Russia + Larry Vickers = Firearms History Gold

Russian AEK-971 Rifle
Russian AEK-971 Rifle
Vickers Tactical

Fayetteville, NC –-( Larry Vickers recently completed a trip to Russia to study some of the firearms that have shaped their history from WWII to modern times.

Here are a few photos and info from his trip for you to enjoy.

Russian AEK-971 (above)
The AEK-971 was a pleasant surprise; very controllable in short bursts. This no doubt was due to the counter recoiling internal mechanism and the muzzle brake-fire, selector is better than a standard AK setup but still sub par. Forearm got hot just like an AK (or worse) but overall the rifle is relatively light and handled and shot well; pleasant surprise.

Larry Vickers with a Arsenal Firearms Miniatures
Larry Vickers with a Arsenal Firearms Miniatures

Arsenal Firearms Miniatures
At the world class Object indoor shooting club in Moscow we live fired various Arsenal Firearms miniatures – 1/2 scale firearms included amongst others the 1911, M9, Desert Eagle and of course the AKM with functional suppressor and grenade launcher.

Larry Vickers with an Original AK-46 Prototype Rifle
Larry Vickers with an Original AK-46 Prototype Rifle

Original AK-46 Prototype
Here I am holding the AK46 – pre production prototype Kalashnikov – this weapon was personally presented to Stalin at that time for his inspection.

Larry Vickers
Vickers Tactical, Inc.
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Larry Vickers is a retired career special operations soldier with 20-plus years of service to our country. A longtime 1st SFOD- Delta operational member, he was a key player in the small arms marksmanship expertise and weapons selection of that Unit. He brings a very unique set of skills to the market, and has a wide and varied background in the firearms industry.


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Afternoon Larry, just wondering, were those weapons that you have pictured, the AEK-971, and the Miniature, I guess 1/2 scale AK, along with the AK 46, were you able to bring anything home with you? Or was your trip simply, making connections to buy in the future?