NRA Responds to Pelosi ‘Gun Violence Prevention Task Force’ Schemes

National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

FAIRFAX, Va. –-( The proposals by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's “Gun Violence Prevention Task Force”, chaired by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.), represent the Obama Administration's gun control wish list.

The Pelosi-Thompson Task Force calls on Congress to ban millions of commonly owned semi-automatic firearms and magazines; criminalize private firearms transfers; ban common hunting and sport-shooting ammunition; waste taxpayer dollars on government studies to promote gun control and on flawed and ineffective “gun buyback” programs; and remove legal protections on sensitive law enforcement information.

“The 4.5 million men and women of the National Rifle Association and our tens of millions of supporters across the country strongly oppose this effort to enact the Obama gun control agenda”, said Chris W. Cox.

“The last thing America needs is more failed solutions to our nation's most pressing problems. Congress should instead focus its energies on the things that will actually keep our families and communities safer – prosecuting criminals who misuse firearms; securing our schools; and fixing the broken mental health system that keeps dangerously ill people on the street.”

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America's oldest civil rights and sportsmen's group. Four million members strong, NRA continues its mission to uphold Second Amendment rights and to advocate enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation's leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the military. Visit:

  • 12 thoughts on “NRA Responds to Pelosi ‘Gun Violence Prevention Task Force’ Schemes

    1. Before we talk gun control in California I think we should talk about bribes to judges and repealing the retro active immunity from prosecution that was given when they got caught. ( SBX211 )

    2. The problem is that these goof balls from the high tax liberal states leave because of the taxes and crime and come to states like mine and start voting for the same idiots politicians who drove their states into such dire straits. I agree it is a sickness that is infecting the country. I can only hope we survive this guys 2nd term..if not we are done as a constitutional republic for good.

    3. It seems that we now have bunch of activists that are in the congress, that are following single interest, verse the interest of the voters, and it looks like they are violating their oath office, we as a nation should look at re-calling some of those politicians.

    4. I’m native Texan and I always have been and always will be damn proud of that. Gov.Perry and TX AG Abott have already given DC and the socialist regime that’s putrifying the WH notice that if any federal gestapo comes to the Lone Star State harassing citizens, defying the 2’nd Amendment on law abiding gun owners they will be charged on felony counts,5yrs.max.imprisonment,250K fine ! Gov.Perry and AG Abott have even extended invitations to citizens of other states who cherish their gun rights to move to Texas where those rights will be protected. The Texas legislature is in session writing our own “firearms protection act”as I speak. ! (refer to 10’th Amend.) Let those 2 Kalifornia skanksPelosi-Feinstein run their mouth,the bitches are about done politically. Lock and load boys, It’s on !

    5. What waste of air sucking turd cutting talent would conceive of a “Task Force” membered by individuals who are completely replete of all knowledge of the fact of the mission of that group? While sitting with fingers in their collective ears singing “La-La-La-I can’t hear you” to the FBI crime statistics, the facts from all independant crime studies, and actual history of the world from the century of the majority of their own lives these folks are arguably the single most unqualified group of self appointed distructive malignant fools on record. They could not do less harm if they were to take up juggling hand granades in the cooling towers of a nuclear power plant. Just sayin…

    6. We have to understand that liberalism is a mental desease and as such makes them very unstable. The only good thing abut calif. new ban is it will cure their unemployment problem. bad news is that liberal’s as well as conservitives will leave and the damn libturds will start doing the same thing they just scurried away from because they always think they can make it work better this time. They idolize such historical greats as Lenin,Hitler,Mao,Castro,Chavez,Pol Pot,Idi Amin etc. And we have our own version of Hitler in our whitehouse and I live in New York where the idiots from NYC elected our new mini Mussolini to the Governor mansion

    7. This bitch is the minority leader. What part of minority doesn’t she get? These people in government may be thinking there are only 4.5 or so, million in the NRA, but there are millions of more who are behind the NRA. We are talking 125 million, at least. We either prefer to spend our money on ammo or can’t afford to join the NRA, but we do vote and know who is for or against us. Vote these bastards out and send them emails telling them you and your state will do so. Obama doesn’t care if he gets 200 million emails pro-gun. He can’t run again so he is going to do as much damage as he can in his 2nd term. It is just too bad that the whole country did not see this coming. He did not let Fast & Furious happen for nothing. If the country had known what he had planned, and we should have, he would never have come close to winning a 2nd term. That was why he dared not say one word against guns until he had secured a second term. That same day, it all came out.


    9. I certainly can’t understand for the life of me WHY both Pelosi and Feinestein Keep getting elected to office! They both can’t seem to understand that there are ENOUGH gun laws in place already but enforcement just isn’t happening. Look at Chicago’s track record,.. they have the strictest laws in the nation but still are the the number 1 city with gun violence. Laws don’t work unless they are enforced !! You can’t blame the weapon, be it a gun, knife baseball bat, or a vehicle,… it’s the person BEHIND the device of choice that’s the cause of the situation. Just WHEN are all of these governmental nut cases going to get it ?????

    10. I forgot something, I just saw a video where a former FBI agent confirms that John Brennan converted to Islam when he was CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia in the 70’s. Check out Creeping Sharia. It appears that there will be a minaret on top of the WH.

    11. Who in the Hell does this science experiment gone wrong think she is? She is no longer the speaker of the House, and, it is time that wimp from Ohio grew a set of balls and informed of that!

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