Anti Gun Group ‘Coalition To Stop Gun Violence’ Publicly Let Slip ‘Armed School Secur


Coalition To Stop Gun Violence Let Slip Armed School Security Might Be OK
Coalition To Stop Gun Violence Let Slip Armed School Security Might Be OK
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Manasquan, NJ –-( Approximately one week after the horrific shooting attack on a defenseless Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the NRA held a press conference to offer the organizations position on the tragedy.

Advocating for Congress to fund the hiring of armed security for the Nation’s Schools, a position that, while eminently reasonable, logical and the most effective way to deter future attacks, while also respecting and defending every Americans Second Amendment Rights, was openly and incessantly mocked and derided as insane by virtually every Anti Gun media pundit, gun control group and politician.

Today, acknowledgement of the concept came from the most unlikely of sources

In yet another of a string of shockingly candid admissions by the most vociferous Anti Gun Groups, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence publicly acknowledged on their Facebook Wall the concept of armed security at schools has merit.

A poster named Kiesha Rucker posted a very pertinent, logical, common sense and oft asked question to the group.

“I had to ask, We protect our banks with armed guards, we protect our politicians with armed guards, why is it that we don’t protect our own schools with armed guards? I think our kids are more important than the money in the bank! I lived in Springfield Oregon When Kip Kinkle walked into the highschool at Thurston and decided to open fire on his fellow students, After that day in 1998 the Highschool has placed two armed officers on campus for safety and they have not had another incident since, students and teachers along with parents say they feel safer knowing the two armed guards are there everyday to protect them. I think putting guards at our schools is safer than leaving them wide open”

The response from CSGV ?

OK. Fair enough. But what about stopping the shooting from ever happening in the first place? Do you think homicidal maniacs should be able to legally buy guns? Or buy them without any background check at all?

No one except the various gun loathing, freedom hating groups, their political lackeys and their media propagandists has ever suggested anything remotely approaching arming “homicidal maniacs”. To the contrary, The Executive Chairwoman for the Brady Campaign recently admitted in a publicly broadcast interview on NPR that her group isn’t interested in prosecuting felons or others who intentionally lie on a background check form (committing another felony in the process), despite the findings of a 2008 Dept of Justice Study that showed those that failed the background check and were denied the ability to purchase a firearm legally were significantly more likely to commit a violent crime even after being denied.

The truth is that it has been the long held, public position of the NRA, The Second Amendment Foundation and every other Pro Second Amendment Group and their millions of members to crack down hard on violent criminals who commit crimes with firearms.

Now comes more accidental truth from the enemies of Freedom. In unguarded moments, when they presume they are amongst friends they will candidly admit to things that they deride and ridicule in any other setting.

Which begs the obvious question. What else are they lying about to the general public?


More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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“If we can do one thing, just one thing to save even one life, then, I think we should do it.” Hmmm You mean like immediately putting a policeman in every school until a permanent security and in depth defense system could be put in place? I absolutely believe that armed security in schools would immediately put a stop to these types of tragedies. These people are cowards at heart, and if confronted with the possibility of being met with an armed, trained authority figure, ready willing and able to respond “with extreme prejudice”, their murderous fantasies would stay nothing… Read more »