can get a reinstallment of the assault weapons ban.” – Barack Hussein Obama 16 October 2012. I hope he gets yours first Mr.David.

    78. Why do obummer supporters automatically assume non-supporters are racist? Obummer supporters seem like the racists, with their constant race-card pulling!! Fortunately, we live in a currently “free” world. This allows people and/or companies, to say and believe openly, almost anything they want. If the owner of this shop wants to only sell to non-obummer supporters, so be it, it’s his right. All of the free publicity he’s getting for it, is only making his store more widely known about. If you want to hurt his business, don’t shop there and don’t speak of it.

    79. First, let congratulate Ammoland for having the balls to post the sign. Second, for all you Obama fans, if you are black, on welfare, or totally dependent on our government, or just plain stupid, you voted for him. Have you seen the documentary “Obama 2016” yet? If not, watch it and then say you made the right decision. Obama is on his way to leave this country to mass destruction! Our military and arms to defend this country will be eliminated to nothing. More people out of work, etc. etc. So Move FORWARD dumb assess.

    80. Sweet Jeebus! After reading so many posts from both sides on here, I’m not worried about anyone owning guns. I’m scared to death that most of you may actually vote. Baaaaaaaaaa! You are all sheep.

    81. I didn’t vote for a the president i couldn’t bring myself to vote for either turd but the people spoke the people spoke and I have bought guns from you before but i won’t in the future. Just lost one more customer hope the ploy you tried closes your doors. You are the type of person that is running this great country into the ground.

    82. Well, i think we all should be prepared for the worst.Are first and Second amendments are being taken away.Its good to see hate for obama.The people who voted for him are mostly ether uninegligent or unaware of this mans hate for Americans who want and love their freedom! I say these people are brainwashed! I love my right to speek and i love my rifles,im black and white,hate obama and say no i am not going to bow down to this antiAmerican bull shit that obamas are pushing! I hope the good people of this country will fight. I can’t have my brother and father fight for nothing over there.Love you vets and the rest of ya.

    83. I just read that someone thinks Obama is going to declare Marshal law and lock everyone up in FEMA camps and everyone without a gun is an idiot. W.T.F.?
      There is a reason that middle-America and the Southern states vote Republican……they are lacking access to the culture and intelligent thought that comes from being in or near places that aren’t LAND-LOCKED. Here’s a question for those of you that are God-Fearin’ Christians: Isn’t it God’s plan to have Obama in office to steer this country? Are you going against God’s will by your filthy and disparaging comments towards the P.O.T.U.S. – have a little respect, why don’t you? How un-American can you be to talk such amazing garbage about the leader of our country. Can you please realize that you have paid LESS taxes in the last 4 years than the previous 20? Can you PLEASE realize that nothing has changed in your life since Obama took office? None of the scare tactics and crazy preaching that went on the first time came true. NONE of it. You know what changed? The Rebublican line is, “$16 trillion in debt”, ok, fair enough. Now, let’s go ahead and focus on the TEN of it that was Republican issued and then FOUR of it that was spent trying to repair this country from a near-depression. That’s fine, hang $2 Trillion on him, I can live with that. Compared to the failures of, “trickle-down economics” and the hole that it left in our country, I can live with LOTS of things ‘Ol Barry did. Personally, I couldn’t be happier that you all have the right to own guns, I believe in it and Obama never took yours away. I’m also happy that you all own guns, because gun-owners are 100% more likely to commit suicide by gun and they have an exponentially larger rate of being killed by intentional or accidental gunfire than the rest of the population. Enjoy yourselves. We’ll let them know your beliefs at graveside.

    84. @dieneoage – you speak of unintelligent people, which is horrendously ironic, because you speak and spell like a nine year old child. Can you please explain (in whatever your version of your best grammar is) what EXACTLY of your 1st and 2nd amendment rights are being taken away? He had 4 years to do ANYTHING in that direction…..and did nothing. You’re, easily and obviously, a fool.

    85. Some of you obama supporters should read some of the new laws your leader has passed or is in the process of passing to counter our current laws!! Most of the bs you are bickering about are a waste pf time! Another Hitler sits on American soil! SINCE RACE IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE WHO WILL GO IN The CAMPS? The non elites,me and you. Thanks for the death of America Oboma lovers!! There is proof from ex-nazis,they have pointed out too many similarities between how Hitler tricked the Germans and how obama is doing it now.Ive talked to some of the great grandchildren of ex nazis.they cant even speek of Hitler in some German house holds.

    86. Some of you obama supporters should read some of the new laws your leader has passed or is in the process of passing to counter our current laws!! Most of the bs you are bickering about are a waste pf time! Another Hitler sits on American soil! SINCE RACE IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE WHO WILL GO IN The CAMPS? The non elites,me and you. Thanks for the death of America Oboma lovers!! There is proof from ex-nazis,they have pointed out too many similarities between how Hitler tricked the Germans and how obama is doing it now.Ive talked to some of the great grandchildren of ex nazis.They cant even speek of Hitler in some German house holds.

    87. What i believe is over your little head,despite my grammar. I still graduated from colage and back working on my major with my crap grammar. Like what you say matters! If your not to busy being lazy with being a zombie,if you dont believe me do the research yourself in Germany. Its not like you have the connections i have ether.You go from speaking 3languages than type with tearing eyes.You understood it,so im not explaining any further to you.

    88. I have payed less taxes with bush and obama thank you. My accountant takes care of most of that crap any way. The only thing i do is shoot my new Taurus carbines ct g2 9mm travel read do some research on ww2 study and collect old guns.Sometimes i debate.My speaking skills are much better than my phone typing i asure you.

    89. MY rights are endowed by my Creator (NOT Abe Lincoln, by the way) and they are NOT subject to approval, denial or UN prohibition.

      I am free and AIM to stay that way!

    90. I did not vote for Obama and will not but this is whats wrong with our country today. This guy is like a little child with childness ways. A sore loser if you will. I see alot of talk about god on here, well what does the bible say. We are suppose to pray for our leaders and I do reguarless who is in the whitehouse. This guy that put the sign up needs to really grow up and get a life. I think he is just craving attention that he did not get while growing up.

    91. Well, the Bible DIFFERENTIATES between the Israelite (all twelve tribes) and the Gentile (all the rest, until they accept the truth about their souls and travel the true path as dictated in John 3:16) by capitalizing the word “People” for His chosen and using the lowercase “people” for all the rest. Not speaking to individual character but rather the sixth day creation and the Eighth Day creation and the bloodline through which Yeshua would eventually be born.

      Obama and the idol-worshiping heathen who voted for him are just lowercase “people” (no matter HOW much the Civil Rights movement wanted to believe/convince otherwise) and NOT “People” as specified in the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. Jus’ saying.

      Pray for yourself because praying for Obama is like praying for Baal.

    92. Way to go bro, although I´d have asked them politely who they supported, and if they said Obamanation, I´d have doubled the price. LOL.

    93. Excuse me very much, but it is absolutely none of your business as to whom I voted for, or how I’d choose to spend my $ towards arms & ammunition. It IS your business to co-operate and abide by the gun laws that are mandated by the Federal government and the B.A.T.F. And leave religion and race totally out of the equation while you’re at it – thank you.

    94. I am a decorated Nam combat Vet, I voted for Obama and proud of it. I went to war for this country, was wounded four times. I did not put my life on the line for the kind of idiots that are posting on this site. I own several rifles and several hand guns and am as good with them now as I was many years ago as an Infantryman.You better hope you are never in dire need of help and I am the only one around. YOU PEOPLE ARE UNEDUCATED HATERS and traitors to America.

    95. Well Mr. Larry here you go:

      1. The people your are referring to here don’t need your help. The beauty of them is they help themselves.
      2. A gentleman does not purvey his military accomplishments. You need to learn that lesson.
      3. You voted for obama. You might want to thin k that one over.
      4. You own several rifles/hand guns. When they come for them…sure hope you’re first.
      5. Don’t call people idiots…it always reflects back on you.

    96. Wow. Just This could be the definition of anti-democracy/sore loser. Crap like this is exactly the reason I voted for Obama. And for the record, I am not black, not poor and do not have penis. Get on with your lives folks. You can try again in 4 years.

    97. Why do so many of you posters want to denigrate fellow citizens? I voted for Romney (I do wish there had been a viable third oarty candidate) but have no hatred for those who voted for Obama. I think they made a mistake in doing so but that is just MY opinion. Let’s all try to get along and get this country back on track.

    98. Well shit, you poor people have been voting for Demoncrats for 50 years and guess what ~ you are still poor!

      Compare an electoral map with a poverty map in the US and it’s plain that Republican states are poor and Democratic states are rich.

      Then do yourself a favour and look up maps that represent education levels per capita.

    99. Mitt said : 1. “I don’t line up with the NRA.” — 1994, to reporters at a campaign stop. During his 1994 Senate campaign, Romney came out in support of the Brady Bill and a ban on certain types of assault weapons.

      2. “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts — I support them. I won’t chip away at them. I believe they help protect us, and provide for our safety.” — Sept. 24, 2002, at a debate during the Massachusetts gubernatorial race.

      Signed a permanent assault-weapons ban as governor of the Bay State. “Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts,” Romney said at the July 1, 2004, signing ceremony. “These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”

      Obama passed laws that allow us to carry in Fed parks and on Amtrak.

      SO you guys are a bit confused.

    100. Could someone please point me to an actual, documented case of Obama proposing any kind of gun control legistlation?

