Background Check Gun Records Are Saved

NICS Process
NICS Process

PHOENIX, AZ –-( The lamestream media told you:

It’s only reasonable, and studies show the overwhelming majority of Americans support universal background checks. We’re not talking about registering guns.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

How soon we forget. When the NICS computer was built and turned on by attorney general Janet Reno, in compliance with the Brady bill in 1994, she announced that the system not only would not erase records immediately after a gun-buyer background check as required by law, it could NOT erase records at all.

She said it with a straight face, to Congress.

The Justice Dept. under Bill Clinton, had built a computer capable of checking out every American, from one spot in West Virginia, controlled by the FBI, a dream project the Bureau was dying for, and the quarter-billion dollar computer was incapable of deleting a record. That’s what Janet Reno wanted us to believe, it’s what she told us, and who knows — maybe it’s exactly what she built. We have no way to know. [Note: C’mon it’s a computer, there’s no such thing as one that can’t delete a file, she lied through her teeth, had planned this all along].

Congress went wild, because the bill that authorized the monster computer (read, buildings full of equipment and staff) required that background check records be destroyed instantly after the background check was completed. Congress was well aware, and had been pressured incessantly by its constituents, not to start creating rosters of gun owners. The only way the background check got in the bill at all was with instant destruction of the record mandatory. Turns out statute didn’t matter much to the feds.

Registration Always Leads to Confiscation
Gun-owner registries are the start of confiscations, everyone knew that, history proved it over and over all last century. Now the government had gone and done that very thing, directly against the law. The so-called background check computer was a recording device.

They use the same machine today of course and no, you can’t look at it. The FBI, which knew the Brady bill was its one vehicle for their much-coveted one-stop-shopping ID checker, didn’t scrap it and start over. They only had this shot at the $250 million needed to build the thing, including the “campus” features, ongoing operating costs, and of course the upgrades, maintenance, and literal federal jobs program that goes with it. But it’s still the NICS system Janet Reno gave us, retrofitted to erase some records somehow, probably.

There is no way to know. The FBI will not allow you in for an independent audit.

It’s worse than that. Multiple federal sources have revealed that the information checking infrastructure of the NICS system, and its interconnected NCIC and III data systems, link with international sources of criminal data. Record destruction is not a requirement anywhere but here (and even here it can be disregarded at will, as we’ve seen), so “privacy” might as well all be wishful thinking. On top of this, ten consecutive sets of backups are made, it’s routine, according to agents within the FBI, and these are sequentially stored and destroyed, over some time frame, on and off site… it’s complicated.

The government has already told us that background check records are saved. It has built a system designed to save records and register gun owners, with no way to behave differently, in direct defiance of written law. It has provided no way to confirm that such records are not saved.

This is like hearing Iran continuously say they are not building nuclear weapons, while they continue to build their nuclear weapons. The calls for universal background checks are a deception. The NICS background check system is designed as and fully functional as a record storage system and federal gun registry.

The risks it presents to freedom is so significantly great it should be dismantled, and replaced with the equally effective, far less expensive, non-invasive transparency of the BIDS system.


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Every single one of these anti gunners and control freaks owe everything they have gotten in their lives to a citizen with a gun in 1774.

R Smith

Sociopaths gravitate to positions of power over others, in greater numbers, than to any other positions/jobs.

GI Joe

As usual government LIES what a great example they show to the American public. The people should not be afraid of any government. The government should be afraid of the people. When it comes to guns, the governement and president and his cronies lie lie lie and yes eventually will try to confiscate all our guns.I am sure they laugh how many of us know this is coming. Lets stop them all we can.


Even if they erase the computer records at the end of each week or month, those records are maintained on backup tapes for a LONG time.

Bill Baker

I propose the ‘Hammer Amendment’ to the NICS. If they can’t get the computer to delete info, lets take a hammer to it.


I have been led to believe this was illegal , if so , why isn’t anyone from the feds in prison for it , or better yet , why hasn’t the ACLU started lawsuits on it .

Jim Stone

To me at least, this is not new news. When a large scale event occurs that involves guns, within a few minutes the gun is “traced” from original purchaser to present owner. How did you think it was traced. Even if not all your weapons are registered, if you have purchased one through an FFL you are listed as a gun owner and subject to scrutiny. It is real, guns can be traced and confiscated quite readily. I will bet my life there is a breakout of people who purchase “assault” type weapons on a “special list”.


Oh c’mon are you saying you dont trust a sweet old lady like Diane Feinstein with a registry of every gun we own?

“If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up everyone of them (every gun) Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in. I would have done it.”