ArmaLite’s Statement Supporting the Firearms Equality Movement

Armalite AR10A SuperSASS 7.62 RIFLE
Armalite AR10A SuperSASS 7.62 RIFLE
ArmaLite Inc
ArmaLite Inc

Geneseo, IL – -( In the last week ArmaLite has been asked whether we would refuse to sell firearms to New York State in reaction to the legislature’s surprise passage of the most restrictive firearm regulations in the country.

Some think that we intend to continue sales of our firearms to the governments of New York and other states that restrict their citizens from owning similar arms. This is not true.

I have owned ArmaLite for almost two decades. During the first half of that time citizens were subjected to a ban that restricted ownership of legally made firearms and magazines. It was during this time that I initiated a policy that ArmaLite would not sell to a state government that denied ownership of our firearms to the honorable citizens of that State. This statement is still in force today.

In addition, we similarly embargo shipments to local governments that propose or do the same.

When I was a police officer I was required to purchase my own firearms. The same is true of many officers today. It appears that the majority of our rifles used by police officers were purchased by the officers themselves. I will not abandon them because of the actions of their State legislators. We’ve seen that rank and file Officers overwhelmingly support our position. And many County Sheriffs and Department Chiefs have declared that they will not enforce a law they see as unconstitutional. I will support them to the extent allowed by law.

Firearms Equality Movement
Firearms Equality Movement

My efforts to secure our Second Amendment rights extend far beyond this policy to active defense of our industry and rights. I have been strongly involved in Illinois gun ownership legislative efforts. For the past five years I have attended Arms Trade Treaty and International Small Arms Control Standard (ISACS) sessions at the United nations in New York and Geneva, Switzerland. For many of these sessions I have been the sole industry representative present. The point is that ArmaLite is strongly committed to our Second Amendment rights, and that my policy to support friendly police officers and agencies is not in conflict with my principles.

Today, some of our friends in the industry and the public wish ArmaLite to simply refuse to ship any firearms into States that don’t allow their citizens to own the same arms. For some it’s become a simple litmus test. But that position really doesn’t do justice to the Officers and other officials who are on our side.

I thank those of you who understand our principle of refusing to sell to agencies that support violating our Second Amendment rights while supporting the rank and file who publicly support us all. May we all unite together and fight to protect every law-abiding citizen’s right to own a firearm in America.

Mark A. Westrom

ArmaLite has one of the broadest product lines in the firearms industry. We manufacture and sell semiautomatic rifles in a variety of calibers including 5.56mm and 7.62mm, long range super-accurate bolt action rifles in calibers including .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua, and 50 BMG, and classic 9mm pistols.Visit:

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Have to agree with the vast majority of comments here. I will never buy an ArmaLite product. No matter how you dress it up, Hypocrisy is Hypocrisy. You’re with us and the 2nd Amendment or your against us. There is no middle ground on this issue. ArmaLite, you’re trying to place yourself in the middle of the road here. Know what happens to people (corporations) that stand in the middle of the road? They get run over. I hope the rest of the Firearm buyers in this country stop buying from ArmaLite. We may lose a few thousand more jobs,… Read more »


Sorry, support for individual LEOs by way of permitting them to purchase firearms for use in the course of their official duties is no different from selling directly to LE agencies directly because it accomplishes the same end – it arms LE with weapons not available to the citizens in their states. Or rather, I can say that it fails to accomplish the intent of refusing to sell banned arms/magazines direct to LE agencies – to put the pinch on them as their states have put on their citizens, in order to demonstrate to them that they are not above… Read more »


Seems like noone is falling for the old “smoke and mirrors” deal. Sorry….. I’m with them…..bye,bye….


I do not support this reasoning. Better quality products are available from other suppliers that support the US Citizens Gun Rights and the 2nd Amendment, time to move on.


Armalite is putting profit over principle. Not the first time that has happened in this world of ours. Bad decision. No Armalite guns for me. Americans didn’t win their freedom without a fight. Of course that was back when “men were men” and were willing to fight for what was right. I’m not sure present day Americans have what it takes to do that. Remember Obama got voted into office by the people. Should be an interesting future in this country with the goverment out of control like it is. When there is a firearms mfg. that refuses to take… Read more »


What a traitor, just like Dianne Feinstein. I will not purchase any Armalite product ever, that would be like funding mongrel Obama’s attack on the 2nd amendment. “Ain’t gonna do it”


whatever mark…you support those who dont recognize the 2ND, ergo I wont give you my money.
go away..