      If he’s done it in the last four years, I must have missed it.

    101. Ah yes, the imaginary threat of Obama coming for your guns. Since you have such hatred for the president who expanded gun rights, I imagine you vote for the other guy, who while governor, limited access and sales of assault rifles in his state. You definitely supported the candidate best in line with your views. Good job!

    102. Why do these guys at Southwest hate democracy and capitalism so badly? Obama won. Twice. But rather than accept the will of the people, they chose to take out their frustration on their own bottom line by declaring more than half of American voters unwelcome. Maybe I’ll take trip to pick up some bargains at their going out of business sale.

    103. Study after study has shown that men are concerned about gun rights because they feel totally inadequate about the size of their…feet. So, I guess Cope is saying, if your “foot” is big enough then you shouldn’t come in the store.

    104. Holy Crap, there are some dumb Obamahaters out there….I guess it never ocurred to you that anyone capable of doing what you consider too stupid for gun ownership will probably not be concerned about being truthful to you about who they voted for, just to make you feel better about taking their money. Wow. You are really some kind of dumb.

      I’m actually more concerned about people as dumb as you handling weapons, but I’ve been dealing with the fact that you stupid Obamahaters have been making the weapons industry richer than ever for 4 years now.

      All they have to do is trot Wayne La Pierre out to frighten you idiots with another made-up Obama conspiracy, and you all run out and give the gun companies more money, “before Obama takes your guns! BOO!!”, lol – they sure know their market – one good Obama scare and you frightened bunnies can’t wait to buy you some more guns.

      Man – you people are some kind of special stupid.

    105. I completely agree with this policy. It just makes sense that if one loves America and the tenets of participatory democracy it was founded upon, then it becomes a matter of principle to ask customers to surrender their right to the secrecy of their ballots as a precondition of transacting business. Just like it makes sense that one should express their patriotism to this great country by trying to secede. I see no hypocrisy here, nor even a simple, minor gross misunderstanding of how democracy works. And I definitely don’t see anyone acting like a childishly sore loser.

    106. I support you and your company 100%. If I lived in Arizona, I would buy all my ammo for my .40 Cal Sig Sauer and my .45 Cal 1911. But I wouldn’t worry about losing business – all the losers and parasites who voted for that socialist POS wouldn’t touch a gun with a 10 foot pole because they’re have a yellow streak down their back a mile wide.

    107. OK, I haven’t yet had a chance to go through all the comments here & mainly just wanted to give a shout out to a fellow business operator & neighbor (Glendale, Az here) that I respect! Due to Obama’s Marxist attack on capitalism we are all going through harder times & have to survive 4 more years.
      That being said I see this “A. Liberal” person right above me asking what Obama’s ever done to restrict gun rights, so I’ll just leave a link to an article I was reading earlier today for him.
      -BTW Lib, Obama has always been very anti gun & if you’d so much as read the democratic platform you’d know strict gun control is part of the agenda. It’s no secret!
      Here, educate yourself!

    108. I support you 100% as well. This administration is completely committed to killing small business, domestic energy, and peronsal rights. Thank GOD people like you can still stand up!

    109. Just a little frustrating reading the stupidity and incompetence of people allowed to vote.When you say FAIR please tell us why 40% more ballots than eligible voters is FAIR. Then if able read how ODUMBO approved UN gun ban on Nov 7,2012. need interpretation?? but talk is free and sometimes worth the same. Hooray southwest shooting, will be in to see you next time in pinetop and will watch so we can know the enemy. Domestic is bigggest concern for America, only because we allow the illegal to take up residence.

    110. there is no UN gun ban ..What obama approved was to open a dialogue with other UN countries about international small arms sales and reopen DEBATE about a treaty governing such has been stated by the white house that no treaty will be signed that will limit the rights of american gun owners or that infringes on the second amendment cmon guys get a grip and take your meds for a change… there has not been one piece of legislation by the obama administration to limit gun ownership or take away your guns ..the fact is..obama has expanded the rights of gun owners.. that is a fact …there is no way you can enforce you new buisiness policy is pointless to try ..besides us liberals dont need to come to you to buy a gun ..obama gave us all free ones hehehehehehe peace…

    111. There was a slight expansion of gun rights on the fed level during the 1st term of the last admin — some loosening of restrictions on gun use on fed parks.

      I think you might be inventing for purposes of protecting beliefs where belief means accepting something as true (or false) in spite of evidence. … that is, sour grapes run amok.

    112. ATTN: Liberals,democrats,Obama supporter’s or whatever you call yourselves,please educate yourselves on who you voted for,and please read the United States Constitution,Bill of Rights, & Declaration of Independence to understand our beliefs because i am so tired of your dumbassness. I hope you read this and remember it.Here is the cold hard truth of reality,Arizona is a RED state just like more than half of the country and SO YOU KNOW we believe we have certain rights and freedoms which cannot be infringed upon and may be restricted only to the degree necessary to preserve the rights of others, parents have the right to determine the values with which their children will be raised and to have the widest possible choice among public, private and religious schools and that competition will improve public education. have the right to freedom of religious expression, the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to retain the use of private property.the money we earn is ours, with freedom comes responsibility and that individuals must take personal responsibility for their own actions and our criminal justice system must be based on this idea, government in a free society has the right to take only as much as is needed to perform those limited functions, which are appropriate to it,that your property is yours and you have the basic right to make use of it without unreasonable government restrictions,the preservation of our rights and freedoms must be entrusted to a strong national defense and of the ability of the United States to negotiate with other nations from a position of strength,that public servants, particularly those whom we elect to office, must be held accountable to the highest standards of ethical conduct. “If a man cannot be trusted with the government of himself, can he be trusted with the government of others?” [Thomas Jefferson]. Write it down and compare it with your beliefs or maybe you can send it the Whitehouse and they can write it for you because you depend on the government for everything. Stop telling us to get over it! Have respect for the people who fought,died and still fight for these rights Don’t try and tell us what rights we can and can’t have. Let your president take away your freedom of speech and see how you like that because it’s hard for you guys to shut the hell up.I hope you get lucky and the government will care of you.Hope you saw the real the truth about Hurricane Sandy, all people begging and pleading for the Pres to help them because they had no food,water, heat,electricity and were scared they were going to die what it all boils down to is that the President is a cheater and a liar and he depends on stupid people to vote for him. If Obama was white and did all the things that he has done, he would have never,ever been re-elected and if a republican did what he has done, he would have been impeached about 3 years ago.Not racist, reality. So when it comes time that you need the government and they don’t show up,just stay away from all of us crazy ,redneck, hillbillies,that have guns and hopefully you will learn you lesson. We are not stupid, and unlike yourselves, we know the real truth, so all the stupid comments and lies you post just make you look dumb as hell.I am sick of you people and i am tired of seeing your stupid comments everywhere. Go make friends somewhere or find someone stupid and tell them all the lies you want. they could believe you. SSAA is pure genius,best advertising ever.

    113. In a twist to an old propaganda technique, the Obama Admin has blamed Bush in order to commit even worse. Bravo to this business owner for identifying the real culprits: our nation’s propaganda victims, our Obama voters.

    114. Thank you! You’re good people, I wish you were in my town. Ignore the nasty people, they’re just angry for being called-out. GOOD JOB!! Behind you 100%

    115. These right-winged radicals and their scare tactics have destroyed the Republican party. They are uneducated and are therefore susceptible to thinking what they hear from the local tavern is fact. Cope is simply a moron, but he is free to reduce his customer base how ever he feels fit. When he is forced to shut his doors, he will be the first to ask the government for a handout.

      By the way…. despite what the NRA and people like Cope want you to think…. the Obama administration has not touched gun law reform……. if you are still teeling your buddy that, well…. you simply are misinformed.

    116. git’er done!!!!! good for you! stand tall and proud for your morals; use guns responsibly and lets take back our morals and our constitutional rights, and keep GOD in our hearts!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA and the people that love her!!!!

    117. Libs are going to take away your guns – git’er done rednecks, they now coming for you, oh yeah – libs are also trying to change the constitution to rid this country of free markets – I heard at the bar last night that we will be communist by next year and I believe it because I am an uneducated redneck who is proud to form my world view by listening to other uneducated rednecks.

    118. Keeping firearms out of the hands if irresponsible, ignorant citizens is an invaluable and responsible service!!

      Thank You!!

      You won my business:)

    119. Just quoting a previous post…. do any of you scared-silly good ol’ boys want to comment on how you were completely voting against your best interests? INFORM YOURSELF BEFORE VOTING!! – that goes for you as well COPE

      Mitt said : 1. “I don’t line up with the NRA.” — 1994, to reporters at a campaign stop. During his 1994 Senate campaign, Romney came out in support of the Brady Bill and a ban on certain types of assault weapons.
      2. “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts — I support them. I won’t chip away at them. I believe they help protect us, and provide for our safety.” — Sept. 24, 2002, at a debate during the Massachusetts gubernatorial race.
      Signed a permanent assault-weapons ban as governor of the Bay State. “Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts,” Romney said at the July 1, 2004, signing ceremony. “These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”
      Obama passed laws that allow us to carry in Fed parks and on Amtrak.
      SO you guys are a bit confused.

    120. To “you lost”

      You call others scared while you use a fake name?

      Looks like you’re the scared immature one.

      Take your comments to the liberal forums, where you can get the praise you so desperately desire.

