Keep Your Weapons in Fire-Ready Condition

Mil-Comm Products Helps Shooters Prepare for Anything.

Keep Your Weapons in Fire-Ready Condition
Keep Your Weapons in Fire-Ready Condition
Mil-Comm Products
Mil-Comm Products

SHOT SHOW, LAS VEGAS, NV, Booth 4227 – -(  Though the zombie apocalypse is not upon us, shooters all across the country have an insatiable appetite for survivalist products whether or not the lights ever go out permanently.

And when it comes to firearms, the reliable preservation of hardware is of great concern for those stockpiling and investing in their peace of mind with potentially life-saving hardware.

Ideally, you want to be able to successfully “mothball” weapons for long periods of time and be able to recall them into active duty at a moments notice.

Collectors and other aficionados have been relying on the TW25B brand of lubricant protectants from Mil-Comm Products Company, Inc., for many years for that very reason. And while most people approach firearm maintenance for their immediate needs, TW25B and its sister formulas can turn out to be quite a worthy long-term investment.

“Who doesn’t want to keep their firearms in fire-ready condition,” asks Gordon Furlong, President and CEO of Mil-Comm Products Company. “Our legendary lubricant protectants earned that moniker because they have been proven to provide substantial resistance to rust and corrosion, and not leave you with a seized or gummed-up action at the most critical moment. That’s what fire-ready condition means.”

With a philosophy dedicated to the formulation of synthetic greases and oils that are safe and easy to use, Mil-Comm Products built a 25 year reputation of reliability throughout the industry. And that’s why today, TW25B light grease is the choice of a long list of manufacturers, along with the validation that comes from the company’s product licensing agreement with the National Rifle Association (NRA). Today, Mil-Comm offers its lubes and cleaners in both the NRA licensed Gun Care packaging, and in its original military National Stock Number (NSN) packaging.

Beyond TW25B’s popularity, Mil-Comm offers the same technology in more of an oil base with their MC2500 branded product. As it turns out, others have discovered the benefits of a formula with the viscosity between the two, called MC3000 semi-fluid. Originally developed for the specific needs of combat aircraft gatling gun systems, some people prefer a material that migrates well like an oil, but offers more particle content like the low viscosity grease. In any case, you don’t want to over-lubricate as “a little goes a long way.”

Another concept that was developed originally for U.S. Air Force and Navair weapons programs, the TW25B EP is a non-aerosol pressurized spray can product that delivers a significant but even coating of TW25B for storage purposes, especially for long guns.

The carrier fluid of this special bag-on-valve technology is isopropyl alcohol, which evaporates off quickly without solvent residue to interfere with the lubricant protectant to do its job.

In 2012, Mil-Comm introduced its Revolver Blast, a true aerosol, which leaves a light film of TW25B as well, but fare less than near the amount recommended for long-term storage. In fact, after years of feedback, Mil-Comm recommends a mothballing procedure that involves using a combination of both the TW25B EP spray along with MC3000. As Mil-Comm’s lubricants have no known shelf life, Mr. Furlong’s own antique Model 1911 was treated more than 20 years ago. To this day, he is confident that it is ready for action, probably, more so than it was for his grandfather while it was in service, right out of the box.

For more information, contact Mil-Comm Products, toll-free at 800-743-4518, or e-mail them at [email protected] Or visit their websites of and for additional product background and detailed application instructions. Visit our Facebook fan page called “Mil-Comm Products”.

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CPO Sharkey

One of your duties when one takes on the responsibilities of firearms ownership is to have a clean weapon. With some of the "self-defense" weapons conditions I've seen, those people have zero concern for their families' nor their own safety or protection.

BTW; Mil-Comm products are excellent.


Excellent advice. Just recently, I was checking my 9mm that sits on my night stand. It was stuck. Slide wouldn't move. Finally got it working. It had just dried out. A little coat of gun oil, back in biz.