Sons Of Guns – Remington 700 Sniper Episode ~ Exclusive Sneak Peak Video

Sons of Guns Season Finale
Sons of Guns Season Finale
Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel

Silver Spring, MD –-( In this season finale, Will is asked to build a sniper rifle for the sheriff but Red Jacket Firearms (RJF) isn’t the only shop in the running.

The subject of the rebuild is a Remington 700 Bolt Action Rifle for the local sheriff snipers as they take on meth labs and street lights.

Will is faced with overcoming much more than a gun build.

The contract and prides are at risk, when a key part doesn’t arrive on time.

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Remington 700 Bolt Action Rifle
Remington 700 Bolt Action Rifle
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Bill Butler

Was a great show, when it was about firearms. Now it is simply a night-time soap opera. The formula for success is to get back to basics. Avoid the “drama.” PLEASE.

Richard Woodard

I like the show but all the drama is not needed

steven rothenberg

sun guns is my show too watch on Friday I love the show + im a gun owner too you learn new things too with every show & whats new coming out please keep the show going

John Pinker

Wishing you folks the best. Miss the old show, Don’t let Tv America Set the pace for your lives, I would like to see more, but this seems to be someones, pipe dream for a TV show. Keep up the great gunsmithing, stick to your family values, and If they won’t let you be you. Leave them. Best wishes and prayers for all involved.

Mark Craig

I have to say that after watching the season they they are going the same route as Orange County Choppers. Look I know that they have to find a way to keep things interesting but all of the drama and other BS needs to go.. If the financials are in as bad a shape as they appear maybe they should concentrate on the business of building guns and not being TV stars.

Zak Poniger

Hands-down my most favourite Gun Show!!!!!!
I am hoping that there will be many more shows to come in the future???
I do agree that there should be less scripting & more Gunsmithing & less Soap Opera.
Could you get more into Competative Pistol Sports i.e.. IPSC

larry mckeehan

SOG is a awesome show and hope the show continues, love seeing the guns from history and the new ideas that are designed. the crew does a good job to deal with all of the network drama, keep your wheels a rolling WILL

Ed Marshall

Sons of Guns is my absolute favorite show on TV! I love this show and hope to see it back soon. I need my Sons of Guns!!!!

denny ousley

Hoping it is the last time i see this show ,its a joke anymore and i really hope never to see Chris and whats her name ever again ,,Thanks for ruining a good show that could have been

Kristine Darlington

I have enjoyed the show,I wish for more to come,I feel the net work got to creative,
way to much,just let the show happen, love all of Sons of Gun crew. Hope you come back.


I agree with JW. I was an avid fan of the show, but the network has created script to make everyone seem like they’re in constant turmoil. The whole Vince angle is way over the top, and totally unbelievable. I’m not watching anymore. I’ve only watched in the past to pick up on gun history and gunsmithing tips. I don’t get that anymore, just lame interpersonal scenarios. These people weren’t that interesting to begin with


Sons of Guns has soooo jumped the shark. Fabricated Hollywood BS drama = ZzzzZZzzzzZZZZ.
I’ll be shocked if there’s a 5th season!


I wanted to see your show tonight, but I had to work the super regionals.
sorry I missed it, I have always looked for your show each week.
I really get a lot of watching your program.
will we still be able to come by your shop and buy fire arms, after your last show?
I want to see about buying that 45 cal. machine gun your daughter was shooting on the show.
I want to add it to my collection.
keep up the great work, God Bless America.