UN Arms Trade Treaty 2013 – It’s Back…

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UN Arms Trade Treaty 2013 – It’s Back…
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New York, NY –-(Ammoland.com)- Just when American gun owners thought they were safe from the gun grabbers at the United Nations, a zombie returns from the dead.

Now being billed as the “Final UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty”, it’s on the world body’s agenda once again. American gun owners better beware.

Despite repeated failures to agree in previous attempts at passage, most recently in August of 2012, the UN is once again seeking the required 100% consensus among nations to establish in international law the responsibility of all nations to control and eventually disarm their law-abiding citizens.

If the UN has its way, all humans on this planet, except perhaps the political elite in both democracies and dictatorships, and members of the criminal class, will be defenseless against armed thugs, greedy, genocidal governments and worldwide organized crime syndicates.

From March 18 to March 28, 2013, we will watch the United Nations in all its dysfunctional glory, lurching toward an agreement on civilian disarmament with the promise of “Peace on Earth” via global arms control. If successful, it will mark the beginning of a massive new global bureaucracy whose goal is civilian disarmament, regardless of the cost in human lives. The only thing standing in the way of an agreement is the requirement for 100% consensus among the nations. Without unanimity, there will be no United Nations-based treaty.

This process is being driven by two different camps with the same objective, but for different reasons. What American gun owners need to know is that neither of these groups are our friends, and they both seek to disarm us, along with all of humanity.

Gun Haters
The first group, who we might label the “gun-haters”, have been fighting against private gun ownership their whole lives. They’ve fought for the Arms Trade Treaty process from the beginning, and they appear to actually believe that by eliminating the tools of self-defense, PEACE will suddenly break out throughout the world. This group is led by the countries of Norway, Austria, Mexico and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) led by Oxfam. This group would be happy to break away from UN auspices and the requirements for 100% consensus so they can create a treaty which includes everything that their little hearts desire.

Gun Grabbers
The second group, is just as dangerous to us, but a bit more practical in their outlook. They’re in favor of the Arms Trade Treaty because, in their sick minds, arms control is always beneficial to governments and those in power, especially if those governments can avoid yielding any sovereignty to a new treaty body.

The issue of “Human Rights” was a concern for many treaty proponents at last August’s meeting. In the final hour, 74 countries signed a document explaining the “humanitarian” need for “transfer denial” to countries likely to commit human rights violations ( https://reachingcriticalwill.org/images/documents/Disarmament-fora/att/negotiating-conference/statements/20July_groupof74.pdf ).

However, “transfer denial” has implications that could mean loss of sovereignty. For example, what happens when countries continue to commit human rights violations with illegally trafficked weapons or aid in providing such weapons. The “gun haters” are ready with an answer.

“In order to deter persistent and flagrant violations, it may be considered necessary to include options for sanctions against parties that consistently disregard their obligations under the treaty.” (The Arms Trade Treaty: Countering myths and misperceptions; https://controlarms.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/The-ATT-Countering-Myths-and-Misperceptions.pdf).

Major disagreements remain from last August’s meeting. For example, the US remains adamant about not including ammunition in the scope of the treaty, because of the fact that there is no practical way to track and trace the hundreds of billions of rounds of ammunition presently in circulation throughout the world. According to a February 2012 white paper circulated by the US delegation (https://tsmworldwide.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/US-Nonpaper_Ammo_Feb2012.pdf),

“costs to States Parties of attempting to control ammunition within the context of the ATT greatly outweigh any benefits that could possibly result from doing so.”

For the US, this appears to be a ‘red-line‘ issue, but under the right circumstances, the Obama administration could always change its mind. Many such “red-line” issues remain for other countries as well. According to Jeff Moran, a shooting sports and defense consultant in Geneva, there are 195 instances of opposition to the present draft document, any of which would prevent its passage. In the category of “transfer criteria” alone, about half the countries are opposed, while the others are in favor. According to Moran, opposition to the draft document is growing (CONSENSUS KILLED, 10/17/2012, https://tsmworldwide.com/consensus-killed), a trend we can only hope will continue.

