How To Save Tons of Ammo in Today’s World

OCAT System
OCAT System exclusive program, LASER system, camera, connectors and directions.
OutWest Systems
OutWest Systems

Colorado Springs, Co –-( OutWest Systems, Inc. Now famous for their new high-tech firearm training systems has just released their new model LASER target training system for real firearms.

Getting any firearm practice at a time when a box (if you can find any) of ammunition is expensive and hard to locate is difficult.

Well, now shooters can fire tens of thousands of inexpensive rounds and get real training and feedback.

Timing is everything they say, and this is a great time to debut an all new shooting system you can practice with inside your house that will not only show and record your hits but analyze your movement during each shot and even give you shot to shot rapid fire timing!

When it comes to firearm training and practice for new or young shooters the OCAT System LASER will provide safe basic and advanced training far in advance of live fire training. The OCAT System provides a very real way to train sight picture, hold and trigger control without the distractions of an actual shot going off. And of course this basic training is safe and secure, right in your own home if so desired.

Professional Instructors and shooting schools will benefit from this system immediately. Without the distraction of ear muffs, safety glasses, gunfire and recoil ones ability to teach the basics of sight alignment, hold and trigger control is greatly accelerated with the OCAT System–we have seen that first hand.


Within just 50 shots new shooters will shrink their groups dramatically and experienced shooters will smooth out their trigger control beyond anything live fire can train. This all makes the OCAT System ideal for professional trainers, shooting schools and firearm training at any level.

And the beauty of this new and improved computer supported LASER system is it is affordable upgradable to live fire rifle and hand gun and even the OCAT long-range (up to miles) firearm training system.

While recommended for use with the OCAT preferred LASER system, if the shooter already has a snap cap type laser this unit will work with most other brands of LASER training units.

Advantages of the OCAT LASER System:

  • Nearly unlimited practice shots
  • Produces same basic practice feedback as live fire
  • Provides firearm/trigger movement during the shot that live fire cannot provide

(Shown in the image)

  • OCAT Software Package (LASER version)
  • Camera
  • Camera mount
  • Target package
  • LASER Unit (with 9mm, .40, .45 and .223/5.56mm calibers included)
  • MSRP $495.00 including the OCAT System supplied LASER Unit
  • MSRP $295.00 without the OCAT system LASER (requires a compatible snap cap LASER)

Optional Components:

  • Laptop Computer (upgrades available)
  • Spotting Scope (Celestron as above)
  • Tripod
OutWest Systems,Inc.
5037 List Drive
Colorado Springs
CO 80919-3321
[email protected]

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It is so damn stupid & brain death people in this world, specially in this country, more importantly, our governments. IT IS NOT the gun or ammo control problem we have nor can or will solve problems of getting innocent people injured or killed. IT IS THE stupid morons, lunatics, criminals that need to be CONTROLLED. Control them AND PROBLEM SHALL BE RESOLVED!!!!


Here’s a thought or two for you Lois, if that’s really you beneath your words from the Land of Oz. Timothy McVeigh needed neither gun nor bullets, 911 needed neither gun nor bullets, the Boston Marathon Brainiacs only needed crockpots. Take a gun, any gun, make it one of those devastatingly lethal, fully automatic machine guns with a fully loaded 300 round magazine. Now put one in the chamber, take the gun off safe and place it on the ground beneath an impervious plastic bubble. Write me in about a thousand years to tell me how many people have died… Read more »


Dear, dear Lois…It’s sheeple like you, darling, who necessitate the existence of sheepdogs like me to even the odds when the wolves come around and (if you are lucky)I happen to be within earshot of your scream. I guarantee that it would be more likely that one of us, rather than a police officer, will be close enough and quick enough to intervene and keep you from getting robbed, raped and/or killed. A dog that has only one tooth isn’t much protection…Whole lotta noise, but no bite at all….


Lois honey,How did you get on this web page? I think the VIEW is a different web page,but thanks for stopping by !!!!!


Lois, you are truly an outstanding example of “a useful idiot”.


Lois McLaughlin:
Dear Lois- It is the heart and brain that kill people.
Try killing someone who is wired on crack or meth with one bullet.


Some more statistics: Lois, your post (possibly a bait post) has yielded 6 responses up to now. Of the 6, three (50%) were cogent, civil, informative and persuasive. One (17%) was angry, mean-spirited and rude (by someone who would stand a 10% chance of being my first choice for a neighbor). One (17%) was supportive of the rude one, which I guess actually increases that category to 34%. Whether you planted your post to see what you could stir up or your thoughts are genuinely yours, thanks for the posting. I agree 100% with Rappini and Dan. Thanks to all… Read more »


Oh and I have to add this, Lois. Bullets have never killed anyone. Running with scissors has. Though scissors themselves never have. It is only when a person with intent or just being plain stupid pulls a trigger that someone gets killed. A gun can be used like a hammer and kill someone as well. Nazi’s did that quite nastily on Jewish children. Guns by themselves do not kill people Bullets by themselves do not kill people together they still do not kill people. It is only when some criminal uses a weapon or some idiot misuses a weapon that… Read more »


Lois, I hope you read this. Only 14% of shots made by well trained and experienced Police officers actually hit their mark. That means only 14 bullets out of 100 fired hit the person aimed at. So when it comes to one bullet needed to kill a person you are waaaaaaaaay off the mark. Of those 14 out of 100 bullets only 6 hit in the actual possible kill zone. Meaning that 8 of those bullets hit but did not stop the attacker. Of those 6 that hit it all depends on the attacker and whether or not PCP or… Read more »


thanks BECKER,very well put!


Woman, you are a complete idiot. One bullet, Really? What if 2 bad guys show up, you miss, or a thousand other things that could go wrong.No you don’t have a problem with guns, just with any that have bullets to defend innocent people. Do you really think that a criminal is going to show up with one bullet and say,” I’ll fire and miss, then stand perfectly still in the open so you can fire your one bullet and make sure you hit me?” Funny, you people never blame the criminals but only the people who are defending themselves.… Read more »


Lois, I think you probably should do some research on why we have 2A (Second Amendment).


Lois, get some help.