5.11 ATAC L1 Flashlight Review

5.11 ATAC L1 Flashlight
5.11 ATAC L1 Flashlight
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Albuquerque, NM –-(Ammoland.com)-  Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I had the chance to test out some items by 5.11 Tactical including their ATAC L1 flashlight.

The ATAC L1 light uses a single CR123A Lithium battery to blast 173 lumens at your question mark. Whether it turns out to be a raccoon or an attacker, this little flashlight won’t let you down. It is hand-sized with a tail cap switch for ease of use as an everyday carry or a small light for your security or law enforcement job.

I took the light out to a construction yard to contrast it with a simple tac light running on double A batteries. Although both use a single LED for illumination, the ATAC L1 projects nearly four times more light. The standard light barely made out shapes at 40 feet, but the ATAC L1 illuminates windows, doors and assorted equipment strewn about the construction site.

There are a couple of features that help you control the light extremely well. To keep the light from turning on inadvertently there is a rotary dial right at the tail cap. Rotating one click counter clockwise locks the light so it can’t turn on by simply bumping the tail cap. I like that feature, because, having done some bail enforcement work, on stakeouts I don’t want to flag my location. When the time is right, the light can be rotated on to be ready to go. The pocket clip also protects against inadvertent flagging. The lamp is secured down into your pocket, so should it be bumped on, the light will have to shine through the fabric of your pants.

On the package, 5.11 indicates their full line of flashlights have been developed with the “direct input and involvement of top tactical and public safety professionals.” Small details such as the angle of the pocket clip demonstrate that no detail is too small. The contouring of the body and angle of the clip assure that it doesn’t bunch on the pocket of your pants. That assures that the tension is maintained at the lowest part of the light in your pocket, reducing the chance the light will be knocked loose or fall out of your pocket. I really appreciate that detail on this light. Another detail is that the knurling on the light is above the top of the clip, reducing the wear and tear on your pants as you remove and replace the light in your pocket. I’m tired of wearing out the back corner of my pocket from my tac light wearing it out. This light solves the problem.

The power level is easy to control on this light. Pressing the switch lightly allows momentary on, and pressing more firmly results in an audible and tactile “click” that indicates the light will remain on with no pressure on the switch. Tapping the tailcap switch twice results in the “low light” option, which is 14 lumens – ideal for checking IDs. To navigate to the “strobe” feature, triple tap the switch. In any configuration, once you have navigated to the mode you want, pressing past the click keeps the light constantly on in that particular mode. Turn the light off and it returns to full on mode the next time you turn on the light. I like this level of simplicity. One of my lights has hundreds of settings, but all I use is the full-on mode due to the complexity of navigating through the various options.

This light simple, bright, and reliable. In the holiday season I’m thinking of stocking stuffers. The ATAC L1 flashlight is certainly on my list.

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