Iowa Firearms Coalition New Year’s Update

Happy New Year, from IFC…let the 2013 legislative session begin!

Iowa Firearms Coalition
Iowa Firearms Coalition

Iowa –-(  Iowa Firearms Coalition, the state NRA Affiliate Organization working at the Capitol to defend your rights, is geared up and ready to go for the new legislative session which starts on January 14th 2013.

Iowa Firearms Coalition proudly worked hand in glove with NRA to bring “Shall Issue” to Iowa. As a result, nearly five times as many Iowans now hold Permits to Carry Weapons as did just three years ago – and those are five-year permits! With your support we will continue to build on that success.

Please join us in the fight to preserve and advance Second Amendment rights in Iowa. If you aren’t currently a supporting member, please consider joining today! For just $25/year, your membership can support Iowa’s most effective Second Amendment organization.

From Columbine to Newtown…

Iowa Firearms Coalition extends our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims of the Newtown massacre. This tragic event hit home to all of us, especially those who have children in public schools. Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected by this horrific crime.

Iowa Firearms Coalition is committed to working closely with the NRA on policies that will help address the issue of mental illness without encroaching on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Iowans.

We look forward to the opportunity to raise awareness of the issues surrounding these types of events in an effort to improve the safety of our children in public schools.

IFC and the NRA have been at the forefront in addressing such issues even before these recent tragedies. We have worked closely with legislators and law enforcement to provide additional safeguards in the background check process for permit holders in Iowa.

We also worked hard to see legislation pass that would reinstate the firearms rights of citizens after they had been given a clean bill of health. This was especially important for many Iowa soldiers who had served their country, but who had been discharged while coping with a temporary condition of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We also look forward to promoting the NRA’s National School Shield Program.

Legislative Update: 2013 Legislative Agenda

IFC and the NRA will be focusing on these prominent legislative items again in 2012:

  • Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms amendment to the Iowa Constitution
  • Stand Your Ground and stronger Castle Doctrine legislation
  • Stronger State Firearms Preemption law

We will also once again be pursuing solutions to many other hunting, self-defense and firearms related issues that are important to Iowans. IFC and the NRA are proud to be the key organizations in the state that work on crafting this legislation with input from Iowans.

Welcome, new IFC Board Members

Iowa Firearms Coalition is proud to announce two new board members that were voted in at the end of 2012:

  • Scott Volquartsen – Owner, Volquartsen Custom
  • Patrick McKinney – Publisher, The Iowa Sportsman

The rest of the IFC Board was voted and retained at the 2012 Annual Meeting:

  • John Reed, IFC Board Chairman
  • Pete Brownell, President, Brownells
  • Les Baer, Owner, Les Baer Custom
  • Chris Rager, Senior State Liaison, NRA
  • Richard Rogers, Professional Pilot
  • Michael Ware, CEO Controlled Chaos Arms
  • Glen McCannon, NRA Iowa District 4 EVC
  • Warren Wethington, Cedar County Sheriff
  • Jeff Burkett, President, Iowa Firearms Coalition

2012 Year in Review

At the beginning of 2012 IFC and the NRA announced our key legislative agenda items and we were proud to see unprecedented progress on significant issues.

The IFC/NRA sponsored Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional Amendment passed through the Iowa House. This was an important step that held great promise for Iowans, but unfortunately the Senate was unwilling to take up the resolution.

IFC and the NRA worked closely on a bill with Rep. Matt Windschitl (who also attended and spoke at our 2A Rally this year) which would provide Iowans strong Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine improvements. This IFC/NRA backed bill also passed the Iowa House, but was killed in the Senate when Sen. Gene Fraise (D-46) refused to move the bill in committee.

Lastly, IFC and the NRA fought diligently throughout the 2012 legislative session to nullify the Natural Resource Commission’s illegitimate and nonsensical rule banning the use of lead shot during Iowa’s new dove hunting season. In coordination with various sportsmen’s groups, our committee testimony and lobbying efforts succeeded in the House and in the Senate’s Natural Resources Committee. However, once again the full Senate was not permitted to debate the matter.

Ultimately, IFC and NRA were proud to work with the Office of the Governor on a solution spearheaded by Legal Counsel Brenna Findley that allowed Gov. Branstad to overturn this decision by executive order.

Seeing this rule overturned was a big victory for IFC and the NRA. We fought this illegally implemented rule from the beginning, recognizing that it was the camel’s nose in the tent and would lead to further lead bans in the future.

Stay in Touch, Join the Fight!

Please join us in the fight and follow us for important legislative updates!

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Defending your Second Amendment Rights in Iowa,

Jeff Burkett
President, Iowa Firearms Coalition
NRA Endowment Member

About Iowa Firearms Coalition:
The mission of the Iowa Firearms Coalition is to be THE firearms rights organization in Iowa, representing Second Amendment concerns for all firearms owners in the state. We will staunchly defend the rights of hunters and sportsmen as well as the rights of all Iowans to defend themselves and their loved ones. We seek to partner with other like-minded organizations to increase our effectiveness in accomplishing these goals. Visit:

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