    121. Chris – I am still waiting for your response to Romney’s proven stance on stronger gun control. You don’t have a response – do you?

    122. You lost,
      I’m not going to get into a political debate with you. Having an political conversation with a liberal is like herding cats..And I really don’t care about your twisted view on the world.

      I understand that you’re frustrated that you cannot go into the Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona, but you need to get over it OK?

      Now you can get back to your hobby of twisting the heads off Barbie dolls…Mkay 🙂

    123. You all lost. Well deserved. You all are NOT the responsible enough to even own a gun store. Your ignorance and stupidity is worn on your sleave.

    124. So glad you ignorant hating and intolerant party lost the election. You are the most un-patriotic group in American history. Please renounce your citizenship and self deport Republicans.

    125. [email protected] says:

      It’s not surprising that folks who look up to people like Bill Clinton (an impeached liar that was disbarred) call others ignorant…:/

    126. God bless you and thank you for standing up! I will keep your website in my address book and order supplies when I need them. We are from the old school where a handshake is a contract. In my state we have tens of thousands of CCWs, including me. I have started to carry almost everywhere, expecially to shopping malls and other public places where there are large crowds. From the hate mail I have seen on this site, this is a necessary way of life. I will pray for your continued safety.

    127. Dorris is a perfect example of un-informed on purpose. Let’s those conspriacy theories flow so he can justify carrying his guns to a public place. Wow, what a bunch of minions! Not one of you gun toting fools could add 1+1. Better go get in your “TOE” truck and come get me.

    128. America voted, Republican are voted as nuts, dumb and un-informed. Jim Jones and Hitler would have drooled for the current Republican Party.

    129. What an IDIOT. If it wasnt for Obama his sales would be down 100%. Gun shops have made record profits because of Obama. Everyone of you paranoid gun kooks thinks he is going to take your precious guns away. Gun Shop owners like this guy secretly LOVE OBAMA because they are raking in record profits. His sign is juts another scheme to sell more guns. So Maybe he is smart…use the hate and fear to sell. Just like Willard the LOSER.

    130. Fact is gun fanatics have smaller dicks than those who could beat you to a pulp with words. University of Mississippi study 2009. Look it up.

    131. I have a Tea Party son-in-law. Hates Democrats. He just informed my granddaughter that the United Stated consists of 59 states. And he has guns! Time for all you nuts to go conspiracy hunting in the missing 9 states!

    132. 75% Latinos voted for Obama, 92% Blacks, 66% Single Women, 75% of young people, and 75% of Gays. You Angry Old White Guys are soon going to be a “minority”. Maybe you’ll get some special protection from the US Govt.

      Fact – 50,000 Latinos citizens turn 18 every week now—-

      Im white and I love it – You Bigots Racists and Idiots are going to be a MINORITY – Im Loving IT!


    133. OK I’m confused.
      The liberals who hate guns in any way shape or form are now angry that they are not allowed in a gun store?
      Can some liberal please explain HOW THIS MAKE SENSE?????

    134. This gun store owner better look at his Arizona and Federal Civil Rights Act. There is a law against discriminating and I believe unless he has a legitimate reason to refuse the customer he can be sued in court which would probably be very costly to him.

    135. As a 20+ year Law Enforcement vet who loves my guns and is a firearms instructor who teaches CPL classes, I voted for Obama. The rhetoric and posturing on both sides gets so crazy, and it would be nice to see more logical debate points. Saying my vote for Obama shows I’m dumb and irresponsible is illogical, and there is little correlation between intelligence and which side you vote on (studies that favor a party can be found for both sides…). Tactics like this happen both ways, and do little to bolster a particular viewpoint.

    136. Good thing that the repugs are slowly dying away. This AZ store will be gone soon too. Meanwhile, learn some spanish suckers, comprende?


    138. I’m am 80 year old Korean Vet. that is Pissed (If I may use this term) about the way Obama is taking our country-that we fought so damn hard for in a police action-to having a clown like the one now is office, that feels it’s OK to destroy what so many gave their blood and guts for. Obama is a destroyer not a builder or as he stated, did someone else spill their inners for this country? We as veterans as well as citizen need to wake up to whats coming now since this person is back again to creat further distraction to our country by appointing other clown to position that are destroying our military, and the constitution that our fore fathers died for. This is a Call for all of us to unite and to take our country back. God! helps those that will ask for his help, not being a man of God it’s our turn to ask for all of us to pull together to recapture our freedom,our country, and our government that will listen to those of us that have elected them to protect our country and this freedom that we have prayed will never be lost. Wake-up America – we can not lose this fight.

    139. I am a 20yr veteran of the USMC. I own my own business and more than a dozen firearms. I voted for the President (Yes, that would be YOUR commnader in chief) twice. I am proud of the work that he is doing and I am disgusted at the ignorance of your company and owners. I hope you enjoy the next four years. I will. And America will.

    140. Help your brothers and sisters understand why their decisions were wrong. Don’t show them hatred. I see so many people ready to draw a line in the middle of our country to divide it. That is the easy way out. Make a real effort to educate your neighbor if they follow the wrong path. This is what God wants. Not hatred.

    141. Right on, Ammoland. Those leeches that voted for Obama AGAIN are clearly too obtuse to own firearms. I now know where I’ll buy all my ammo.

    142. Wow. What a horrible business man. With this mans view on politics, and misconstrue with his small business is appalling. This leftist wingnut should have his business license taken away, and shut down immediately. I hope someone burns down this failure of a business and puts a dead pig with a Romney shirt outside his front door. Good riddance to this poor unfortunate soul.

    143. Good for you AmmoLand! At least you have the gonads to say it like it is and stand by it! Wait until you see what Obamma has in store for gun owners rights this next 4 years. I suspect many more coming of his “changes” that aren’t going to be appreciated by gun owners.

    144. As a business owner myself, I am amazed that 58 million folks voted for the president. The next 4 years will show everyone what this man is like. I am on the east coast and will support your shop as much as possible. Thank you for standing up and not comprimising…God Bless!

    145. Has any of you Republicans been attacked lately by Indians? You all going to circle your wagons? Maybe a good white sheets and hoods for a lynching? What are you all going to do next? Pathetic ignorant minions. Yes, you are all followers not leaders. You take what’s told to you as fact without checking. Gullible fools.

    146. 4 More Years of President Obama! America just missed be dismantled by Romney. He would have insured that the rest of the money the elite missed in 2008 was collected from all Americans. No Republican repression!

    147. America voted for Democrats, freedom and rights. They rejected Neo-Fascism and it’s Tea Party. Don’t worry, Musolini and Hitler would have been proud of your efforts.

    148. Delusional dems need to stop trolling all the websites.everyone knows you are the crazy ones and attack everyone who doesn’t. agree with you bull sh**. Rebulicans are not dying out, yet another delusion we are only getting screwed our country, our kids and prosperity so go eff yourselves.I am pissed off and I am not gonna sit back a take your shit for another 4years. Every business should refuse business to Obama voters for voting to destroy them. Arizona fought for 1070 and we don ‘t like. Obama you need to get over it and take elected out re elected.
      @ iantscared:smart people know that little boys who accuse people have small dicks are actually the ones that have pin dicks .gun fanatics have big ole wieners and since I only go by facts, proof. &evidence,I would be happy to send you a picture of my gun fanatic hubbys big ole wiener.It makes sense now why you are all crazy, and delusional-you have small wienis’s. Do you show your little pepe off and try and make people think it ‘s big and if they don ‘t agree you make up lies and make stupid comments about them hoping someone will think you’re right. Is penis enlargement part of Obamacare? Thank God for SWSA

    149. Wow you racist sons of bi@$hes! No one cares about your gun shop or your disillusioned thoughts about our president. You are mad a black man is leading this country. You were brought up to hate the very thing you probably wish you were. Well you got four years to live for your stupid beliefs. There are plenty of places to buy guns so it is no love lost for anyone. Wow I know you make your racist lovin parents happy their son turned out just like them.

    150. Sounds like a bunch of sore losers to me. Just because someone voted for Obama, doesn’t mean they support everything that Obama stands for. Sadly, there are only two options in this country these days. And it is based off of an individual’s opinion on who is the lesser or two evils. Yes, please turn away Obama supporters. You’re only shooting yourself in the foot (pun intended).

    151. i guess in order to be allowed in your shop one must be toothless, have a 2nd grade education, wear cammo to bed, drink miller lite and chew tobacco….wow, i sure am missing out!

    152. The Racist thing is so old,If it was white president and people didn’t like his polices what would you call us. Ignorant, hypocrites. There are black Republicans so it has nothing to do with race. Every time someone disagrees with the president it means there a racist.That is pure ignorance. People are mad because the president has is trying to take away our rights and has lied over and over to the American people and is shady as hell maybe you should watch all the tapes were he is caught lying.And let’s not forget about Benghazi, Al Qaeda,Ft Hood,Fast and Furious, and the 800 other things Who the hell would want a president you can’t trust. Get your facts straight.No one gives a sh** what color he is except you.

      Here are a small few of Obama’s lies, look it up and listen to teh words that come out of his mouth and and maybe something will sink in.

      “I made a bunch of these promises during the campaign. … We’ve got about 60 percent done in three years.”
      **In the Works” does not equal “done”

      Under the White House’s budget proposal, “we will not be adding more to the national debt” by the middle of the decade.

      – Twelve judges have thrown out legal challenges to the health care law because they rejected “the notion that the health care law was unconstitutional.”
      **Score two to two on judges’ decisions on constitutionality

      “I didn’t raise taxes once.”

