Antagonizer Adam Kokesh Carries Loaded Shotgun Around Washington, DC

By Dan Cannon

Antagonizer Adam Kokesh Carries Loaded Shotgun in Washington, DC
Antagonizer Adam Kokesh Carries Loaded Shotgun in Washington, DC
Guns Save Lives
Guns Save Lives

USA –-(  Libertarian activist, Adam Kokesh had attempted to organized an armed march on Washington, DC, in which participants, with long guns slung, would walk from Virginia into Washington, DC in a massive act of civil disobedience.

After numerous concerns about safety were made and the police made it clear they would forcefully arrest anyone participating, Kokes (smartly) called off the march.

However, always the maverick, Kokesh went ahead and carried out the march in another way.

In the above video Kokesh can be seen loading a pump action shotgun and chambering a round with the Capitol Building in the background. Kokesh likely committed several felonies in the video.

According to the video it was shot in Freedom Plaza, between the White House and the Capitol.

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The headline for this story and the video do not go together. From the 23 second video the only conclusion we can arrive at is that Adam Kokesh drove into Dc early on a Sunday morning or perhaps ion the morning of the 4th. The streets are empty and from the sky and street lights it appears to be between 5 and 5:30 AM. Adam drove in, jumped out of his vehicle loaded some shells into a shotgun while his accomplice filed the 23 second event while the city was asleep and empty. He most likely jumped back into his… Read more »


Good for Adam.

Adam LeeBerty

I will gladly stand beside Adam and all my liberty loving brothers and sisters when the time comes necessary. Haters only wish they had the balls Mr. Kokesh displays.


Don’t be fooled by this rat-bastard. He’s no patriot or Libertarian for that matter. Go on Google and type in “Adam Kokesh Communist“. He’s a left-wing, anti-military plant by the Russian intelligence service. He has hosted a left-wing program “Adam the Man”, in Moscow on the Russian state run TV network “Russia Today”. He has affiliated himself with pro-Marxist Medea Benjamin in protesting at Memorial Day events, and participated in left-wing protests in Germany. Kokesh and his KGB handlers would love nothing better than to convince thousands of stupid Americans to show up in Washington, armed and belligerent, so Obama… Read more »


The shame is that this kind of thing don’t work today unless you have a lot of people support you. otherwise the tyrant controlled pig supplied police state will make an example out of you for daring to stand up for your natural god given right(s)! Sadly most people are complete MSN / Hollywood hypnotized zombies who won’t know or understand what is going on around them until it is too late. It would have been nice if more people would have supported Adam in this case. Even 100 people marching into D.C. would have been more difficult for the… Read more »

Buck Crosby

Lots of guts , but needs an army . Any volunteers ?

Bill Baker

, sorry to the grammar police, I did incorrectly use the your instead of you’re. Sig Hail. No one likes grammar police on the internet. Jus fo dat, I gonna go all up in yo face wit da issu now. If dey is an error in my belief in his dishonorabel discharge it is in the gun news web sight I read it on, not in my comment. Haz he publically released hiz papers? I haz not scene them. I do hoap my spellin on this haz cauzed you a stroke btw. Hugs.


Bill, if you’re (not your) going to comment in public know what you’re talking about so you don’t end up looking so stupid. Adam has a general discharge under honorable conditions not a dishonorable discharge. (See )

Since when was Adam anti-gun? Please provide links to some evidence. He has always been anti-war, what makes you think that has changed?

Bill Baker

If you support Adam, and have actually read much about him, keep in mind your supporting someone dishonorably discharged from the military who simply likes to cause issues. He was anti-gun and anti-war til just a few weeks ago, but has figured out that this way he can get more attention. Kooks like him we don’t need in the public eye, unless you just want to lose open carry and are in fact anti-gun yourself. From what I have seen about him, including his discharge, he is legally barred from owning a gun, which is amongst the felonies he has… Read more »

Amber Cruz

I fully support Adam Kokesh. He’s taking a stand that we ALL NEED to take. Show some support and stand with him!


Such patriots as Adam are all too scarce!


keep calm and sheep on


We need more men like Adam to stand up for our rights. Seems that the article writer is a pansy bootlicking redcoat torrie. We need less people willing to whine and give up their rights and more people to hold the government and police accountable and to the fire!
The second amendment is not meant just for hunting or protecting yourself from criminals… its for killing tyrants who come to take your liberties! I stand with Adam!


Felony is such a harsh word. The act performed is only felonious in dc. In a good many places, it is, as it should be, legal, others a misdomemor. But, he must be careful, not reckless, and not get unnecessarily arrested and made an ‘example’ of. I feel for the good people of dc. They are few and far between. Most suckle at the teat of govt. either by gorging themselves at a govt. job or slurping the kool-aid nobama slops them with.

Second Amendment

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Do you see ANYTHING in that sentence that says ANY government can prevent ANYONE from keeping (retaining in one’s own possession, using force, if necessary) and/or bearing (carrying) arms?

If you fault Adam Kokesh, or anyone else, challenging abrogation of this natural right to self defense, you are no lover of individual liberty, or limits on the tyranny of an out of control State.


What antagonizer? Adam is the kind of guy we need. One with the cojones to stand up to the tyrants. Good for Adam for this kind of guerrilla video activism!

Jeff 4 Justice

Adam Kokesh In-Depth Interview By Jeff 4 Justice


he doesn’t really impress me.