Montana: Pro-Gun, Pro-Hunting Bills Go to the Governor for His Consideration

Please call and e-mail Governor Steve Bullock and urge him to sign these pro-gun bills into law!


Charlotte, NC –-( Senate Bill 145, introduced by state Senator Frederick Moore (R-20), provides important confidentiality and privacy protection for concealed weapon permit holders.  SB 145 passed in the state Senate by a 37 to 13 vote on January 31 and passed in the state House by an 88 to 9 vote on March 13.

House Bill 302, introduced by state Representative Krayton Kerns (R-58), would prevent state enforcement of any federal ban on semi-automatic firearms and/or “large capacity” magazines.  HB 302 originally passed in the state House by a 56 to 42 vote on February 22, passed in the state Senate by a 28 to 21 vote on March 13 and passed state House concurrence by a 62 to 35 vote on March 20.

For more information on so-called “assault weapons” and “large capacity” magazines, click here.

House Bill 27, introduced by state Representative Ted Washburn (R-69), authorizes the use of suppressors while hunting wolves after the general deer and elk season.  HB 27 passed in the state House by a 63 to 33 vote on February 6 and passed in the state Senate by a 29 to 20 vote on March 13.

Please call AND e-mail Governor  Steve Bullock (D) today and respectfully urge him to sign into law Senate Bill 145 and House Bills 302 and 27.

Governor Steve Bullock

Phone: (406) 444-3111

Click here for E-mail


House Bill 205, sponsored by Representative Krayton Kerns (R-58), is currently awaiting final approval by the state Senate.  This bill would legalize the use of suppressors for all hunting.  While suppressors do not eliminate the sound of a firearm, they do reduce the muzzle report in a manner similar to the way that a muffler reduces exhaust noise from a vehicle. The benefits associated with suppressor use include increased accuracy due to reduced recoil and muzzle blast, protection from hearing damage and reduced noise pollution.  The state Senate could vote on HB 205 soon, so please contact your state Senator and encourage his or her support for this hunting reform legislation.  For more information on firearms and suppressors, click here.

Contact information for your state legislators can be found here.
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Gene Lynch

Also Bullock wants to ban bow hunting. He also has the strange idea making bow hunters remove their vehicle mufflers to warn the game and the game wardens that they are hunting. I think he has lost what little brain he ever hat.He will permit bow hunting for one minute one day. only. What a quacker roo!


It saddens to say that my once great state of Montana, is slowly turning into California…


I still don’t know why the NRA gave this communist Steve Bullock an A+ rating…


, I hear ya. I think its high time to removed these career politicians with mandatory term limits in all offices. The voters are surely uninformed and brainwashed by the lame-stream media. U.S. Senators 2 Terms max. Old thinking will not move this country forward. There is way… too much corruption by politicians and their handlers when they overstay their welcome.


The traitor vetoed hb302. Montana, Stop voting for f***ing communists! Do you want to end up like California or colorado?.
We had a chance to vote in a real 2nd amendment supporter in office, but most of the retarts in my state voted this douche bag instead…