NJ State Police Slow Walking Firearms NICS Checks – A Right Delayed is a Right Denied


New Jersey State Police Slow Walking Gun Rights
New Jersey State Police Slow Walking Gun Rights


New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- In the normal course of advocating for the fair treatment of all firearms owners, the NJ2AS initiated a call to the New Jersey State Police in an effort to better understand the reasons behind the extensive delays to process what is referred to as the NATIONAL INSTANT CHECK SYSTEM (NICS) check.

A NICS check consists of a database individuals who have been judged criminally or mentally disqualified from owning a firearm and is made on a purchaser (who has already been investigated for a permit) at the point of purchase. In most states, this is a 30 second phone call.

New Jersey State Police have been taking from 10 to over 15 days to do the exact same processing. Based on the recorded answer to our query, we can only determine that this delay represents a blatant disregard for the individual, constitutionally protected rights of previously vetted NJ residents.

It may even rise to the level of a dereliction of duty. The NJ2AS is looking into the possibility that this behavior could be a violation of federal law, Title 18 Sections 241 and 242, Deprivation of Rights and Conspiracy Against Rights. In fairness, we requested a meeting with the Firearms Investigation Unit Head to discuss correcting the problem of delays and addressing the view in general that this is not an important issue.

We were told that a meeting would not be possible!

I sincerely hope that all our members and supporters do not think that we can accomplish this important mission on our own. The leadership of the NJ2AS must rely on your participation in these hearings, events and rallies in order to further our joint mission. We understand how difficult it can be for people to take off from work, arrange for childcare and all the other normal tasks of daily living that get in the way of participation. However, given what is at stake, we have to remind you just how critical the retention of your arms rights are to your future and that of your children and grandchildren. If we do not want them living under a Socialist Regime, we need to move *NOW*.

Tomorrow may just very well *BE* too late. Is it a lot to ask, YES! ASK IT OF YOURSELF. You and your children are WORTH IT!

Frank Jack Fiamingo
President – NJ2AS

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.com

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Have nj fid. Card 2 hand gun permits. Have background check for hazmat and twic card .if you don’t know what that is it tsa and homeland security. Got a delay on nics check. By some Leo at state police that doesn’t have half the security clearance I have my job is a gas tanker driver.


Jesse call the NRA. The NRA came to Colorado with lawyers and the CBI straightened their sh*t out fast…


I purchased my firearm 5/15 of this year. Gun dealer told me “the NICS check will take around 3 weeks we will call you when your firearm is ready for pick up”. Well it’s now 6/10 and still no phone call. Called the gun dealer today and asked if everything is ok and why is this taking so long he told me ” I don’t know what to tell you but I suggest you don’t call back! ill call you when your gun is ready!” and he hung up on me. what do I do now?? And what is going… Read more »


Purchased my firearm on 5/29 called today to check the status, and they are only up to 5/24 submissions. And they can no longer call NICS checks in?! why are they going backwards in time and using FAX? so they can say “We Never Received the Fax”. Then its another “2 weeks” for an INSTANT check? All I want to know is which CRIMINAL would go through all the paperwork, to legal purchase a firearm JUST to commit a crime? I think NJ is missing the point here.

Ralph DiTore

The lady you talked to is blowing smoke up your ass….

Pennsy has less people buying guns.. my last two purchases took less than 5 minutes for NICS.


I’ve purchased two handguns 2 years ago via permits, have a Firearms Purchaser ID. The gun shop made a call on the spot, I walked out of the store with my pistols. I recently went to purchase an AR. Bought it, was told the NICs should take 3 weeks… WEAK!


on day 32 and counting

Joseph Mitchell

Unfortunately it’s not just since Newtown. In 20 years NJ has never hit the 30 day limit in any of the cases where I filed for my FOID or a Handgun Permit.

Most recent endeavor started September 17 2012. Filed for a Handgun Permit, received the permit 12/26. Went to my FFL. “Instant Check” took 20 days. Legal transfer time with a spotless record, about 4 months.

Michael Mignone

These delays are ridiculous. An INSTANT check isn’t supposed to take 2 weeks. I’m currently on day 15 on a .22 rifle that I already paid for in full. I’m sure there are people who have waited much longer, but we need to do something about this.

Frank Liso

your dealer has the right to sell it to you after 3 days why hasn’t he?


Never assume that the police are your friends. New Jersey is a lovely state, but its government is not.


So the New Jersey state police have come out as the not so secret police and gestapo of the Union of Socialist States of Amerika . Even they are progressive excrement from the progressive New England communists .

Lee Bryant

First most of the idiots in NJ voted this stuff in. They deserve what they got. However, the few decent people that live in that liberal cesspool need to move to a better place.

Frank Liso

I would love to move, but 3 grandkids it’s not going to happen.

Tom Gee

The information below is from the FBI.gov website. We need some brave FFL’s to start using this process and start bypassing the NJ SP maybe that will light a fire under there asses

Tom Gee

A Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) will receive the following instructions when a call is transferred from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Contracted Call Center to the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division’s NICS Section for a transaction resulting in a delay: “—NTN— is delayed while the NICS continues its research. If you do not receive a response from us, the Brady Law does not prohibit you from transferring the firearm on ___ day/date ___.” The following table specifies the day after a delay response on which a firearm may be lawfully transferred under federal law if a… Read more »