Gun Ban Battles Raging On Virginia Citizens Defense League Front Lines

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( This last week was probably the busiest I've seen in a very long while, if ever.

The media continues to promote anti-gun hysteria while emotions are high and logic is low.

I have been getting over 400 non-spam emails a day and there are 3 huge updates full of information and press coverage that is going to be coming out in short succession.

A few quick thoughts:

* I am getting more confident that we are going to come out of this with little or no damage (or even with more rights restored) IF WE CONTINUE TO ALL DO OUR PART. We need to speak in volume (all of us in unison) and speak firmly. Be it with protests in front of the offices of Virginia legislators who have sold us out, to getting the word out in the media.

* I nominate Senator Dianne Feinstein as “Assault Weapon Salesperson of the year!” In fact, she achieved her goal of completely stopping their sales – there aren't any “assault weapons” to be found in stores anywhere! 😉 Gun shows are being stripped bare, as are many gun stores. Brand new gun owners are being added to our ranks in strong numbers. 40% of the “assault weapons” sold in one gun store went to senior citizens and to WOMEN!

* There was a protest against guns outside the NOVA Firearms store in Falls Church today. The antis had a massive turnout of 6 people! 😉 There were more members of the media there than protesters. Meanwhile the store was busier that ever!

*The anti-liberty media is lying to everyone, trying to make the world believe that gun-control is what Americans want. But everywhere I turn, I see that is not the case. The antis have nothing going for them. In fact, I think the anti-liberty media is losing the battle! Every day that passes that we stand unified, their goal slips further through their fingers. This is really a battle not only for guns, but for the Constitution and the soul of America itself!

* Surprise, surprise, surprise! The Connecticut murderer was on psychotropic drugs! Who would have thought so, other than the fact that virtually all the other mass murders were on such drugs? But, no, it couldn't be drugs that cause this kind of horrendous behavior. Nah, just a coincidence, surely.

* A few of the anti-liberty Democrats are talking in the media about confiscation. That is the ultimate goal. We have nothing to gain by giving up ANY ground whatsoever. They'll have to fight for every millimeter. The media wants us to get demoralized and to give up and walk away. WE WILL NEVER DO EITHER.


VCDL is not going to give up ANY GROUND, not on sales of semi-automatic rifles, magazines, handguns, background checks, NOTHING. In fact, we are now going to push back even harder than ever. We need to get guns into schools – in the hands of concealed handgun permit holders, including teachers, administration, or anyone else who has such a permit.

The antis had their chance with their “gun-free zones” and they have FAILED. Now it is our turn. We are tired of the high body-counts in gun-free zones – every one of them MUST GO!

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit:

  • 6 thoughts on “Gun Ban Battles Raging On Virginia Citizens Defense League Front Lines

    1. i fear our us government, the lies about the money they use for themselves and their families, expensive vacations with armed body guards, but they want my guns, not so here, my right is for sure, i was a solier in the army, i took the oath to defend and protect the constitution of the USA, and my family, do not come to take anything from me or my family, cause i have the right to defend and honor my right as a human being, and don’t you for get it the establishment is wrong, miguel

    2. Stat By Training Teachers on how to Protect the Detectors at every Door of every School and even X-ray Fence in every School Put Armed Security and every Gate make people Have to go through a search before getting onto school Grounds this will not Only Protect our Children but also make Millions Of Jobs across the US. lets do this the right way Banning Guns will do nothing but make a bunch of people criminals i know i would be one im not going to give up my weapons. I paid good money for them they are mine. Lets work on Protecting our Children and stop putting the blame on Guns People wake up Guns Do Not Kill People, Its the People that have guns that should not have guns are the ones that kill People. Guns do not think they dont go on a rampage and just shoot everyone, Its the Sick People on the other end that Kill People. If you Ban Guns it will not stop this they will still get the guns they need to carry this out. Bring God Back into the Schools things might Change Let us Beat out Kids Rears when they get out of line and the crime children do will slowly Stop. I grew up with a Royal Ass Kicking when i got out of line and i grew up to respect Others, The Problem we have is if we take a belt to our children and let them know we care things will change. I will bust my kids ass if they get out of line and like i told them if You want to call DHS about go ahead i will hand you the phone but Remember every Second after you hang up the phone and the time it takes for them to get here im going to beat that ass the whole time and when they walk into the door im still going to be swinging that belt. My children do not do wrong they may have had one good Ripping in their whole life but they Remember it well and know what will come if they get out of line. This is our Problem we can not Take a belt to our Children I dont understand this the school can use a wood paddle on our children but we can not make something out of that.