      The Bush administration had been “giving (auto companies) billions of dollars and just asking nothing in return.”

      “We’ve excluded lobbyists from policymaking jobs.”
      **there’s at least 4

      Preventive care “saves money.”
      **Covering preventive care for everyone is a net cost

      “GOP Responsible for Jobs Bill Not Passing”
      Dems Rejected Jobs Bill

      “Reform will also rein in the abuse and excess that nearly brought down our financial system. It will finally bring transparency to the kinds of complex, risky transactions that helped trigger the financial crisis.”

      “I’ve done more for Israel’s security than any President ever.”
      **Obama aided Islamic Extremists take over of Egypt/ Libya – Weapons pour into Gaza

      Campaign Quotes from Obama, does this make him a racist
      “The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t. But she is a typical white person…”

      “That’s just how white folks will do you.”

      “You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

      “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.

      “I opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. It should be repealed and I will vote for its repeal on the Senate floor. I will also oppose any proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying.”

      Michelle Obama’s quotes
      … as a black man, you know, Barack can get shot going to the gas station, you know.”

      “My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my ‘blackness’ than ever before.”

      Earlier in my college career, there was no doubt in my mind that as a member of the Black community I was somehow obligated to this community and would utilize all of my present and future resources to benefit this community first and foremost.”

      “In defining the concept of identification or the ability to identify with the black community … I based my definition on the premise that there is a distinctive black culture very different from white culture.”

      “The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”

      “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country, because it feels like hope is making a comeback.”


    153. Barry O is not who he says he is- HIS REAL NAME IS BARRY SOETORO, a Kenyan born Islam supporter.

      His FIRST EXECUTIVE ORDER was to seal his college records (and a whole lot more) to hide the fact that his IS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!

      He will DESTROY the American Constitution and our nation. He STOLE the ELECTION. This FRAUD IN CHIEF will take away all our rights and liberties, including our right to bear arms.

      The DNC certified his candidacy, they are as GUILTY of FRAUD as he is.

      As American Patriots, we have to protect our nation from this attack on all our rights as citizens (not him) of this once great and fine nation. All the fraud from this last election is tearing this country apart. We all need to do everything we can to save our country and do everything possible to prevent his desecration of the White House and our nation.

    154. Listen up people- people who own guns are NOT INBRED REDNECKS. My IQ is 168 (proven fact, tested and in Mensa).

      This is what you intolerant liberals always say about anyone who believes in our right to bear arms and anyone who does not think like you do. We are all highly intelligent and thoughtful people.

      We also have all the FACTS that prove that gun ownership saves lives. We have DOJ-FBI statistics to prove our arguments, what do you have besides your ignorance?

      Look at nations such as Switzerland and 100% gun ownership, and lowest crime rates in the world. Also look at municipalities that ban firearms, the murder rate quadruples overnight of law abiding citizens. Criminals do not care about gun laws, after all, they are criminals! Criminals LOVE gun laws, because they know it is open season on the people if their guns are taken from them.

      LIBERALS ARE ALL IDIOTS. THEY LIVE IN A FANTASY LAND. Thank the Lord for patriots of Ammoland and SSAA. Their policy of not selling guns to Obummer supporters is smart and responsible.

      Let us see how they feel after they are beaten and robbed by other Obummer supporters. Its time to WAKE UP AMERICA and PROTECT our NATION from these CRIMINALS who stole this election!

    155. Firearms are 45 times more likely to be used in a suicide than for self-defense. Which is fine by the rest of us. Get to work, gun owners…

    156. Holy Christ–are these the kinds of hillbilly morons that live in Arizona? I wish it were possible to give that cursed ground back to Mexico. They’ll actually have it soon enough, anyway. Good riddance, white boys.

    157. I can claim that my I.Q. is 210 but you know what? Unless I can show proof of it, it is just as much BS as your claim (taking a 5 minute online test is not proof). Further, your need to claim intelligence, your diction, and your closed-mindedness proves to me that your I.Q. is no where near what you claim it is and that you are certainly no MENSA member.

    158. Freedom isn’t free… It costs more for ammo these days and in such a target-rich “democracy,” we’ll need TONS of it.

      Mass Tactical Pacification!

    159. This is just sad. Have we really gotten to the point where some Americans are refusing to do business with other Americans because of there political beliefs?

      Shame on SWSA, this is just wrong.

    160. Cope and his clients are simply the lowest common denomanator in this nation. Why is it that most support for the GOP occurs in the least educated and most inbred parts of the country?

    161. Obummer voters don’t buy guns. They are more into a Prius or electric cars. I don’t know one person who voted for Obummer who owns a firearm. you certainly wouldn’t see one at the range or hunting for that matter. You have nothing to worry about. Your business probably won’t change one bit, in fact it looks to me like it might be getting better according to all the posts I have read here. I might have to make the trip and come see you myself. Good luck, keep up the good work.

    162. I can’t tell which of these posts are genuine gun owners, and which ones are liberal trolls pretending to be over-the-top conspiracy theorists.

    163. Well done!

      If Americans don’t value and protect their second amendment rights, you will end up with Canadian style gun control. In Canada we spend about $1000 just to get the required permits to own gun’s, then we pay a 500 percent markup on the guns the government allows us to buy. We’re stuck with a 5 round mag restriction on rifles, 10 round restrictions on pistols. Any pistol with a barrel shorter than 4 inches is prohibited because it is concealable! The stupidly of the laws and the blatant lockout of low income Canadians from gun ownership (how many lower middle class can afford 1k for permits plus huge markups on anything gun related), is largely ignored here. The government doesn’t want low income folks to own gun’s in Canada, and so called civil libertarian groups don’t care!

      Please, don’t end up like us! Fight Obama and his one world one government ultra progressive cronies!

    164. What percent of families own guns? What percent of families voted for Obama? Obama has done nothing to limit guns – even Cope admits that. Wake up rednecks – get your heads out of foxnews and the morons that the NRA brings into speak.

    165. Whine whine whine all you hear from gun grabbers. Grow some damn balls ya pussies. Always trying to decide whats good for everyone else. Mind your own business. When I need you to do my thinking for me I’ll let you know. Otherwise shut the f–k up.

    166. Gonna find a way to support that store! I like their attitude!

      Four more years of Obama and he doesn’t have to worry about another election – just scares me. Thank goodness there is an opposing party majority in the House to slow his happy ass down!!

    167. The beauty of living in this country is every one has the right to agree or disagree,under our constitution. These comments about race,religion,beliefs,etc. are out of place in this forum,including the vulgarity. I came here to see what was being said about this topic. Oh well ,I am really disappointed.


    169. “america” – accurate a priori assumption about the education level of those who still think Obama is a threat to the second admendment.

    170. YIPPEE!!! A company worthy of my business. THANK YOU for making a stand against the idiots that voted for obummer. Serves them right. They dont like it, they can go somewhere else. I could care less. You’re right, they are morons.

    171. Make sure all you liberals out there saying obama hasn’t done anything to grab guns the last four years show up on this site when he does try to grab them the next four years. He already told you he wanted reinstatement of the assault weapons ban and to do away with pistols 16 Ocotber 2012. You moronic liberals did watch the last debate right? Did you hear what he said? Do you not consider an attack on military style weapons an attack on gun rights? Do you not consider an attack on pistols an attack on gun rights? Morons.

    172. Love your sign. It reminds me of the one on the Chappell Hill, TX, bank which welcomes people with CHL’s and their guns. Of course, it’s a state bank…….

      If it weren’t for the commentary by uninformed people here which has degenerated to vulgarities, I would read all the comments. No, I’m not blaming y’all for it and I commend you for your righteous stance.

    173. I have to disagree with this one. ANY law abiding citizen has the RIGHT to purchase and own a firearm. All it takes is continued Obama and many liberals will realize they screwed up. There are also many Obama supporters that do believe in the 2nd amendment. I for one was anti-obama before it was cool!

    174. I currently in Afghanistan getting ready to leave after a year I also did 18 months in Iraq. To make this really simple; I support your decision 110%, because we are protecting what the protected will never know!

    175. I love it! Its your buisness and you have that right! What are people thinking with comments like “America is no longer a Christian Nation” and “All this over flag?”, but we are in for a change? Your gonna get your change all right. The awsome America we know is slipping away. Good job guys. Stand for something because the Whitehouse isnt.

    176. Kudos to this shopowner! It’s unbelievable how many idiots walk the streets in this country. Balack Hussein should have been taken out. We are now all enslaved to Uncle SamBO beyond his next 4 years.

      We need more patriots like you. Keep up the good work and may God bless and protect you.

    177. I’ve been considering buying my first weapon. I think I will shop at your site. Bravo to you. However, I still insist the election was stollen by Barry. I don’t think that many people voted for him.

    178. This is why America is the best county in the world! Even with the difference of opinions the laws of the land allow for “Free and Open dicussion”.

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


    179. Everyone who voted for Obama will only have themselves to blame for extremely high taxes and countless lost jobs due to Obamacare which is already happening. When the whole country and the economy finally takes a dump, we fiscal conservatives will finally be vindicated and the blame will be squarely placed on Obama for his disastrous vision of this country. Of course, the liberals love paying high taxes because they think they are helping “society at large.” Well, this model will finally fall apart because there will not be enough “rich” people from whom to steal money. There will be no more taking from the “haves” and giving to the “have nots” (who do not deserve it in the first place.) Good luck getting one f***ing dime from me–my $$ is in an offshore account in a place that has no tax treaty with the U.S. F**k the IRS and f**k Obama!!

