What if They Held An Anti-Gun Rally & Nobody Came, Wait That’s Just What Happened

What if They Held An Anti-Gun Rally & Nobody Came, Wait That is Just What Happened
What if They Held An Anti-Gun Rally & Nobody Came, Wait That is Just What Happened

Illinois –-(Ammoland.com)- On Thursday, April 11, 2013 the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence held an anti-gun “rally” at the State Capitol.

But they didn’t quite hit the mark – with less than 200 in attendance,(including Media) it looked more like a school field trip!

IGOLD 2013, an estimated 8000  marched in support of the Right to Carry and other Second Amendment issues. That day stands as proof that Illinois citizens support the Right to Carry and do NOT support more gun control! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the IGOLD photo posted below is worth 8,000+ words!

ICHV claims they represent the “95%” of Illinois residents that want stricter gun control….So, if we look at the numbers….their less than 200 person turn out somehow represents 95% of the people of IL and our 8000 person turn out only represents the remaining 5%….Their numbers make as much sense as their rhetoric!

(Editors Note: The pitiful rally received extensive media coverage, almost as many media as protesters, but at IGOLD 2013 the Media was a no show.)

The IllinoisCarry forum was started in April 2004. The idea was that Illinois needed a central location to communicate ideas and information regarding 2nd Amendment issues in Illinois. There are many organizations in Illinois working to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. Working with these groups IllinoisCarry has become the central location for information and Action Alerts. IllinoisCarry will not endorse political candidates. We simply provide information so voters can make informed decisions. Our goal is to join the other 48 states that allow their citizens to carry concealed firearms. We encourage you to register on our forum and join the fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights in Illinois. Visit www.IllinoisCarry.com

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I’m thinking that many more people would have shown up to stand with the 8000 if they hadn’t been working or could have found sitters. So many times these rallies give us a day and a half notice or at the very most, less than the 2 weeks it takes for us to get that day off. So, we pass out written material and wear our buttons to work, but don’t show for the rallies. On the other hand, the other side busses in and pays for those that attend their gatherings in a number of cases. So, the numbers… Read more »


Sounds lot like the 80 some-percent of americans that support stricter background checks ie national registration. Im about sick of all this bullshit chicago math. It was funny to see obasama get all pissy today and have a tantrum. Lol


There was a pro-gun rally on the Capitol Campus in Olympia, WA. I asked the troopers on-scene (there were only two of them, even though hundreds of the protestors were armed) what was their estimate of the crowd’s size. They said 2,500. This became 1,500 in the media.


I have always wondered about the polls in the past few years. Like the election polls, I think these polls have been weighted in their favor. It seems from the pictures, I am right to be suspicious. You have to wonder how many polls are telling the truth about a lot of subjects. The media has an agenda and is wanting to influence the country with their ideology.


I think they did photoshop it Robert, only 3 showed up lol.

5 War Veteran

The Government will do what they want until peace loving gun toting Americans stop them.

Illinois is ass backwards along with the White House. Whatever happened to MAJORITY RULES. I mean the representation of the majority of Americans.

The majority of Americans do not want this liberal crap to continue because we are paying for it.

Hey Ammoland, when are we going to get two way communications here?


I’m surprised they didn’t photo shop the anti gun pic. LOL

Mark W Boucher

leave the constitution alone. it was written by probably the smartest PRESIDENT EVER. THOMAS JEFFERSON.AND IT`S GETTING TORN APART BY THE WORST OBAMA