    3. Everyone want to ban guns How Stupid Can you be you must not know how Criminals get guns, They don’t walk into a gun store to buy them. they get them from Underground there are millions of guns underground full auto weapons as well. take guns from people that can help protect you if needed and you will be Killing Millions of Americans. Criminals will always get guns The Mexican Mafia will send guns from Mexico we will all have to build Bunkers to live in to Protect our Family. what are you people thinking. Not with your Brains your a bunch of Retards if you think Putting a Ban on weapons will fix your Problems. Let someone Break into your home and kill your wife and Children with a gun Ban you will not be able to Protect them. your all Stupid yea Ban Guns the next time there is a problem at a school it could be with a big Bomb you can build a bomb off the Net google it they tell you step by step directions on how to build a bomb. you can even build your own guns come on people putting a Ban on our weapons is not only a Violation of our Rights but it is down right Stupid. I myself own many weapons i have civilian Ar 15’s Ak-47’s each one is not Full auto i use them for Hunting yes it looks like a weapon our Army would Use but it’s not the same weapon. The Largest Problem we have is the Media Keep this Garbage Off the News and you will keep from having other Troubled Teens see this and plan something just like this. the Media makes such a big deal out of all this and they keep talking about it giving Details about how it was done. Stop the Media from Reporting this so much and we might see a change it our world. Just think long and hard before you vote to ban weapons you might be the Next person wishing you had a gun to Protect your Family when some crazy group of Gang Bangers Kick your door in and kill your Family Just Remember Banning Guns will not stop Criminals From Getting Guns the police will never find all there guns they will keep getting them. Hell we can not stop Drugs From Entering the Us how in the hell are you going to stop Guns. do you think the Criminals care if they get arrested for having Guns. LOL Nope Get rid of the drugs and you will not have the Crime you have now. They will not stop drugs they need drugs so the Court System can Make Money i bet our top Leaders are the Largest Drug Dealers its big money and you know they have their hands in it. More People are Killed by High Speed Cars and Drunk Drivers in the US than they are Killed with Guns. Lets ban cars that go over 55MPH and lets Ban drinking in the US. you think your prisons are full now just wait and see if this gun ban passes i do not get in trouble i am a state Licensed PI but if there is a gun Ban I will be a Criminal in your Eyes beacause i will give up my weapons my family Is the world to me and i will Protect them at all cost. they will have to kill me to take my weapons its all we have to protect our Family. With that being said think long and hard before you vote to ban weapons and make sure you post a sign in your yard Saying That you are For the Ban on weapons and also put on your sign that there are no weapons in your Home I will post a sign in my yard with an arrow pointing to your house saying i Have Plenty weapons in my home but the person next door is for the Weapon Ban i swear i will not use my weapons to help Protect them But if you come in my home i feel sorry for you. you can take anything you want from the people next door They are not Armed

    4. Compromise was never an option and never will be. There is not need for a witch hunt with mental problems. Most people who have these problems have never hurt anyone or ever will. 99% of them, you can talk to and never have any idea they have any problems. We all have problems but they need extra help in dealing with them.Most of them care too much what people will think of them. They are too busy trying to be perfect in an imperfect world. They aren’t wackos. No, these people who mass murder are not in their right mind, but no one is when they loose their temper and say or do hurtful things. It is just that they take their hurts to the extreme. They can reason just like we can. If they stopped to ask themselves how would they profit by committing such a crime, they would never do it. Many of us would do things if they weren’t against the law. We just don’t relish being put in jail and meeting Bubba. But gun control would never work with criminals because they don’t reason things out. They don’t worry about the law so what good is it?

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