Recall of Anti-2nd Amendment Colorado Senate President John Morse Succeeds

Signature totals greater than number of votes cast for Morse’s election.

Colorado State Senate President John Morse with President Obama
Colorado State Senate President John Morse with President Obama
Basic Freedom Defense Fund
Basic Freedom Defense Fund

Colorado Springs, CO –-( The Basic Freedom Defense Fund (BFDF –, the Colorado grassroots group heading the recall of State Senate President John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) has submitted 16,046 District 11 voter petition signatures to the Colorado Secretary of States’ office for the recall of John Morse.

This exceeds both the 7,178 signatures necessary for the recall and also exceeds the total number of votes (13,451) cast for Morse during his 2010 election.

The results of this historic recall effort were achieved despite the efforts of NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, Morse’s robo calls to voters, false attacks on signature collectors’ reputations and Morse’s political machine headed by Ed Hall, Chairman of the Denver Democrats and filing agent for Morse’s anti-recall group “A Whole Lot of People for John Morse.”

Hall is known for his Democrat Party biography referring to Colorado Springs as a “…right-wing, religious whack-job stronghold.”*

The submitted petition signatures and addresses will be verified by the Secretary of State.It is expected that Democrats will further challenge remaining signatures, possibly including court challenges to draw out the process. If the count still exceeds 7,178 after this, Morse will be given five working days from that time to decide whether or not to resign his office.

If Morse resigns within the five-day period, state Democrats can appoint a replacement from their ranks. If he does not resign, a date for the special election is set. In that event, it is possible that the Governor and Democrat Party may try to extend it to November so as to prepare a campaign to try to save Morse.

In a recent Colorado Springs interview Morse stated he will not resign and is “…in now until the bitter end.” Colorado Democrat Party Chairman Rick Palacio of Pueblo denied rumors that state democrats may ask Morse to step down so that they may replace him with appointee Michael Merrifield, though Palacio later stated in the same interview that Merrifield as a replacement “is a possibility.”

Such a move risks public backlash as it could be perceived as both ignoring the electorate’s wishes and taking an even harder stance against gun rights since Merrifield has served as a state director for Mayor Bloomberg’s gun-banning group “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” – positions that inspired the Morse recall effort.

“Regardless of the outcome and any posturing by Morse, he is going to be removed from his senate position one way or another due to his anti-constitutional beliefs and demonstrated actions.” –Anthony Garcia, BFDF spokesman — [email protected]

*Note: Should Ed Hall scrub his anti-Colorado Springs remark from his website biography, BFDF has saved the link and it is available from BFDF (see media contact below).

More information about BFDF is available at the BFDF website,

The Basic Freedom Defense Fund
10 Town Plaza #405
Durango, CO, 81301

BFDF is a new nonpartisan 501(c)(4) non-profit originally known as Colorado Accountability. BFDF is devoted to educating the public of their Constitutional rights and legally holding state politicians accountable for their actions as legislators and having candidates keep their campaign word and promises if elected to office.

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If only we could do that with all the anti second amendment anti America devilcrats participating in the hostile occupation of our great country from the very top on down. We need our freedom back no more occupation!! Fire them all! Every law abiding gun owner in America needs to become very very vocal!!! Speak up for our constitution and our rights the devilcrats feel we no longer need. Ell in a communist country takeover these rights are the first to go. Then the people themselves! Beware of thier lies and deceptions!


The recall law should be rewritten so that if there are more verified recall signatures than the candidate received in the previous election, then the candidate should be ousted as soon as verification takes place, and the seat should remain vacant until a new election is held. The recalled candidate should be forbidden to run again for that office.

Joe H.

Laura, A big AMEN on Tom Tancredo!!!! Dam good man!

Joe H

This makes my day! Not only does a gun grabber bite the dust, Bloombag gets scorned!!! I LOVE IT!


REMOVING a criminal from office is one thing,BUT WHEN YOUR DEALING WITH A TRAITOR,thats completely different,MANY in government have violated THE DICK ACT OF 1902,this law was written for backup of the second amendment,it can’t be changed,it can’t be repealed and goes on forever,and ITS TREASON TO VIOLATE IT,so whys there no talk of treason trials here,these people don’t just go away into the night ,they always get appointed to a new place,ITS TIME TO START HANGING TRAITORS,and STOP MESSING AROUND WITH THEM…………..


If he is defeated in the recall vote, make sure the LIFE-TIME PAY is removed also. He did NOT represent those he was elected to represent, so did not do his job, therefore, NO LIFE-TIME PAY AWARDED.

Jerrys kidds

Why the HEll do we not have this type of leader ship in California. I hate to leave this beautiful state but it so restrictive with even knives Damit!! By the way has anyone been involved with the IRS or any other taxing authority after donating to any conservative group. I received a letter form the state board of Equalization about a bill I paid over 21 yrs ago. I donated to our local tea party and also to the Sheriff Arpaio in AZ


the election system will’protect’ the traitors….all over this land….as both parties have rigged it over many years… one can vote away my natural rights or yours….nullify IS the solution…..imho


that pic of morse with the african born scum speaks volumes !


Vote for Tom Tancredo next time, lets fix Colorado together.