Interview with VP of Canada’s National Firearms Association – Canadian Reload Radio #161

Canadian Reload Radio
Canadian Reload Radio

Canada –-( Canadian Reload Radio, Canada’s leading, pro-gun internet radio, is pleased to present episode #161.

Included in this weeks show is an Interview with both Edward “TV-PressPass” Osborne, and also Shawn Bevins, newly minted Executive Vice President, and lobbyist for Canada’s National Firearms Association.

Topics include the potential arbitrary reclassification of the Swiss Arms family of rifles, and how the NFA now has a registered lobbyist on the payroll!

Listen here:


About Canadian Reload Radio:
Canadian Reload Radio is a pro-gun internet radio broadcast published weekly dedicated to Canadian Gun Culture. We cover all things firearms, news, politics, and shooting related. Tune in each week as we strive to provide you the listener with everything you need to know about firearms ownership in Canada, and why it’s so great! Visit:

Canadian Reload Radio
Canadian Reload Radio
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Isn’t Canada that place like England and Australia, where the only thing you can own is a slingshot? You voted your rights away. Going to be hard to get back.