Two Texas Pro-Knife Bills Need Your Help

Texas Capitol Building
Two Texas Pro-Knife Bill Need Your Help

Gilbert, AZ –-( Knife Rights Director of Legislative Affairs Todd Rathner lobbied and testified in support of HB1299 last week in Austin, Texas.

HB1299, sponsored by Representative Jonathan Stickland, would enact Knife Law Preemption in Texas. If you live, work or travel in Texas and have not already done so, Write or Call the Committee Members TODAY and urge them to recommend passage of HB1299. Click here for links to the Committee members.

Whether writing or calling, all that is necessary is to simply ask them to vote in favor of HB1219. Keep it short and to the point.

While in Austin, Todd also worked on HB1862, which would repeal the irrational and antiquated Texas ban on switchblades. HB1862 is sponsored by Rep. Harold V. Dutton, Jr., who Chairs the Urban Affairs Committee that heard HB1299. That bill has been assigned to the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, but has not yet been calendared for a hearing. You can help by Writing or Calling Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Chairman Rep. Abel Herrero and ask him to schedule a hearing on HB1862. Click here for Chairman Herrero's contacts.

Questions from the Urban Affairs Committee Chairman and members revealed just how confusing Texas knife laws really are and the difficulty citizens have of knowing if their knife is legal in any particular place. During testimony the committee asked about blade lengths, operating and locking mechanisms, knife nomenclature and types while trying to determine for themselves what knives are legal and illegal to possess in Texas or in a particular city or town in Texas.

The questions and confusion clearly demonstrated the need for this Knife Law Preemption bill that would ensure citizens could expect consistent enforcement of state knife laws everywhere in the state. HB1299 would prevent the creation of, and eliminates the existing patchwork of local ordinances and laws more restrictive than state law which only serve to confuse or entrap those traveling within or through the state.

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    1. Texas knife laws should be the exact same all over the state. San Antonio has the same anti-knife laws as Feinstein wants with guns.HBH

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