Marine Special Operations Command Selects Leupold Mark 8 CQBSS for Combat Troops

Leupold Mark 8 1.1-8x24mm CQBSS
Leupold Mark 8 1.1-8x24mm CQBSS
Leupold Tactical Optics
Leupold Tactical Optics

BEAVERTON, Ore. –-( The Leupold Mark 8 1.1-8x24mm CQBSS M5B1 Front Focal has been selected by the United States Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) for use by front-line Marines in combat.

The Mark 8 CQBSS was put to the test in situations ranging from advanced sniper courses to combat operations in Afghanistan’s Helmand Valley. This acquisition is just the latest in Leupold’s long history of military service.

“The recognition of the quality and dependability by MARSOC further strengthens the position that Leupold is well-respected in the U.S. military,” said Chris Estadt, Leupold’s director of military business development.

The adaptability and power range of the CQBSS quickly made it a favorite with the Marines at MARSOC.

“I use the Mark 8 on my M110SASS K1 carbine, which is my primary weapon as the Marine Special Operations Team sniper,” an undisclosed Marine reported. “I carry it on foot patrol, where I appreciate how quick and easy it is to change the scope power. Its versatility is unmatched in the rapidly changing conditions of modern combat.”

Feedback from Joseph Sroka, Force Modernization Officer, Marine Special Operations Regiment, MARSOC, “This optic allows them (users) to dial down their power and use the illuminated 5 MOA aiming circle as they would a reflex optic when shooting in close quarters or conducting aerial gunnery, and use the same optic to win precision engagements out to the maximum effective range of a 7.62 platform. This optic is ideal for Marine Special Operators and the missions they conduct.”

Leupold has been the designated optic on such sniper systems as the M24, M107, MK12, M110, M14 and M2012. The CQBSS has seen service as part of an optics package for the M2 heavy machine gun and MK19 automatic grenade launcher. Leupold riflescopes have served reliably under the most grueling of combat conditions around the world.

Own your own Leupold Mark 8 1.1-8x24mm CQBSS:

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Well we ask that you be patriots, and not sell any of your products to any state in the U.S. that restricts or violates the 2nd Amendment rights of the people of that state. Otherwise you are traitors. This is a clear cut decision and indicator that depicts you as either a patriot of the constitution or a defense contractor prostitute.