Then at least vow not to sell to the FEDERAL government and its unconstitutional agencies , not guns , not accessaries , not repair parts and not Ammunition . Homeland does NOT need 7,000 full auto capable M-16 and tons of ammunition , and the TSA needs NOTHING .


Armalite is either with us or agains’t us ! They ain’t with us ! HBH


There is no compromising in protecting the 2nd Amendment in this country. The comments from the owner of ArmaLite sends chills down my spine. “From My Cold Dead Hands” is my motto! In this case, it appears that “a little more cash in our hands” is the motto of ArmaLite and is more important than protecting the 2nd Amendment!


The following was written by Pat Riley, Master Armorer/Sales Rep. With Armalite. “Dear concerned gun owner,You need to convince the law enforcement agencies and common people about their mistake in electing these officials and have them removed.Again,NOT the manufacture.” AR Stands for ArmaLite. Respectfully,Pat Riley


No matter how you say it, the fact is Armalite will sell an AR15 to NYS LEO, but not NYS non-LEO.

So the armed men coming to arrest you for having an AR15 will be carry Armalite.

They are arming the foot soldier of tyrants and that’s the simple truth.

No Armalite products for me.


Armalite seems like the money sounds better than the 2nd Amendment. I think you just lost a lot of customers.


As this is a “us versus them” you have placed yourself on the “them” side . I hope you remember that.

Dats Right

Those LE agencies will use those very rifles at your door if you refuse to relinquish your arms.

Jerrys Kidds

Mark, great work by the way. Run for Office please. We need more like you


We must not compromise. That includes manufactures. they cannot tell which officers do or don’t support the 2nd amendment. The whole point is to apply leverage to the states, counties or states that introduce illegal and unconstitutional laws. You cannot do this by doing what Armalite is doing. They are compromising.

Jerrys Kidds

Wow!! Did I just read the the most poorest excuse for Why this Clown will support his “So Called” police who have to buy the own weapons. Damit!! What the hell is it going to take. Also When are we going to remove that person from the W/H What the hell is going on in our country my God~~ô¿ô~~


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Jersey Chris

This is only an attempt by Armalite to co-opt the fuzzy middle. Just another BMW/Diamler in the hands of the Reichstag. My lust for an AR-10 just evaporated. I won’t contribute a dime to an organization that would plead for tolerance while feeding the forces of constitutional destruction. I hope you do we’ll when the boots you lick dictate your existence. FU Armalite!

Jersey Mark

Mark, If your reason for doing what you are doing is to try and please both sides, you failed miserably, as you can see by these replies. My feeling is that, if nothing else, you made a very poor business decision. You had it within your power to help strengthen this equality movement and you chose to weaken it. I think you’re company’s bottom line in the very near future will bear that out. Besides this being a money decision, more importantly, its a citizens right issue and I believe you are standing on the wrong side. There are a… Read more »


Great so all a cop has to do is say yeah I support you guys and the Second Amendment and they get to buy a gun and ammo. What a cop out. We we go to purchase a pistol or rifle, we have to fill out a form that asks us who our employer is and what work we do. Anyone from New York being honest and stating they are a cop should not be sold anything. When push comes to shove, do you really believe they will support us citizens or their jackass boss Bloomberg and Cuomo?


I have one last statement on this issue. Armalite,there firearm manufacturing businesses,ammo manufacturing/supply businesses,magazine,..etc.that are looking to relocate to states that respect and live by,..and even die for,the US Constitution,and that includes the 2’nd Amendment ! Your company is making a decision that is a slap in the face to Americans who live by and respect the US Constitution,..all of it !!! I really hope that you reconsider your postion.HBH


This unified response to the armalite position is clear indication that this is absolutely a black & white issue, no gray area here. To arm those who would disarm law-abiding citizens is wrong, and for we the people to support armalite in any way, is equally and clearly wrong. There is no such thing as a little treason.


