Picking Up a Dropped Gun During a Mass Murder Spree

Picking Up a Dropped Gun During a Mass Murder Spree
Picking Up a Dropped Gun During a Mass Murder Spree
Personal Defense Network
Personal Defense Network

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Rob Pincus reviews the most fundamental operation of a firearm.

In a way that can be shared with those reluctant to get formal and thorough education in the use of a firearm for personal defense.

Teachers, medical professionals and others who work in areas where being armed is impossible could find themselves attacked by armed murderers and also have the opportunity to use a dropped firearm to defend themselves or others.

Sharing fundamental information ahead of time could empower them to stop a deadly spree killing.

View Complete video here and save your life. http://tiny.cc/71oipw

About Rob Pincus:
Rob Pincus is a personal defense industry leader and owner of I.C.E. Training, and provides instruction on our PDN DVDs as well as act as managing editor for the PersonalDefenseNetwork.com website.

About Personal Defense Network:
The Personal Defense Network (PDN) is made up of people like you – conscientious civilians, law enforcement personnel and military operators interested in defending every aspect of their lives. We have hand-picked industry leaders in all facets of personal defense to write for PDN so you will have the all the best that web has to offer at one destination. Visit: www.personaldefensenetwork.com

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Bill Baker

Isaac the libtard wants us to realize the 2nd amendment can be repealed. Interesting how they only ever want us to cave into their demands and then we can "start the conversation." No one is saying it trumps any other right, ie: being pro-gun makes you want to repeal womens suffrage? There in lies the problem, they want to make the subject about things not actually related to the subject. I too remember when gun safety was taught in my elementary school actually, I think the problem is hoplophobes not realizing they can't rely on 911 to save them, and… Read more »


Isaac, There is No such thing as "gun violence", there is just "violent crime". I have seen people beaten to death, stabbed to death, run down with cars and shot to death. All violent crimes have one thing in common…… the Violent Criminal! The violent criminals should have to pay the price, not the law abiding public. All too often the violent criminals get released over and over, only to do it again and again. Just look at that guy that killed his own Grandmother with a hammer. He went to prison and ended up making parole and being released,… Read more »

Isaac Rabinovitch

It may shock you, but this "iibtard" actually agrees that gun sports in schools is good idea. But good luck making it happen anytime soon. Gun owners have zero credibility with the rest of society until you work with us to control gun violence. The notion that *any* restriction on gun ownership is something you won't tolerate just won't fly any more.

You want your 2nd Amendment Rights? Fine, just acknowledge that it doesn't trump every other right. Because the damn thing can be repealed.

Brazos John

Back in the '70's, I was on my high school .22 rifle team in northern NJ. Our 50 foot range was in the basement of the high school. We shot against teams where it was a varsity sport, and they used hi-dollar target rifles, and got hs letter jackets and awards. We were a club, and had military target rifles. We never won, but we had fun. We also earned NRA awards – Pro-Marksman, Sharpshooter, you know. Now I'm into cowboy action shooting. SAA Colts, Winchesters, Marlins, and Remingtons. And with all the shooting I've done, I've never shot anything… Read more »


What Doc said. Bring the Archery and shooting sports back into our learning centers. Learning to respect one another while learning how empowering the shooting sports can be to individuals and groups alike.


I'm not sure how many people remember the days that we had shooting and archery in our schools, but none of us Ever thought about shooting up the school! Firearms safety belongs in the schools where it used to be, just like all traditional American values. "Gun Free Zones" and gun control have Failed and need to be Banned.

Daniel Vaughn

I still maintain that we need to have school programs nationwide, to teach the safe handling, operation, and the respect towards firearms. Get rid of the 'Fear' factor. Make sure this is a well designed program that starts in 3rd grade and continues up through high School.