    180. Tired of hearing about the people have spoken. They have spoken, the dead, the illegal, the 18 % above registered voters. The electoral college is a joke. Precincts report 100% Obama voters in 20,000 residents. NO dissenters? Maybe they took the election to Libya. Feel sorry for all when the SHTF, if your not prepared. Hope all you Obummer voters enjoy your new bankrupt country, I’ll be moving to Texas.

    181. Cope Reynolds, What a wonderful sign! I see this as a simple act of free speech by a private citizen who owns his business, wasn’t given to him, he built it up with hard work. Don’t let the rants get you down, stand your ground as there are many of us who agree with you.

    182. My question; How do you intend to enforce this requirement? Are you gonna ask each and every potential customer, to provide proof of who they voted for? Get real!

    183. It is people like you that are the problem with this country, not the president a majority of the country elected. You, my friend, are not responsible enough to run a business, let alone one that distributes firearms to people only as ignorant as yourself.

    184. If Mr Reynolds doesn’t want to whip Higgins ass I will gladly do it for him.Are all democrats liars or are all liars democrats.
      Semper Fi

    185. Mr. Reynolds – Don’t be fooled by my name – I don’t make leftist propaganda films – although I do get raised eyebrows when I introduce myself. I’m a NRA Life member and fully support your efforts to make a statement and stand up for our God given constitutional rights of life, liberty, free enterprise, free speech and the right to deny access to your establishment to whom ever you wish (no shirt, no shoes, no brains, no service). Keep up the good work !!! I support you 100%. Now – where’s that link to your ammo website?

    186. I voted for Obama, but hey we’re in a free country. Free to vote for who you want. Free to not sell to customers you don’t like. By looking at these comments though, its no wonder America is going down the tubes. So much of the rhetoric i read is factless, media spun BS on both sides. I’ll have a beer with any one of ya though, but it looks like i’ll have to take my guns somewhere else, No hard feelings here. Like i said free country…

    187. Marc–Your logic is what is called a “non-sequitur,” meaning that it simply “does not follow.” You ask, what does not follow? The answer is that simply because a majority of the country voted for Obama means they are right, correct or smart. I know African-Americans who voted out of racism, simply because Obama is one of them. They had no clue who or what they were voting into office. Obama will go down as the worst and most hated president of all time; mark my words. Most of the mush-headed, idealistic young people who voted for Obama have no clue why they voted for him, either. After Obama has economically screwed the country, there will not be another Democrat in office for another generation. Good luck liberals!

    188. I really don’t know how you folks in Arizona have put up with all the BS that you have. At least you, as shop owner, and Sheriff Joe have the cajones to fight the ‘elected’ idiots — Democrat/Communist AND Republicans — that are ruining (NOT ‘running’) our country. America can’t take ANOTHER four years of what she’s just gone through — which is EXACTLY what Obimbo and his handlers are counting on.

    189. I don’t mean to speak for a group of people, but a majority of. military agree with you. Unfortunately, the people that voted for “Free Stuff” and Obama, don’t have a clue. We military aren’t to pleased that they don’t have enough sense to find out about how the world works, but presume to know everything because they watch one sided media shows like CNN. Additionally, we military are upset that groups of American are easily persuaded because of their side issued reasons that ends up with them feeling persicuted and segregated against. For example, anyone who hyphenates their Americanism (gay-American, Black-American, Spanish-American). These shit birds are bringing this country down one vote at a time. Obama knows this, so he panders towards their own self-segregation by saying a few sentences about them, and they are blinded by their own racism and discrimination. Just like the gay community.
      I’d also like to address the poor “hand out” community. Because you are uneducated and often lazy, I can’t completely blame you. You are conditioned to be a slave as long as your master government promises you another free thing. Obama Phones, Obama Bucks, Ebt Card, Section 8 housing. You will always be led like mindless cattle because you allow yourself to base your survival on the government that runs you around by the nose. The sad fact is that your children will also be slaves of the govt, your children’s children, and their children, with no hope of ending the cycle. Doesn’t matter what your skin color is.
      To all you that voted for your single issue self-segregation bullshit. You are all sad and pathetic. You sicken the proud members of the Veterin community. I know you don’t care, and that’s why you should be purged from this country.
      For those of you that are pissed at the rich. In what world would the ultra-rich allow you to take their money? If you push them for redistribution, they can always leave the country, and then taxes go up because they aren’t there to pick up the slack
      For those of you that complain about corporate taxes and are pro-Obamacare, companies are already firing people to prepare for it. Hundreds of thousands will lose everything to sacrafice for your healthcare. But not the rich, nope, your neighbor
      Speaking of Obamacare, Drs are already refusing govt insured. So even if you do get free healthcare, you won’t be able to get a decent Dr, so you are right where you were in the first place.
      -I implore everyone to fight an over bearing govt. if you don’t, your children will suffer for it.

    190. THAT is precisely why EVERY true American MUST acquire as many guns and as much ammo as they can muster, even to the point of going hungry for a while.

      Remember, WE have a DUTY to keep and BEAR arms against ALL enemies, foreign and ESPECIALLY domestic (an area in which ALL OF US (civ & mil) have been sorely irresponsible).

      NO QUARTER!!!

    191. To the ones who said God put Obama in office, He did because He’s
      Turned His back on us because of all the killing of the babies early
      And late term, and now we are passing the same sex marriage
      law. So yes I have to agree with you God allowed Obama to be
      re-elected. So just a warning time is short. Study the book of
      Daniel in the old testiment and the book of Revelation in the new
      testiment. Then get down on your knees and pray!!!!!!!!!!

    192. After reading all of the remarks. It worries me that so many people think they know what they are talking about. obama has and will keep pushing for more gun control. Does anyone know about hillary pushing for the UN small arms gun ban? If not, your not paying attention. obama wants that in place and has stated that on many occasions. Look at where he cam from, Chicago. They have some very serous gun laws. In fact some of the most suppressive gun laws in the country. If you don’t know where obama stand on some of these things. Then yes, your stupid and should not vote. Has anyone of these liberal dems read any of obamas books? I think if you did and still voted for him, you are a socialist and that’s that. There is no denying it if you know what your talking about. It makes me sick to think that some of our military personal are so naive to think that obama is truly for the American way. He has stated in his own books that he would side with the muslims if the shit hits the fan. Wake up America. This is the same thing Hitler did in the 1930s. Don’t believe me? Look it up and do some studying. Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Krushchev, Moa Tse Tung, and Alexander Dubeck all put gun control into effect. millions died due to the direct effect of gun control. Only fools will alow a free people to be governed by socialist and communist. If I lived in Arizona I would be there in a heart beat to spend money and support a business that has the balls to stand for something it believes in and not let the lainstream media or the bleeding heart liberals pressure them into doing something that goes against the American way. stand tough and I look forward to stopping in the next time i go through Arizona.

    193. Politics: folks get really upset. Having served as an Army officer and worked as a scientist in the ammunition/defense industry,
      I understand gun owners and their concerns. Would they could understand why I (and 90% of
      scientists) voted for Obama.

    194. The question is, four years from now, when nothing significant has happened in terms of gun laws and the status quo has been maintained, will the Chicken Littles parroting the ravings of the conservative chain e-mail propaganda machine go back to all of their forum posts and say “Wow, remember four years ago? What a bunch of crackpot alarmists we were.” ??? Is that going to happen? Probably not.

    195. First of all, I agree totally with the gun shop for not wanting to sell anything that can hurt another individual like a weapon can.
      Secondly, the liars who claim that they voted for Obama and say that they own guns and support the 2nd Amendment are like an atheist who takes up the collection at church. Only a fool would trust someone like that.
      Several of the Obummerites asked what rights has Hussein taken away? How about the right to work for 30 million Americans? How about the Americans who are about to be forced to buy something that they don’t want called socialistic healthcare?
      Hussein is supporting the resolution in the United Nations that will ban small firearms in the United States. So for the so-called vet whose wife owns a 9mm, our military forces are not there to support and defend the charter of the United Nations, they are there to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Any veteran that would support Obama and his support of the United Nations charter is a traitor as the United Nations is nothing more than a gathering of the dictators and Communist butchers of the world.
      What freedoms have we lost? How about the coal miners and suppliers who have been run out of business because Hussein has unleashed an unelected bunch of socialist paper shufflers who have invented invisible pollution that never existed until Hussein took office?
      You see, there is not enough room in this forum to put down all the freedoms that we lost in the first debacle of Hussein.
      Mark this down though, all you freedom hating, Hussein loving lily livers who keep saying that Hussein is good for this country,
      the Communist Party of the United States have stated in their national paper that Hussein was the best Communist candidate for President that has ever run for the office. Hussein was raised by a well known Communist, he also talked in his goofy biography how he used to argue for the merits of Communism when in college. He palled around with Communists after college and even started his political career in the home of an avowed Communist terrorist.
      Hussein is a disbarred attorney who has never worked a day in his life and has put America in the deepest debt that any President since the Republic was started. He wastes money that is not his, his racist wife is like a black Robin Hood that gives her mooching family and friends vacations on money that is not hers that they would have never gotten if it weren’t for Hussein having been given the keys to the coffers.
      So, you heroes that voted for your disbarred Communist buddy, hang on, cause we have lost more than our freedoms, and you won’t have anyone to blame but yourselves. Which you won’t since liberals have an amazing knack for industrial strength stupidity and an amazing inability for not accepting responsibility. Think about it, four years later and you’re still blaming Bush for the economy that Hussein created.