Mark, I know and understand your thinking on this. I also know how strong you feel on our 2nd as we have spoken years ago. The problem with your “statement’ that everyone is having is those “rank and file officers” in these banned now and coming states didn’t stand up as a “force” and tell their political leaders that they will not go along with this. Then they could even push to move this the our way. They have abandoned you, US and our 2nd as a right. If your “brothers in arms” won’t stand up for you and US… Read more »

963d AWACS

Armalite’s position is nothing more than compromise in order to maintain their cash flow. They will compromise us right into tyranny. I take Ammoland to task also for their misleading headline for this story. Armalite does not support the Firearms Equality Movement. They support their own profit motive. How about changing the headline Ammoland?


Banned in Maryland. At least I know what to expect from LE when they kick down my door to take my (6) round S&W 380, which will probably soon be banned also. I am sure I could defend against the Armalite AR10A SuperSASS 7.62 RIFLE with that. Your argument makes perfect sense to me. I am sure that MSP agrees with your position too.

After all, we have ATK here producing millions of bullets for the Gov also; probably the very bullets that will be fired from your restricted guns. How cool is that?


He refers to LE as “rank and file”as though Armalite has a moral obligation to sale to them even though they would not hestitate for a damn second to arrest us for exercising our SECOND AMENDMENT freedoms. Armalite just continue to sell your weapons to state and local governments that ban the very weapons you manufacture,…hopefully that will be the only business you ever get. HBH

Mark C.Hopp Sr.

Your company, do what you like. I hope the LE do not use your weapons on the citizens of our country. It is coming!


He is only looking at short term income. NOT the long term (income) picture. he will have plenty of free time on his hands to do other things!


Armalite can’t have it both ways.I’ve never purchased nothing from Armalite and glad I didn’t. If there is anything good that comes out of this we are finding out where firearms related businesses stood when shit hit the fan.Lest we never forget ! HBH


Been looking at the AR-10 SASS for a while. Oh well, Larue Tactical is doing the right thing and they put together one hell of a rifle.

Cope Reynolds

Mark, you have just cemented our opinion of you and your company. I am a dealer and I will not have your products in our store anymore. I could go on and on about supporting the American people but I think you get the picture.


Hopefully, the LE Officers buying are members of Oath Keepers. This organization’s members are current and former LEO’s and military who will abide by their original oath to uphold the Constitution. Period.


Avanti is right in everything he says.
Perhaps Mark made too many “friends” at the UN and now follows their agenda.
In his position, he could have made a great difference in the current grievous and illegal actions being taken to steal our right to protect ourselves.
No ArmaLite products for this American.

Mark Are

So what you are basically saying is that you will sell your products to officers who will “enforce the law” of the states that are violating the constitution. After all, that is what they do, without question in most cases…ENFORCE THE LAW. WITH YOUR PRODUCTS. I’m sorry I ever bought a product from you.


Wait,you will sell to members of agencies ruled by antigun municipalities and/or antigun state governments? I’m a law abiding u.s.citizen,why should I be denied access to tools for recreation or self defense? Now, I know better. I will not buy anything you make. And since you are weak,gun restrictions and bans will ensure that I cannot legally buy one at all. Thanks for nothing.


Basically, you will continue to sell to LE in states that ban your firearms. I will no longer purchase ArmaLite products and will encourage my friends to boycott you.

Kenneth Waggoner

Afaid I’m going to have to agree with Avanti on this, there is no middle ground on this issue.


Mark, your policy may sound good from your corporate standpoint – but from the standpoint of an American Citizen looking for support from a company associated so closely with firearms owners – it fails miserably. The fact that you continue to choose to arm the agents of what has clearly become illegal law in America is reprehensible. Doing so on the basis of brotherly love is pure hypocrisy. This is akin to arming the Hessians in the 1770’s because you served in that group. Purely disgusting. Of course, your company is not alone. We the People must also remember the… Read more »


This is best attempt at rationalizing the support of tyranny I have heard yet 🙂
we will only sell to government employees that pay with their own cash, even if you are not allowed to do the same.


If you can’t sell them to me you should not sell them to the police. I will no longer purchase anything from ArmaLite.