Will we see a limited agreement on firearms at United Nations, where the gun-grabbers and the gun-haters join together to steal our human right to self-defense? Or will the gun-haters abandon the venue of the United Nations, with its requirement for 100% consensus, in favor of more limited international conventions that would include pie-in-the-sky proposals such as “reparations for past violations”, all in the name of “Human Rights”?

The concept of the “transfer of sovereignty” created a backlash which persists, even as the latest Arms Treaty negotiations progress, and makes this split a possibility at next month’s meetings. What will actually happen remains to be seen. Yet whatever happens, law-abiding American gun owners must ALWAYS remember that the intent of ALL of them, the one-world government lovers, the gun-haters and the gun-grabbers, is the eventual disarmament of all civilians, with the inevitable subjugation of “the masses” by those who pretend to know what’s good for the rest of us.

Both the camps are already hard at work at the UN and both camps can hardly wait to disarm us. Despite the attempt by some at the UN and in the USA to “go slow” on civilian disarmament, enacting gun control incrementally over time, there can be no doubt that their goal is to eventually seize the legitimately-held weapons of all American civilians. They are resolute in their belief that the American Second Amendment cannot resist the constant assaults by gun-grabbing globalists.

Perhaps they are right. Encouraged by the ease with which New Yorkers agreed to give up their rights to self-protection after the Newtown massacre by a madman, the worldwide gun-haters can only see weakness.

However, hidden among the news headlines, honest citizens throughout the USA, most notably at the state and local level, have been fighting back. The movement to arm teachers, initially ridiculed by the media elite, is making headway. As more and more American communities act to protect students and teachers in their schools using armed employees, acts of violence in those locations will decline. Residents of less safe or “non-safe” schools will ask why they aren’t being adequately protected like families in pro-gun states. Although it is probably too much to expect this to lead to “safe schools” in places like Cuomo’s New York, as violence gravitates to places where civilian guns are banned, it will hopefully serve as a reminder to the rest of America as to why citizens with guns are so important to us all.

In an article dated February 26, 2012, Theodore Bromund explained the problem of “creeping treaty crud” (U.N. Arms Trade Treaty: Congress Should Show Leadership in Advance of the ATT Negotiations, Theodore R. Bromund, Ph.D.; https://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2013/02/un-arms-trade-treaty-congress-should-show-leadership-in-the-att-negotiations).

He tellingly stated that “because the ATT seeks to control the entire world’s trade in all conventional arms, it cannot be completely negotiated at one or even two UN conferences…The ATT is thus fundamentally a process that will last for years or even decades…”

This is why all law-abiding American gun owners need to keep their eyes and ears open wide, constantly on the lookout for supposed “incremental changes” in gun laws that are proposed as “common sense solutions” to the “gun problem” by firearms-phobic elitists and anti-gun activists.

If we don’t pay attention to current events and speak up loudly, clearly and forcefully, the day may soon come when blue-helmeted forces of the UN, assisted by our own US government, will come knocking on our doors, “politely” asking for our guns, our ammo, and our God-given right to protect ourselves, our families, and our country.

Semper Paratum.

Stay prepared, America.



About the Authors:
Mr. Alan J. Chwick received a B.S. from the State University of New York at Albany in Business Administration and Data Processing, as well as an A.S. from Nassau Community College in Accounting. Alan has been engaged full-time since 1975 in the private sector as an Independent IT & Facilities Consultant in Freeport, New York (The Complete Machine, Inc.). He has been involved with firearms much of his life, and is currently the Managing Coach of the Freeport Junior Club (FJC) at the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association. Alan is extremely active in defending the Second Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights in the political arena in Nassau County and the State of New York. He is responsible, with the aid of attorney Robert Firriolo, for changing the face of preemption in NYS Penal Code 400, with his legal victory against Nassau County (Citation: Chwick v. Mulvey, 81 A.D.3d 161, 915 N.Y.S.2d 578 (2nd Dept. 2010)). Additionally, Alan was a strong voice in changing NYS PL 265.20.7e, to permit 14-20 year-olds to handle a firearm during training. At the Freeport Junior Club, with the help of Coach Edward Botsch and an excellent staff of Range Officers, Alan teaches firearm safety and use, competitive shooting and good sportsmanship to youths aged 5 to 21 years-old.

