Rhode to History . . . 365 Days Later

Kim Rhode
Kim Rhode
USA Shooting
USA Shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. –-(Ammoland.com)- Yesterday, July 29 2013, marked 365 days since Kim Rhode earned an historic fifth medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Five medals in five consecutive Olympic Games puts her on a pedestal attained by no other U.S. Olympian competing in an individual sport.

Though nearly perfect that day in London last summer, what she’s accomplished individually and what she’s done to help grow a sport and provide a much-needed spotlight is as close to perfect as we may ever see. We reflect back on her golden moment of July 29, 2012.

How has life changed for you since London? My Life has changed with the birth of my son Carter on May 13th. I have also been making some changes to my shooting game in pursuit of that perfect score, hopefully in Rio!

Has your success in this sport changed you as a person or how people react to you? My success hasn’t ever changed me as a person, but it has changed my life. More and more people saw my story on TV during the Olympics. They always associate me with the 99 out of a 100!

Looking back now with perspective, what was that moment like and what is the one moment you’ll remember about that day forever? The moment I won was so surreal and it has been that way with each and every Olympics. One moment that really stood out to me in London was when the Olympic Coach, Todd Graves, whispered in my ear just moments after winning how thankful he was to have been there to witness it all. It was such a nice thing to say that it really made me stop and appreciate how lucky I really am. I’ve been lucky to represent my country in five consecutive Olympics and also to have medaled. It’s definitely the people who are around you and in your life that make it amazing!

Where’s one place your medal has been since it got put around your neck, someplace your fans wouldn’t believe? My medals have been a lot of places due to the fact that I let people and kids hold them and wear them to hopefully inspire them to achieve their dreams in life. They have been in back pockets of blue jeans, around 1000’s of necks, and even dropped on carpet and cement (of course never on purpose!).

Relive the moment with this video: http://www.olympic.org/shooting-skeet-75-targets-women

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Marc Brewer

Kim, you are a true inspiration! We will be watching you in Rio!!!