Gun Owners, Let Your Voice Be Heard, Silence is Compromise

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North Pole, AK –-( is a request for you to get involved in the current political debate that is happening across our country and in Washington, DC in particular.

The cornerstone of our democratic republic is that every individual has the right to express their own opinion for consideration by our leaders.

If anyone remains silent, they are often by default considered part of the majority voice which is being heard. If we do not stand up for our rights, their loss will be our own fault.

There were recently multiple petitions which were submitted to the White House regarding “Reducing Gun Violence”. The White House responded to all 32 petitions with one statement. The top two petitions were for the President to support law abiding citizens in this time of tragedy (57,670 signatures) and for Immediately enacting legislation to “regulate how a citizen obtains a gun” (197,073 signatures). Because there is a 30 day window on most petitions to collect signatures, I had not yet signed my support for the first petition when the response was issued and the petition was closed. This was a mistake. My vote was not recorded and my voice was not heard. I was considered part of the majority and that is not my opinion or position.

There is another opportunity for us tovoice our opinion. The White House has established a page to Share your thoughts on reducing gun violence. I have submitted the following comment and would encourage you to make time to collect your thoughts and submit your own opinions to the White House. Please feel free to use any of the following in your own submissions as well as passing this on to anyone else.

I suggest respect and moderation in any response. This will increase the likelihood of your response being taken seriously. I do not advocate and cannot endorse extreme measures being taken by either side of this debate.

Thank you,
Jackie Gengler
Alaska Illusive Arms
North Pole, AK

  • 16 thoughts on “Gun Owners, Let Your Voice Be Heard, Silence is Compromise

    1. The White House and House and Senate in Washington do not give a DAMN about what the majority want unless it falls in line with what THEY want . I am accumulating and burying firearms and ammunition just as fast as my cash flow will allow it . Sooner or later the American people will awaken and see what they have allowed to happen and I just hope I can leave enough clues for them in the event I am gone .

    2. Maybe this will help. Check out what it says, the Dick Act of 1902. This is the LAW. Now all that needs done is FIND an honest JUDGE if there is any. But, while you all are checking, see what the Gold Fringed Flag means. Then undersyand that there is NO government!! It's a Corporation running this country, ILLEGALLY, and has been since 1874!! That means every LAW made since then is Null and Void!! Enjoy!!

    3. Our country's government, legal system and president.. ha ha ha WOW! It's taken them years to get to this point, but here we are. Why doesn't our so well paid News media report on what True HONEST Americans deserve and need.Put the power back in the hands of parents and put GOD in all things. Japan was asked , Why not invade during Pearl Harbor? their reply was Americans are armed more than our army! Same difference large or small.When I was a kid, Dads guns were in a gun rack just outside my bedroom + 3 brothers; We Knew NOT to touch or we would have to answer to Him ie.a good old fashioned whipping.He was a Great Dad who survived Siapan, Phillipines, and Iwo Jima. His two brothers , The German theatre. The whole World is laughing and cheering now! OF THE PEOPLE ,FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE. This is our only hope that has made us GREAT. Disarming us would take the sheppard from the sheep.GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    4. PS: If the cop had turned on his lights and sirien the kids would have been alerted to the drunk driver and never proceeded into the intersection, my sister and the boys would be alive today…if someone at the school in Conn, at the movie theather in Co.had a consealed GUN… those people, the children would be alive today…but Berry Soreto wants to control us all and take away your right to protection. This is the type of wrong thinking just the same as the cop wanting to do it the "EASY" way. In my mind my sister and the boys were killed by the drunk driver and the cop!

    5. I whole heartedly agree with D [email protected], let's register those dangerious cars, and especially the DUI part. I lost my 17 year old sister in 1972 to a drunk driver and get this there was a police car following the car as it weaved over the road. Why didn't the cop stop it when he first saw it,but followed it for five-5-yes five miles down the road? Why, the cop said there was a traffic light (red) just a few miles ahead and he-the cop- wanted to do it the easy way and pull the drunk over at the light as the drunk stopped at the light but the drunk didn't stop at the light and hit the car carry five teenagers. Three boys also died and my 15 year brother was in intensive care for two months. Hows that for CONTROL?

      Guns in the hand of crazy people kill, cars in the hands of drunks kill people…Get the drunks off the road and the crazies into treatment away from the general population!

    6. The NEW American TYRANNT Obama"s new LAW, what a HOAX! this Admin. has done nothing good for the USA, but control all our moves, and disarm America. Obama and his Admin. has no saying in this. our 2nd. Amend. is under ATTACK, by a Pres. that is accused of running weapons to terrorist, which caused the murders of the 4 Americans in Benghazi, Lybia, he has no case.

    7. The time is quickly coming when we will all have to finally 'take a stand' against tyranny.

      I recommend reading this novel out about a small town in America that took a stand and withdrew against tyranny. It's about each of us and securing a good life for future Americans.

      Our last line of defense against tyranny will be our guns as it was designed by our founding fathers.

    8. See the site Cryptogon. Sign the petition to limit armed guards for the president and vice and families and create "Gun free zones" around them instead!If we lose ours, they shouldn't need theirs either.

    9. When the crooks in washington give up their guns, then maybe I will give mine up. Also, publish all the people in congress, who own guns,And carry them, or their guards. if you DARE.

    10. Mr. Chevas,

      I legally own a .50 Caliber machine gun. Do you have a problem with that?

      We have a communist government telling the people that it wants to protect us?! Hah! This government is a stealing, lying and murdering machine for the Oligarchy. Communist have a severe distain for the common people like yourself Mr. Chevas.

      Why is it that the "Rich" are communist? Its because they can afford to be communist. I suppose they feel guilty for having all that dough…

      Back to the .50 Cal. thing. I assume you think that I should sell my machine gun to the federal government? Senator (communist) Feinstein said she will give me $500 dollars for my .50 Cal. That's a big whup!

      I'll tell you what if the U.S. Government will give me 1,000,000,000 Swiss Franks in gold I will hand over my .50 to the bitch.

      However there is one small stipulation. I will not accept payment of money generated by the federal reserve since that money is confiscated from the u.s. treasury and the same is the people's hard earned money.

      Nah! On second thought I won't take any amount of money for my .50 Caliber Browning Machine Gun.

      Remember when the people have no guns David Rockefeller and Nathan Rothschild will still have their guns and they will be fully automatic.

      I know what you're thinking. I need to be committed to a FEMA re-education camp or worse.

      I am always up for learning something new if FEMA has something new to teach me. However, I have read up on Hitler, Stalin and Mao's little FEMA style camps. If I remember correctly the re-education curriculum didn't fair out so well for the students.

      Good day.

    11. @Jared – I'm not opposed to not allowing you to sell your car, except via a licensed dealer and requiring a background check of the buyer to make sure they have never had a DUI either.

    12. I am not opposed to the idea that it might take better background checks, aswell as taking open buying at gun shows out of the picture. But i am opposed to the government telling me or anyone that is capable of owning legally, any type of gun they wish to own.

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