Dr. Joanne D. Eisen received her B.A. from Queens College, City University of New York, in Chemistry/Biology. She earned her D.D.S. degree from New York University in 1966. Since then, Joanne has been engaged full-time in the private practice of dentistry in Old Bethpage, New York. She has been a long-time advocate and prolific writer in defense of American’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Dr. Richard B. Goldman earned a B.S. in Geology from the State University of New York at Albany in 1974, and a D.D.S. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1981. He has practiced dentistry for over 30 years, and is presently Vice President for Clinical Products for a major dental manufacturing company. He maintains life memberships in many national and state gun rights organizations, and has spent many years educating all who will listen about the relationship between civilian disarmament and government-sponsored genocide.

The current primary focus of the writers’ research is the importance of the Second Amendment to the preservation of our American Constitutional liberties.

To contact the authors:

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Bob Loblaw

There is no way a US uniformed soldier would intervene in this gun fire. The opinion of “Blue Helmets” is already low enough, there is no way they would go out of their way to harm American citizens.!

Johnny Nightrider

No we won’t lay down are arms and surrender.
Come and take them. We have a 100 million gun owners.I just hope that when the day comes that are National Guard troops don’t assist the U.N. blue helmet troops.I will fight against the U.N. troops though I rather not fight against are own troops and hopefully they feel the same way.Maybe the National Guard troops will join us against the U.N. troops.Might turn into a civil war.


Oops it locked and posted be4 I was finished. Ok their hesitation on using force!! Look at Africa and the Genocide that went on in Africa, The un troops wouldnt do squat to help even when people were being mowed down. More than likely all the troops used would be foreign( I hope) because if thats the factbit would be easier to drop them vs if they were American troops wearing the Blue hats . We all know Foreign troops would hate us, treat us like shit, shoot, beat etc they would be coming in here hating us wanting some… Read more »


Bill I agree, their is alot of difference shooting an American cop, agent or whoever and if we did we would be labeled as whack jobs and then the Democratic crusading FFF liberals would use that as a political tool saying ” see, see, see” weeeeeee toollllddddddd youuuuu they were nuts!!!!. No what we gotta do is get them to make the 1st shot !!:then it would be self defense!! The Blue helmets I wouldnt have an issue dropping because I would look on them as a foreign occupiers ( no different that the british in the Revolutionary war or… Read more »


Them blue helmets would look great in the crosshairs ! HBH


We don’t have to explain ourselves or constitution to any foreigner. It is going to get to the point where the only thing these people will understand is revolution. Let the UN “forces” come. They have always been cowards and hid behind US forces. We have 100 million. See them scrap together 2 million, most of who will run at the first shots.


Texas Gov.Perry,Texas AG Abbott and others have said often and loud,don’t even think about coming into Texas and try disarming or confiscating the firearms of law-abiding Texans.It just won’t happen ! These blue helmeted son of a bitches need to bring their own body bags too.I have a feeling this will come down to states rights,..the 10’Amendment,…(I’m sure the liberals don’t like that one either) I really feel for the people in these tyranny states who cherish their constitutional rights and love their country. It’s on,and I’m in !!! HBH

Bill Baker

MOLON LABE is being to overused lately. Its meaning comes from what the greeks said to the persians. I think it’s being used too often by people who I’m not sure fully understand that its implication is that when the government does come knocking at your door you will fight back, ie: shooting policemen, govt agents etc. When SHTF I support this, but right now the fight is more political and if we are seen as threatening to shoot police if they try to enforce laws we will be labeled whack jobs too quickly. I’ve seen the slogan on too… Read more »


This crap did not start over night. There is much more to it as the Authoritarian State of King Barack Hussein’s Rogue Regime has gotten all the ducks in a row, Democrats, Republicans, and the National Rifle Association. Their goal is the destruction of the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights, as only an opening act. But now, the Traitors have unmasked themselves.
Remember the Ten Orders of those who are Oath Keepers.