    196. Love the sign! More than a few well researched and well thought out posts as well. Along with some really stupid people flaunting their idiocy and being proud of it! One quote I have always loved is, “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot than it is to open it and remove all doubt.” I’m fairly sure that the “Leftists” here have done a fine job of proving it right again.

    197. I am a dem and own firearms. I voted for Obama for many reasons. I disagree with the pres on gun rights. All of this does not mean I am not responsible enough to own firearms. I still respect everybody’s right to they’re opinion none the less. If management wants to do this then so be it. Hey man, it’s they’re right to do so. P.S.
      I live in AL. Very friendly to gun owners.

    198. Hey Rios,
      try talking that crap in whatever country of origin you or one your peon ancestors waded in from!Bet you would be smoking your last cig before the Generalissimo said fuego! You got a chucacabra voca & a humming bird culo,puta!

    199. I am neither a republican or incompetent so I guess this applies to me. When an establishment expresses their political views, it only proves stupidity and hatred among the view(numbers dont lie; yeah you are the few). Establishments dont have political values, people have political values and I pray these people stay in Arizona where ignorance is always bliss

    200. Someone ring the BELL, already!

      The longer we wait, the worse it gets. How much treason against America are YOU willing to tolerate?

      Owning a gun is nothing! We have to USE them to repair the 150 years of socialist damage caused by the exploitative Left.

    201. To all of the liberals out there: I hope you enjoy paying more tuition for your son or daughter at college than the illegal alien sitting next to him or her. In the idiotic state of California, that is what is happening, along with a few other “blue” states. Illegals should never be allowed to attend college in the U.S. But, to allow them to pay in-state tuition and our own citizens pay out-of-state tuition is criminal. Yes, we are a “collection of red and blue states” and this country is more divided than ever. The ignorant majority who voted in this criminal president will pay dearly for their mistake during the next four years. How do you like that Obamacare and the lost jobs it is creating? Enjoy paying your high taxes! My “fair share” is capped at 5%; I choose to go offshore with my money.

    202. Apparently the GOP slogan for 2016 is “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” To all you CONservative crybabies: Quit your whining, nobody gives a s@#t. The people have spoken. Accept the will of the people or GTFO. I hear the weather in Congo this time of year is downright revolutionary.

    203. @ yesbama………heh heh heh…..I bet you are one of those lazy boys still living at home with mommie playing on your xbox. I bet you are as stupid looking as you sound. I bet you won’t last long in the coming “time of confusion”. Heh heh heh. Let the games begin!

    204. @yesbama****you’ll be the one crying if the conservatives do GTFO dumba**, you’ll have no money, no jobs and no one to save your a**. I feel sorry for you, you really don’t know how bad you would be fU**** without us. NO Job creators, no one left to work and no protection.That means no money for the government to give you freebies. After that you guys won’t have anything but wishful thinking. Poor thing. You should go get treatment and meds for your delusional disorder.Good Luck sweet niblets

    205. But the Congo is a Democratic Republic; NOT a Constitutional Republic, as America was founded.

      You Obama-loving heathen are the ones seeking democracy making the Congo YOUR kind of cesspit.

      No, heathen. I believe we will just RECLAIM our original Constitutional Republic as the founding fathers envisioned in the 2nd amendment and OVERTHROW this “anti-America” Obamanation that has metastasized throughout the whole country.

      If WE are to accept your “democracy” as OUR system over the Constitution (never happening!), then WE have a responsibility to adjust the numbers in OUR own favor… THANK GOD FOR GUNS AND GASOLINE! Though YOUR kind may be better served praying to the gods of bandages and burn creams!

      COME ON civil unrest!

    206. could any one of you show me one person obama has taken a gun from? he may be the president but he dont make the rules. im not really up to date on my schooling, but im sure the congress, the house and guy named senate pretty much tell him when he can take a piss.
      he has been in the big white house for 4 years now and has yet to take the first gun from anyone. at the end of his next 4 years he still will not have taken the first gun from anyone.
      yall keep hollerin about it, keep buying up all the guns and ammo you can get and in 10 years you will still have all those guns. just alot less money.
      i aint a obama supporter. but i aint no “he gonna take my damned guns” idiot either.
      im pretty sure this is still the USA. where everyone should be entitled to thier opinion without being trashed for telling it.
      however, to the ones who in the future try to trash me for offering up this little piece of penmanship, let me say this:
      you may kindly spread the cheeks of my @$$,pucker up, and slowly kiss the opposing puckered up spot that is looking back at you.

    207. Nice try turkey neck, but country folk don’t speak like hood rats.

      Confiscations hell! If even one more infringement is passed, then the Liberals who pushed for it will get got. You see, until the 2nd amendment is repealed or itself amended (by those neutered processes you jotted down), it remains intact and in force as ORIGINALLY RATIFIED.

      In other words, No amendment = No law.

      Unconstitutional actions will, from this point forward, have mortal repercussions for the perpetrators. So, read up on REAL American history and leave the “Lincoln-whoring” federal indoctrination materials at your local public school.

    208. This man claims to be defending his values. I guess in a democracy he feels there should be severe penalties for freedom of choice. The best thing that could happen is that every supplier, customer and business he deals with in any way should make sure that if they voted for Obama, they will refuse to do business with him. Fair is fair. After all, they will only be standing behind THEIR values. What kind of a rediculous society would we have if we all played this game out of bitterness and hate. Shame on him!

    209. its his store. if he can afford to be so selective of who he sells to then let him have at it.
      lets say i own a gas station. i refuse to sell gas to those bluegums that pull in here with them monte carlos with 24″ rims and thier britches down around thier knees. its my store right? i should be able to sell to whoever i want to, right? WRONG!!!!!
      let that bluegum burrhead run to the NAACP and see what happens. its gonna be hard to convince the naacp that you wont sell them brothas a gun because you think they voted for obama. they are gonna scream racism all the way to the bank with everything you USED to own after they sue your @$$.
      heathen, who you calling a hood rat??? hood rats are what we call target practice down here where i live………

    210. “What kind of a rediculous society would we have if we all played this game out of bitterness and hate.”

      THIS kind of ridiculous society!

      You see, EVERYONE who voted for 0bama did so SOLELY out of bitterness and hate. The Gentiles hatred toward white society and white society’ hatred toward themselves.

      Turkey neck, if you call hood rats “target practice,” YOU must be a horrible shot. I mean, just look at how they thrive and flourish.

    211. The worlds largest army is the American hunter. Civil war will be a catastrophe as it was in the past . Although it may be time to take up arms to defend your rights, your family, and your possessions. I’ll keep my liberty, my guns, and my money! You can keep the change!

    212. Hood rat??? Where I’m from a hood rat is a teenaged white girl that rebels from their rich a**hole parents and all my friends and I f**k em. Hood rat girls were fun to play with back in the day.
      Anyway to my point, The only reason Obama even was on the ticket was because 4 years ago people were so petrified to see a woman president (Hillary Clinton) that they voted for the black guy instead. I was thinking WTF? A women or a black guy? Even McCain’s got this one in the bag! Who would have thought the 40% of black Americans that are not convicted felons would come out and vote! The fact that Bush was putting the country further and further in debt fighting his daddy’s war BEFORE going after the terrorists is what screwed us. The democrats could have stuck Mickey Mouse up there and he would have won after the 8 years of hell the Bush administration had just put us through. Republicans need to find a decent candidate to run for election or at least a good liar! Meanwhile everybody grab your guns and head for the hills and in 4 years another idiot will win the election…

    213. First off, what are liberals doing on Ammoland forums other than trolling? Being from Illinois (any county south of cook county), I have the perspective that Obama is trying to do to the United States what Chicago has done to Illinois. His philosophy has worked out great here.

    214. I agree hole hartedly with all. I praise the maker of the sign, and he should sell them or give them away. I have a few things to say, first Airzona’s votes don’t count for the office of Prisetent and something should be done to change that. I have a hard time beleiving that the election was not fixed. I can not say his name and the office in the same sentence. All the ideots who want gun control need the think if they can. The one thing that kept this country from invasion during WWII is the fact that guns were in most homes. Next, one country that has strong gun control, Russia, has a higher murder rate than the U.S.A. The crimes are done with knifes, hands, some with guns, and the use of other ways that they can think of. There is no way they can get rid of guns and if they could it still would not stop or slow down crime. I am a retired police officer after 35 years I have seen a lot, the only way to slow down crime is to make those lazy b—–s who live on well fare and drugs, is to take away free money and make them work or die. I could say more as when I get mad, I can go on.

    215. The libs who are gleefully predicting that this gun store owner will soon be bankrupt and go out of business because he insulted Obama voters show their ignorance. The store owner, by putting up his sign, has gotten himself a million dollars of FREE PUBLICITY via the news media (and websites such as this) reporting on this without spending a single extra dollar on advertising. Suddenly, everyone is aware of his store – and RKBA supporters in that part of AZ who may not have heard of this store may well now go out of their way to patronize it to reward him for his bold public statement, meaning EXTRA SALES. It is BRILLIANT MARKETING – most of the people who would be insulted or offended by the sign are not likely gun buyers anyway, while most of those who would agree with it probably do buy firearms and ammunition. But I think this more than just a cynical marketing ploy. The owner is EXPRESSING HIS OPINION, as is his right under the First Amendment. If you disagree, DON’T SHOP THERE.

