Pediatricians Take on Gun Lobby, Carefully ~ Video

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Cam Edwards talks to Dr. Timothy Wheeler from Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership about this article from NBC News on Pediatrician's new effort to take on gun lobby.

“To pediatricians, gun control is a public health issue, not a political one. But they're treading a fine line, and they know it.”

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  • 5 thoughts on “Pediatricians Take on Gun Lobby, Carefully ~ Video

    1. Hey Dr. Wheeler, I wouldn’t take my child to you for a cough drop! Whether or not anyone owns a gun is none of your f..king business!

    2. There are more children killed by pediatricians every year than killed by firearms in ten years .

    3. Ammoland and all my other PRO-2nd Amend.sites are thankfully getting on the same page as far as strength in numbers! For me it’s very important that we “CRUSH” these “MORONS” pronto!! I hardly ever stump my own private affiliations but I’m going to now!! We’ve got to convince the people who are gun owners that are just not more involved to “GET OFF YOUR BUTTS”!! There is only two ways for this to work out,it’s either we show them that they are completely anti-Bill of Rights and they see the light or the horrible alternative of a conflict of some kind!! I don’t know about you people but my time back in the 60s and 70s was an eye opener, one that even all these years later is NOT EASILY” lost to memory!!Let’s show these younger pols(even this idiot Pres. wasn’t even born when I was in High School) and many others were not even born yet when I was in the service!! Stump time for me is, Life membership in NRA,CCRKBA,2nd Amend.Foundation, G.O.A.L. (here in Mass.),yearly membership in
      GOA, J.P.F.O.( I’m not Jewish ),Firearms Co-alition,N.A.G.R., and any and all others who have the interest of our country at heart!! We just can’t let these “WHATEVERS” win!! I’m bound and determined to let my three grand children grow up as we had the chance to!! I could go on and on but I guess you get the picture,”LIVE FREE OR DIE” and if we do this right it will be the former and hopefully not the latter!! Joe

    4. If pediatricians want to do something for kids, take on Big Pharma and its toxic vaccines.

    5. @Jason: Yes, the republicans in the house will vote as before to repeal it, but with the dems in charge of the senate everyone knows this is just a symbolic vote so the new members of congress can pat themselves on the back and say ‘we voted to repeal obamacare.’ I applaud your enthusiasm, have lost mine.

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