Recall of Second Anti-Gun Senator in Colorado Certified to Proceed

Recall of Anti-2nd Amendment Colorado State Senator Angela Giron Passes Secretary of State.

Angela Giron
Angela Giron Recalled
Pueblo Freedom and Rights
Pueblo Freedom and Rights

Pueblo, CO – -( Pueblo Grass Roots Group Makes More State History* With Successful Recall Effort

Pueblo Freedom and Rights,, a Colorado grassroots group reports the Secretary of States’ certified 12,548 signatures in petitions to recall anti-2nd Amendment state senator (11,285 were needed).

Democrats now have 15 days to challenge the petitions and signatures to include court challenges to draw out the process. If the count still exceeds 11,285 Giron will be given five working days from that time to decide whether or not to resign her office.

If Giron resigns within the five-day period, state Democrats can appoint a replacement from their ranks. If she does not resign, a date for the special election is set. It is expected that that the Governor and Democrat Party including Bloomberg money may try to extend any election so as to prepare a campaign to try to save Giron should she try to run to stay in office.

“This is proof again that the people have spoken, now the Democrats will try every game in the book as they currently are with recalled Senate President John Morse to invalidate the people’s voices in this historic recall process.” — Victor Head, President of Pueblo Freedom and Rights (PFR).

More information about PFR is available at the PFR website,

Pueblo Freedom and Rights
P.O. Box 11891
Pueblo, CO 81001

*Before the Morse and this recall effort no Colorado state legislator has ever been successfully recalled.

With this successful recall petition against senator Giron and the massive recall petition count against Colorado Senate President Morse concerned Colorado citizens have made state history twice in two weeks.

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Mark Shean

I could not have said it better myself Mr. Butler, the Republican so-called ‘leadership’ should be ASHAMED of itself, and are no better than the Dem-o-natzi’s nation wide in my view, it is time for a real shake up to put both parties on notice. They have completely forgotten who We The People are!!

Great job to the Head brothers, now FULL STEAM a-Head!!!

bill o'rights



Too bad the people of NYC and commiefornia dont do the same and get rid of bloomturd and feinstein .


U go CO

Richard Cancemi

It is encouraging to see people take action. I hope this spreads like wildfire and many more politicians are recalled, especially from Washington. All those who rammed through Obamacare, and now the Amnesty Bill, should be fired by the people!

Bill Butler

Kudos to the voters in Colorado! Once this type of person gets into an elected office, they seem to forget that their job is to represent the people of their district. They start their own agenda and act surprised when told by the folks that they represent that they, essentially work for us. Every elected person should take note and remember where they came from and who they work for.


Again we see out-of-state monies being used in Colorado to thwart the will of the citizens of this state…This should be illegal but as long as the CommieCRats control our State Senate frivolous anti-gun shenanigans will be their name stay!

Martin Rettig

Good going citizens, we shall not submit. Maybe it is just early in the morning, but would you want to wake up to that face? Angry looking.


Kick the bastards out and get someone who will vote the way of the people, instead of how they want. The people have spoken!