    216. You people really need help.

      And you are lost enough to think this kind of Middle Age mentality is Patriotism… It’s amazing how low human beings can be.

    217. The strong will ALWAYS dominate the weak. If not with a badge then certainly with a gun.

      Your Leftist paradigm of “tolerance” will [soon] fall and leave your kind as food for the dogs of war.

      It’s the price that must be paid for allowing America to fall into communist hands.

    218. Because you fools (I voted for Gary Johnson=Patriot) do nothing about the real problem with gun violence which is leaving your fatherless children to the devices of public schools, give your child Ritalin and other psych meds, and when they get older (if they don’t commit suicide or commit a school shooting first) you keep them on Prozac, Paxil, etc……what the hell did you expect? You let your children play bloody violent video games, let them watch bloody violent movies. You teach your children nothing of value. Guns are not the problem, they have been around for a thousand years….and if you think you will take mine from me…think again! You will get mine one bullet at a time while you are downrange, you cowardly pathetic socialist communist sheep! See you on the battlefield. You want a bloody civil war, then so be it!

    219. I think it’s great that these liberal pansy pussies that hate guns don’t own any. They are too stupid and too blind to realize that the country is on a rocket ride to Hell and when all Hell breaks loose they can just use each other for shields until there aren’t any of them left. The buzzards will have a field day.

    220. I like your sign. Good for you to take a stand for what is right. There is something wrong with the people who re-elected him. He wants to destroy the USA and it is clear to see by the actions/legislation he has supported. I will learn to shoot at a local range and make a purchase before they attempt to restrict the 2nd amendment.If he can’t do it through Congress, he will do some type of executive order. He is the ememy of the country in the White House.

    221. I Have a gun shop that i sell all firearms at cost to any LEO or Service person, So i hope you all would i agree I”m not Money Hungry , retired Army 22 Years (Col.) EOD I do my best to stay out of politics but in Obbama owns words he said he will ban most or all semi auto weapons ? He has no regards for the 2nd Amendment, I can not say I’m Rep Or Dem I vote for whom i think is the best for the job, in this case Ron Paul would have been the best for the job. I Hate to say i just did not vote just was not worth my time they both are bad for our Country . Obamma i think is the worst of the two , any ways with the ARIZONA OWNERS PERMISSION , I Would like to hang a sign in my store about the same thing (name change ) I sure do not need any obamma loving nuts jobs around me or weapons …… They way the talk about us Gun shop Owners I just do not need there Bull Shit Or There Money .


    222. Gee, exercise your first amendment right and suddenly you are a racist and a baby killer… my how the main stream media have brain washed the majority of the American population… sad days

    223. funny how on novemeber 10 all of these people are saying Obama is not agaist guns. now look he wants all of the legal gun owners in a data base and want to take away our weapons. go after the gang bangers not legal gun owning citizens. By the way it ok for Obamas kids to be protected with guards with guns but its not ok for me to protect my own family. that is BS

    224. What kind of dolt would EVER comply with rules that: A) put their lives [and the lives of their dependents] in jeopardy; or B) directly infringes the ONLY right that expressly demands it SHALL NOT be infringed? NEVER AGAIN!!!

      When the government outlaws guns, only smart, freedom-defending outlaws will have them.

    225. All those posts from people back in November defending that POS Obama. Now who is laughing??? We tried to tell you he was a Commie gun grabber and serial LIAR/THIEF/MURDERER!!!

      Now that you have some guns, buy some SILVER so you can have some REAL MONEY instead of this worthless dogsh*t fake money known as Federal Reserve Notes, which are just IOUs backed by nothing and will be created ENDLESSLY!!!!

    226. I applaud you for your stand and wish more people had the brass ones you have. History has shown how the populace in many countries have been disarmed before they realized what happened. Vigilance is golden.

    227. I see this store has a lot of libs bitching about his stance…As I understand them, they don’t like his politics ( guess what lib’s, he certainly does not like yours) because they cannot secretly go there to buy guns…Heaven forbid, a lib owning a gun!!
      We do know that they do but do not want anyone knowing about it..they do want you, the Christian conservative not to own weapons because in their weak minds they hope to control this country…Until they destroy it that is!
      So, lib’s aka communist, democrats, socialist, Marxist and the latest,,, progressives. go to hell!

    228. Way to go,these communist liberals are just crapping in their pants over the decision of this store owner to exercise their constitutional rights! This shows just what a communist liberal is,they wanted to boycott chick-fil-a for that owners personal constitutional opinion but when it goes the other way they cry,piss and moan like the hateful,spiteful children that they are! Anything adverse to their gods will(obama)and they show their true colors! Show the communist liberal that their existence is unimportant!

    229. I applaud this store owner for taking a principled stand. He does indeed have a 1st Amendment Right to say what he wishes and to run his business as he sees fit. I realize that comprehending this might be difficult for those of you who (are/were) “victims” oops err aah students of hour publik educashun system because they don’t teach civics anymore. To those of you who respond that the owner is risking loosing business because he might offend some folks, I offer this anecdote. Once upon a time, a man, who was rather inebriated approached a woman and made an inquiry. He asked he if she would be willing to have sex with him for the princely sum of 1 million pounds sterling (British Currency). She quickly replied that for the price of 1 million pounds sterling, she would indeed have sex with him. He then inquired if she would be willing to have sex with him for the not so princely sum of 5 pounds sterling. She became extremely indignant and replied in a loud tome of voice…”Just what kind of woman do you think I am?” To which the Gentleman calmly replied…”That we have already determined Madam, now we are just negotiating the price!”… The problem with so many on the left is that they know the price of everything but not its value…

    230. Well Its Februaruy and the sky hasn’t fallen even with Obama as President.Republicans are not the only ones who own firearms but they seem to be the only ones blocking any meaningfull legislation to curb the gun violenc in the USA. I have one thing to say Sandy Hook.Dont your the children deserve better? Well don’t they???

    231. You re res still don’t get the fact it has 0% to do with the fact that the *** **** thief is stupid or stripping you blind of your rights. It’s because as a American it’s the shop owners choice and none of your***king business .

    232. jules lazzaro – WHY don’t you read all you can about the Aurora Cinema, and Sandy Hook.
      You will come to the SAME conclusion I have – Obama AND DHS are the responsible CRIMINALS behind both incidences.
      What is common – Both shooters’ fathers were to testify against the bankers in the LIBOR scandal.
      You remember the elite bankers that control the fed, Barry’s friends.
      Would someone please IMPEACH this criminal in chief ALREADY????

    233. KY didnt vote vote for him and I’m proud of my state. I copied your sign and put it on my house for all to see. I pray the sequester takes all the liberal and democratic jobs then they can ask me for $50 to get a cup of coffee and I can say, “he’s your man …go ask him”

    234. I would not buy a gun from this place based simply on the fact that he figuratively shot himself in the foot with that sign.
      Not a sign of a smart businessman to openly shoo away good money. Chump don’t want my cash? chump don’t get my cash.

    235. M. Wayne…You are one of the Communist sympathizers that we are talking about. Glad you got the message. Take your ass to China and “survive” with like minded scum.
      China: Trial on Monday, Execution on Friday and your family gets the Bill for the bullet on Saturday. “Ten cents please!”

    236. This year will go down in history for the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.

      Adolph Hitler (1935 Weapons Act of Nazi Germany)

    237. Really do not believe how much left wing hatred there is displayed here. It is a shame that a business owner has the right to turn away potential customers, but this is America and if they choose to turn someone they may consider too mentally incapable of operating a firearm, then that is their choice. If you have an argument about the issue, you can do many things, like go someplace else, spend money to sue, or stand outside and protest. But either way you look at it it is his choice, he has that right, and i am in total agreement with SwSA in turning you all away. And ohh, by the way, if it wasn’t for voter fraud Obama would not be president…

    238. Hey we as gun owners need to stick together period. This is what they want is to do. Fight among each other. Don’t give in to intolerance of anyone that supports gun rights. Personally I believe Romney was to the best that the GOP had to offer. They didn’t even try to find a palatable opponent to this whole shameful situation. It is our fault for not rescuing ourselves from this tyranny by demanding a viable alternative, lots of conservatives felt disenchanted with the Romney ticket and didn’t even vote they stayed home and prayed. Let’s get real divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book of war. And this is what we’re facing.
      We need to stand strong WHITE BLACK DEMOCRAT REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE LIBERAL WE ARE ALL FREE AND WE NEED TO RECOGNIZE AND RESPECT OURSELVES AND OTHERS BY NOT FALLING PRAY TO A TEMPORARY CONDITION! Three years we can hold out that long I’m sure. keep voting and please we should not settle for the lesser of two evils.

    239. We appreciate the overwhelming support folks. For the few detractors…go piss up a rope.

      TSN I’m sorry you have not had good luck with gun shops and their service. I can assure you that we are not like that.

    240. Just came across this,couldn’t agree with you more,next thing we need to do is break away from the states that Obama carried in the election.If I was out your way , believe me I would drop by and buy a rifle or shotgun,because I live in Mississippi,and I believe the law reads that I can’t buy a Handgun.It is a shame though,because I can use my c c w there.Hang in there and more power to ya.Keep your powder dry.

