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Fieldsports Channel TV
Fieldsports Channel TV

United Kingdom –-(Ammoland.com)- The headlines this week: Potty-mouthed Hollywood stars, cool race car sponsorship and taking a dip for your supper.

Despite recording scenes with lots of guns for the film The Mask, actor Jim Carrey has apologised to American gun owners for calling them heartless motherf*****s. He has also pulled out from publicity surrounding his new movie, Kick Ass 2, after saying it is too violent. https://youtu.be/k3KUmpSAaE0

Shooting organisations the world over could learn from US waterfowl conservancy Ducks Unlimited. To spread the word, and thanks to a corporate partner, Basspro, its colours are on board the second placed Tony Stewart’s car in the Daytona Coke Zero 400 NASCAR race. https://youtu.be/Zs6T63Qckes

With deer, it is not always flight not fight. A film of a doe chasing a dog and knoicking it over turned up in our inbox from Belgian hunting website Hunting.be. It shows the dangers of walking dogs near angry does. https://youtu.be/Mmwr5LsW5rU

And finally, maybe the silly season has started early, and maybe it took more than a few takes, but Douglas Owen certainly knows how to catch fish – he dives into a lake and grabs it – completely organically. Trout For Dinner 1 is a YouTube sensation. https://youtu.be/LWXAjDaB4KY

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