Should Obama Perform Background Checks On The Syrian Rebels B4 Handing Them Military Grade Weapons

Sen. Ted Cruz Tweets: Does Obama “intend to Perform Background Checks on the Syrian Rebels before Providing them Weapons?” – 6/18/13

AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Texas –-( This tweet that Sen. Ted Cruz sent out this afternoon is outstanding on so many levels!

Obama wants to require ever-more onerous background checks on law-abiding Americans to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to own a gun, but will he be nearly that stringent in giving weapons to a bunch of radical Islamists in Syria?

Does Obama intend to Perform Background Checks on the Syrian Rebels
Does Obama intend to Perform Background Checks on the Syrian Rebels

What do you think? Is it Ok to give Syrian rebels military grade weapons, like rocket launchers, grenades and automatic weapons, paid for with our tax dollars. While making U.S. citizens go through multiple background checks, finger printing and mental health screening just to buy a double barrel shotgun with our own hard earned cash?

Something seems fundamentally wrong with this and Senator Cruz has hit the nail on the head.

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I wonder how long it will take for those weapons to “bite” US in the ASS!?!?!

Raymond Miller

I thought that the UN arms deal was to stop the trading of small arms. How about gun running to Mexico, selling guns to known criminals. accessory to murder for the death of a U.S. law enforcement officer, and many Mexican citizens. And we are supposed to give up our right to self defence, we need to defend ourselves from him and his goons.


Right on the money Senator!


If Obam-ass wants to arm the Syrian rebels he should be required to stay over there and lead them , they REALLY need his leadership , we will just have to suffer through it until he gets back .

Dallas Bruhn

Our government, is the most corrupt in history. Bring back NIXON, CARTER. THEY WERE CHOIR BOYS, COMPARED TO WHAT WE GOT NOW.


Cruz is correct in his comments, as usual.