MagPul Gun Magazine Manufacturing Leaving Colorado If Democrats Pass Ban

Leaving Colorado
MagPul Gun Magazine Manufacturing Leaving Colorado If Democrats Pass Ban
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Erie, Colorado-based Magpul Industries founder Richard Fitzpatrick is making one thing clear: if Democrats in the state house and senate succeed in passing a high capacity magazine ban, Magpul is leaving the state and taking the $85 million it would have generate for Colorado next year with it.

Fitzpatrick’s company has been making magazines for AR-15s since 1999 and is now “one of the country’s largest producers of magazines and other firearms accessories for gun enthusiasts, law enforcement, and the military.”

He says attempts to restrict the size of magazines and add serial numbers to each one will make production costs untenable in Colorado.

Moreover, with state Democrats pressing for a bill to hold gun manufacturers liable for the criminal misuse of “assault weapons,” Fitzpatrick fears that if Magpul remains within the state and a criminal tapes two magazines together to outsmart the ban, Magpul will be held liable.


The good news for Magpul is that Wyoming and Texas are already asking the company to relocate to their states.

Some supporters of the bill say, “Magpul is bluffing.” But Fitzpatrick countered, saying, “It’s not really a threat. It’s a promise.”

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Bob Kalb

Lehigh provides funding for municipal agencies and for Economic Development Authorities. Please give me a callif you decide to move we will assist in providing financing for your new facility no matter where you move.We are NRA members and stong supporters of the 2nd Amendment. 610-392-3288
Good Luck.


Say goodbye to the peoples Socialist Republic of Colorado. Good riddance in any case. Cmon down to sunny South Carolina. People here will be glad to have you. We appreciate your mission,your products, and your jobs. After gov Hickenleadbottom (or whatever his name is signs the bills tomorrow AM the choice will be clear. Don’t cross the line in the sand and don’t mess with Magpul

Probate Judge Kimbrough Ballard

We would love to have you in Alabama!! Give us a consideration, would welcome a visit (my dime) great climate, great workforce, great incentives abd the most friendly people in the world.
Kimbrough L. Ballard
105 Lauderdale St.
Selma, Al. 36701


You should come to Washington. We have numerous places where there are dormant industrial facilities ready to occupy, plus a skilled labor force ready to work, no personal income tax, and Seattle and Tacoma lie on the confluence of major shipping ports and rail and highway connections.


Tell magpul to not to forget Oklahoma, we have had a mass murder, it was with a rental truck and fertilizer. Haven’t banned either.


love my p mags and other products. come on down to NC. We would love to have you. Screw Colorado-commie s—hole state of late

Michael L

You are welcome in OK. OK has great fishing and hunting. OK is pro gun, conceled and open carry. Pls concider OK.

Stan Mramor

Keep them coming on down here to the Lone Star. When the SHTF, I would feel much better having arms and ammo manufacturers here in Texas within a short drive from work or home. Everybody wins!


Magpul,bring your business down to the Lone Star State ! Texas would like for all firearms related businesses to come here. Get the hell out of those g-damn candyass tyranny states and relocate to the greatest state in the country,…Texas ! “Texas like a whole other country”! HBH

thomas moran

so wouldbe nice if ya,ll moved to TEXAS ,, or mississippi ,, im not sure how LOUISIANA stands on it but would be great to have ya,ll

Bill Butler

Please tell Magpul that Alaomogordo, New Mexico would be glad to have their commpany relocate here. I am sure that very favorable arrangements will be made to facilitate the move. Than you. Bill B