Maryland: House Committee Hearing this Friday on Companion to Senate Bill 281


Charlotte, NC –-(  This Friday, March 1 2013, the Maryland House Judiciary Committee will be hearing multiple pieces of anti-gun legislation.

Among the legislation being heard is House Bill 294, the companion bill to Senate Bill 281, sweeping anti-gun legislation previously reported by NRA-ILA here.

Please note that the hearing time this Friday has been changed from 1:00 pm to noon.  This hearing will be held in the Legislative Services Building.

Please contact members of the House Judiciary Committee before their meeting this Friday and strongly urge them to oppose HB 294, as well as any anti-gun legislation that hinders a citizen’s right to self-defense.  Also, please sign up to testify in opposition to HB 294.  Signups for testifying will begin at 8:30 a.m. in the main hallway of the House Building.  35 copies are needed for those wishing to submit written testimony, although it is not required that one does so.  Information on giving testimony can be found here.

An anti-gun rally will be held at Lawyers Mall in Annapolis on the same day.  Please avoid this area so as not to add to the numbers of anti-gunners by mistake.  Instead, join us for a number of breakout sessions in the House office building throughout the day.

House Judiciary Committee contact information can be found here.

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    1. Thanks for your service, but NG is not the army. Out of 3 yrs. I spent 31 months overseas. 24/7-365 days a year is the only army.
      I don’t like to but I spend a good part of each day emailing representatives, even though it is a chore and I would rather being doing something else, but the alternative is to let the gun grabbers take all our guns.It is our duty to take up the battle.

    2. Please oppose HB294. After SB281 passed today, we don’t need any more gun restrictions in Maryland. This is getting rididulous now. I am a law abiding citizen and do not need any more financial burdens to maintain MY rights . Start convicting the criminals who commit crimes, NOT law abiding citizens. I spent 6 years in the National guard to have those rights. Thank you

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