    241. I can’t believe how over the top you anti gun peoe are! This about a gun store and Obama voters !! You Sons a Bitches gotta vent anywhere you can about every topic Obama had screwed up! Abortion? Name calling? You people trashing this Gun Shop do manage to show just how ignorant you really are, voting for obama isn’t enough, you go on and on about everything! For the record @ the person who said fair election? Obama ran his election with lies and fraudulent documents! Nothing “fair” about it! Obama is a lying Muslim Terrorist! And to the other commenters who stated there are 1000’s of other gun shops and this gun shop will go out if business ….. Your wrong, its me and people like me who will make sure it won’t!! My hat off to SSA for standing by your second amendment rights and smart enough to do your part to keep firearms out if the hands of ignorant ass people!!!

    242. Yes this is a democracy, and yes Obama got re-elected, but not because this represents a fair and balnced election, he got re-elected by lying through his teeth! And because the majority of his voters are just plain too stupid to see what was coming. Now we have Obama care, and being in the health care field, I can tell you it is a mess.
      And all those supporters those inner city, welfare receipents who bragged about their FREE Obama phones, and voted for the man because they think they are going to get more govt handouts… aren’t smart enough to realize that the country is going bankrupt because of Obama’s socialist idealogy. and soon they are going to have FAR LESS than they had before Obama took office!! So the joke is on them. Those who voted for the left wing socialist, Islam loving, terrorist supporting, Anti American Obama are going to be crying before this his all over.

      I do believe that the right to vote should only be bestowed upon those with an IQ of 100 or more. Anything less and one is prone to believe the political bullshit and the lies that get thrown around during an election campaign! I mean think about it, do you want your mentally retarded nephew running your household finances let alone deciding who will run the county’s finances? No you don’t. There really should be an IQ test to vote!

    243. well said monica, and I absolutely agree about the IQ test! I am half black and half white and am going to say everything that whites won’t say because despite it being the truth, they know the weak, deluded, pathetic, unoriginal, cowardly, muslim commie loving libtard sheep will be doing the only thing they know how to do- scream “RACIST”! anyways, i am embarrassed by blacks who are so blinded by color (which is exactly what Obama planned on) that they will do ANYTHING to see a black man in power, despite the fact that black unemployment has gone through the roof under his reign of terror! that is just pure stupidity and anyone that is so blinded by color that they will support someone that hurts them instead of helps them obviously doesn’t have the intelligence to vote. period. also, it absolutely boggles my mind how many people have gotten on here and said “i’m a PROUD Obama supporter”! really? proud of the man who did NOTHING (except campaign and play golf) while 4 americans were killed in Benghazi, gave guns to Mexican drug cartels, passed on the keystone pipeline, is trying desperately to take away our second amendment right to bear arms ( isn’t it odd that he has a problem with gun violence, but he sure doesn’t seem to have that same problem with drone violence/ attacks) apologizes to other nations for our soviergnty, has created ZERO jobs, has TRIPLED our deficit, has tried to cut our military strength, bows to foreign arab kings, is a compulsive and habitual liar,is hellbent on giving PRIVLEGES to ILLEGAL Hispanics, supports abortion and is determined to turn America into a third world country? okay now libtards, instead of doing the only thing you seem to be able to know how to do-pull the race card and scream racist, which you can’t do with me anyways since i am the same EXACT race as the Kenyan muslim socialist Anti-Christ in the white house, why don’t you actually try to dispute what I said OR better yet, name some of the good things that you think he’s done. since your a supporter, there should be lots of good things that you think he’s done, correct? I (and i’m sure everyone else here) would LOVE to hear what they are! and one more thing-I’ve seen some people here say that it was god’s destiny to have obama be elected both times (funny how you weren’t saying that about bush) and that god obviously single-handedly picked Obama, which is why he’s had the good luck he’s had and if we go against him, wer’e going against god. (yep, god will punish us for going against a man that supports everything he hates, like homosexuality and abortion! IDIOTS!) anyways, anyone that knows anything about the bible knows that satan is the god of this world (only because god allows it, of course) satan offered jesus all the governments and kingdoms of the world if he bowed down to him. how could he have offered these things if they weren’t his? anyways, saying that anything and everything that happens is god’s will is just….laughable. was it god’s will for all those little children at sandy hook to die? is it god’s will when a woman gets raped? most certainly not. see, god gave us a brain (you know that thing that most libs don’t have) and the FREE WILL to choose between right and wrong. there are always consequences to your actions and the choices you make though, and we are seeing the consequences right now of libtards and government moochers re-electing a worthless Kenyan cockroach-a disastrously depressed economy that just keep getting worse….and worse….and worse, despite democrats REFUSING to accept this fact and living with the falsehood that things have gotten better when they haven’t. do liberals forget that there are records that keep track of employment, economic growth ect, or what? when are they going to realize that no matter how much they try desperately to deny something, that it can all be verified easily? face it libs-your “messiah” ain’t done sh*t, except try to destroy everything this great nation was founded on!

    244. And conservatives wonder why they got their @sses handed to them in the election. Not only are you hypocrites but you’re deaf, dumb and blind. You said nothing and you did nothing when Bushy bankrupted this country with two wars and caused the economic collapse. You said nothing and did nothing when he created the Patriot Act & Homeland Security to allow the NSA to spy on its citizens, now you’re outraged that Obama is doing it? You spew hatred and ignorance and when Obama kicks Romney’s butt in the election you cry about it and claim voter fraud. This is why the GOP will continue to lose. Now go crawl back under the rock from which you came

    245. Aw shucks! I don’t see anything on either side of the above that sounds really reasonable. (Only read through Nov.11) Everyone seems to be pretty emotional, but as long as we’re being emotional, let me add my unreasonable nickel: Obummer hasn’t done anything to take anyone’s guns. Too crafty. He delegated that to Biden.
      UN Agenda 21 has been agreed to by B.O. (He should shower more 🙂 )
      Another thing that irks me is everyone calling my “Arms” firearms. I have a right to arms, but not to firearms (explosive devices).
      Also, said right isn’t affected in the least by the second amendment. That right is long antecedent to any constitution or bill of rights.
      No need to take anybody’s guns, just make ammo unavailable (at taxpayer expense). No thanks. I’ll keep reloading. It does cut into my practice though. I seem to have some trouble getting certain primers, so I have to limit consumption.
      And, before anyone puts his bank account on the 2nd Amendment, look very carefully at the whole constitution, then just as carefully at the supremacy clause. There are no frivolous phrases therein. I’m one of those that really is against the bill of rights which was included for those too lazy to read and understand. Guess I’m what one would call a strict constructionist when it comes to the constitution for the United States.
      Yada, yada, yada!

    246. And-uh by the way, while I was reading up to Nov. 11, I kept seeing posts by one calling himself “Smee”. Wasn’t that captain Hook’s first mate in Peter Pan things? It seems to me, these Never – Never Land guys never had to worry about what to do when they grow up. Didn’t happen, just like the half butts in the District of Criminals.
      A magazine publisher I’m familiar with asked a question and published a little book, “Can America be Saved From Stupid People?” He’s like me, a serious non druggie Libertarian. The answer appears to me to be “Not as long as stupid people keep voting stupider people int public office and forgetting to supervise them.”
      One more little point: Some poster seemed to think that because he was a U.S. Navy submarine veteran, he knew about arms. Wha…? I don’t know any sub sailors that got anywhere near guns and ammo after boot camp. Certainly not while underway at sea.
      Well, let’s see what happens to my posts. Whether they get saluted or shot at. Have fun and Have a happy and safe 4th. Keep your powder dry, don’t go driving if you don’t need to, and if you do need to, do it sober.There are enough crazies out there, don’t add to the melee.

    247. And Cope, Stay the course and stick by y’r guns. Old (unofficial) squadron motto of ours, “Illegitimus non Carborundum.” (Don’t let the bastards grind you down.)

    248. As a gun owner it sound great except that the alternative to Obama was Romney who is a Mormon (don’t care about his magic believes) who for those who do not know have a LIVING PROPHET which means if the prophet tells him this, he has to do it or he is going against God him self (I do care about this part) which means we would have had a President that was under a head of church. In other words to me that would have been us sudo Theocracy.

      Religion should not matter in a President, but this time it did.
      I do see the problem and frustration that the President is causing for no other reason that to pander to those who think Government is always right and a Utopia will happen because of more gun control. Tell that to those country with gun control who are still have crime, even violent ones but its population is terrified of dealing with criminals.

    249. How do you get racist? Did all of the black Americans vote for O’bama, and all of the whites vote for Romney?? Seems to me the first person described as a racist is the one who makes this a racist “THING”. I’m pretty sure a lot of none blacks voted for the current administration. Otherwise he wouldn’t be in office. And then anyone assuming the owner of the business is white would automatically be a self described racist. Every one who voted for the current administration are cattle being led to slaughter. But as long as the feed is good, and the water is clean, they’ll keep their head in the “trough”(say it like this, “tr-off”), right up to the minute the slug(not bullet), gets shot into their head and their on the hook for real! Just because you went to college, doesn’t mean you’re smart. Just because you think your good looking, doesn’t mean you are. Poor stupid, YES, I said STUPID, people. You don’t have a clue. And NO, I didn’t like Romney either. But I’m sure the current administration is crooked. And to me, Romney would have been O’bama part 2. Time to wake up,,,, wake up,,,, wake up. You hear it as if it is a dream. But wait til reality hits you square in the face. It’ll be too late then.

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