Legal Victory for Tannerite

US Patent and Trademark Office Publishes Iron-Fisted Reissue of Tannerite Sports, LLC Exploding Binary Target Patent.

Tannerite Sports
Make Long Distance Shooting even more fun with Tannerite
Tannerite Sports
Tannerite Sports

Pleasant Hill, OR –-( Tannerite Sports LLC is proud to announce that its reissue patent has been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The reissue patent provides a much broader scope of coverage and protection of their intellectual property.

The reissue patent was published yesterday, July 23, 2013.

More news to follow…

Exploding targets are the shooters choice for long-range target practice. Tannerite was the first to come to market with binary (two-part) exploding targets, and continues to manufacture the safest and highest quality exploding targets. Tannerite products are used by hunters, recreational shooters and law enforcement agents to improve their accuracy and more fully enjoy the long-range shooting experience.

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Jeez, how about some useful information other than “More news to follow…”



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